Half Life coffee shop spotted in Saudi Arabia

Half Life coffee tastes damned good ;)

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topgeareasy1934d ago

so how long does it take to brew the HL3 coffee?

Bagogames1934d ago

More and more news of half life lately. Wonder what it all means.

Bio_Mod1934d ago

Unless Valve is on board with this they may experience problems (copyright etc) but a brilliant idea and I agree there does seem to be sporadic news about HL 3 I'm hoping for late 2013 or early 2014 but most likely will be around steam box time I presume

ATi_Elite1933d ago

cause most other countries DO NOT have copyright laws and or don't enforce them.

Kinda fitting though with all the depleted Uranium slugs we have dumped in that region during the 2 Iraqi Wars. It Truly will be a Half Life or 3 before that stuff decays and stops emitting Radiation.