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The PlayStation brand has had many jRPG/RPG’s hit their various consoles over the years. Some have been triumphs and some have been a bit hit and miss. It is with great happiness I can say that Ni No Kuni is another one of those triumphs.

All credit cannot go to Level 5 this time however as they have teamed up with the critically acclaimed Studio Ghibli, famous for such films as Howl’s Moving Castle and Spirited Away.

This match up is pure gold and it just begs the question: Why has this not been done sooner?

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MkaY1897d ago

This game is simply pure gold! Way too many hours spent already. If you think this game is not so good, you're wrong.

ryandebraal1897d ago

But does it put Squaresoft to shame?

They need a good kick in the butt - show them that jRPGs aren't their exclusive property.

colonel1791897d ago

It is as good as any SquareSoft game and million times better than any Square Enix game this generation

BoNeSaW231897d ago

"But does it put Squaresoft to shame?"

Almost every other JRPG this Gen already did that compared to what Square put out. And it sounds like Ni No Kuni topped most of those as well.

I know I can't wait to play it!

MrAnderson1897d ago

A steaming pile of terd could put squaresoft to shame, they aren't the measuring stick for RPG's anymore, haven't been since they became Squeenix.

Ezz20131897d ago

as you said it's pure gold

orakle441897d ago

Im 12 hours in and i feel like i havent even scratched the surface of this game, amazing.

ArmGunar1897d ago

Already purchased and I like the game, deserves well !

Nicolee1897d ago

75 hours so far and still haven't finish it yet .

Nodoze1897d ago

mark this in the NEED column...

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