5 Games That Desperately Need Sequels

Remember those games you LOVED? Chances are there are a few in your list that haven’t seen the light of day for quite some time, and maybe you’d like them to have a sequel or a reboot? Here are some games that really, really need a good sequel to drop in the near future.

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panbit861772d ago

Just give me LEGEND OF DRAGOON 2 already!!!!!!!!!!

MitchConcannon1772d ago

Christ that would be brilliant. You are the smartest person on this site in my eyes after that comment. It's still always in PSone top 5 downloads each month on PSN Store.

MitchConcannon1772d ago

I can see two games out of this group getting sequels. Fallout 4 will happen and Quake will come to next gen consoles. For this to happen and succeed, developers have get a driving force behind them and advertise them correctly. Fans want them to succeed. Recently Sly 4 came out and it Sneaked onto store shelves would have been a great way to describe it. Microsoft are good at this but Sony really got learn if they hope to survive in the next gen race.

bentarrant1772d ago

Time Splitters though! How good was future perfect?! Why stop there?!!!

flat-9-liner1772d ago

I never got aroound to that game back in the day. If a HD version ever came to light I would hope on it like a car bonnet.

flat-9-liner1772d ago

I would love to see Parasite Eve 3 come back into light. Amazing games. Dino Crisis also.

Ajoyshop1772d ago

Parasite Eve 3 and Dino Crysis 3. Why haven't either of these games received sequels?

bentarrant1771d ago

Feeling the Dino Crisis love. That would be a great sequel.

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