Cryptic Talks About Pay-To-Win

The Neverwinter development team from Cryptic Studios took some time out to answer questions at a recent press event. ZincCryptic (which we assume is Craig Zincievich, Chief Operating Officer) discussed Cryptic and Perfect World Entertainment's philosophy concerning pay-to-win models.

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washednblood1895d ago

Sounds good, but making the Drow only available via cash seems to be skating that line. We'll have to wait and see.

Wormwood1895d ago

agree 100%. There's something about the idea of making an entire Race only available via pay that is funky to me. Then again, it will ensure that the drow are rarer in the world, thus preserving the lore a little bit....

sdozzo1895d ago

Because they know it has popularity. Aka cash money.

Wormwood1895d ago

I'm very pleased with this response. Gives me a lot of confidence in the near future of this game.

kefkah1895d ago

Does anyone have any examples of an mmo that was Pay to Win that actually was successful? To me, pay to win is nigh on an urban myth.

Roccetarius1895d ago

Cryptic should the the last to talk about P2W with their history.

Echel0n1895d ago

Yea, I can't think of one game that is pay to win off the top of my head that has seen great success.

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