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Game Scoop: Do Exclusives Still Matter?

IGN - Back in the day, exclusives were system sellers. But when console libraries are virtually identical, what becomes the selling point? (Culture)

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NukaCola  +   842d ago
Exclusive define the console.
Dylila  +   842d ago
they are insignificant to fanboys whos console of choice lacks them but to sensible gamers they matter a lot.

when some talks about exclusive games they should also think of playstation who has the most diverse exclusive games in abundance.
NeverEnding1989  +   842d ago
I purchase a console primarily based on a single or few strong exclusives. Mainly, Halo for the Xbox and Mario/Pokemon for Nintendo. The Xbox and Wii have other benefits I use, but I choose them because of the specific game.

The Playstation on the other hand has no recognizable exclusive games; hence why I watch Blu ray's on my PS3. Sony has been struggling for years with establishing its own identity and they've had some good picks: LBP, GOW, Uncharted, etc., but nothing that has been consistently successful.

Sony's struggle has broughten some new and innovation games which has been fun, but the uncertainty of what lies ahead in terms of games is what will be keeping me, and many other people away from the PS4 (does not include 90& of this site).
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Grim-Reality  +   842d ago
So having an abundance of fantastic exclusives is irrelevent because they arent as high profile as others? Sound logic there mate /s
classic200  +   842d ago

you are the same kind of illogical person dylia is talking about, its hilarious you actually reply to show the example of what she was saying.
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Enemy  +   842d ago
If you don't have exclusive mascots, how do you hype your machine? Multiplatform games?

Edit: NeverEnding1989: Yeah, that's why no one talks about the Xbox brand anymore, right? More options =/= Struggling with identity. That is honestly the dumbest attempt at logic I've ever read.

More options = too many games?
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LOGICWINS  +   842d ago
"If you don't have exclusive mascots, how do you hype your machine? Multiplatform games? "

Ezz2013  +   842d ago
i just lol'd at that because that's true

who would like TLOU ,Ni NO Kuni,Beyond,god of war,heavy rain,LBP.Infamous,journey etc ...when you can have only 3 games and call it a day ?!

if Struggling with identity mean we get high Quality games from every genre...then i hope to god that sony keep Struggle with it identity lol

and every site i go i see alot of xbox fans say they are getting Ps4 day 1 because of exclusives sony offer
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Enemy  +   842d ago
@ LOGICWINS: We don't play specs, do we? We play games, and the PlayStation brand offers the most content every single generation. Wish I could say I'm waiting to be proved wrong but I'm not. The wait will be far too long before another competitor arrives with as many 1st party developers as Sony.

No exclusives = you're playing what everyone else is playing, nothing to call your own.

Plain and simple.
miyamoto  +   841d ago
... as usual you cant spell ignorant with out IGN.....

PS4 and nextbox hasn't come out yet and these people starting the word wars again....isn't it a bit too early M$?

I knew this was a pro nextbox8 propaganda...

all successful platforms succeeded because of their exclusive games
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StrongMan  +   842d ago
The console with no exclusives (Xbox) is in dead last place so that says it all. The PS3 started with few exclusives and they were in last place until the exclusives came and the they shot to second place. If you can play said game on PC(which everyone has) or wait 6 months for the timed exclusivity to expire and play it on the PS3 then why buy an Xbox?
plaZeHD  +   842d ago
Why are you ALWAYS like this?

On topic.
Yes they do, as NukaCola said exclusive games define the console, and I think it creates this competition where developers compete and try to make the best out of the best.
Mikefizzled  +   842d ago
Playstation started with way more exclusives because it had phenominal sales on the PS1 and PS2 whereas Microsoft had to strong arm their way into the market a year after the PS2 released.
Some of their biggest franchises most notably Gran Turismo had sold 20m copies in 2 games before Microsoft decided to join the likes on Sega, Sony and Nintendo
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Bagogames  +   842d ago
They do if they are marketed right. Sony have some of the best exclusives going just there advertising is terrible. Which is a pity due to my love of there Software.
amaguli  +   842d ago
Exclusives help set the consoles apart from one another, because what would be the point of having multiple consoles if every game was multi-console?
Aceman18  +   842d ago
exactly they define their respective consoles. that's why i buy a console exclusives not multi-plat
Ezz2013  +   842d ago
of course it still matter and will always matter
no matter what the other fanboys who don't get any exclusives
say ""it don't matter""
it eat them from the inside they don't have any thing to define their console

this is the truth no matter how they spin it or disagree with it
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PaPa-Slam  +   842d ago
That's all that matter.

Not Really.

But they sure do matter.
BitbyDeath  +   842d ago
All games matter.
Exclusives are still games.
So yes.
wishingW3L  +   842d ago
of-course they matter. X(
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sdozzo  +   842d ago
Exclusives matter... But so does online, multi media, etc.
sdozzo  +   842d ago
The only reason Nintendo is moving hardware... Exclusives.
oakshin  +   842d ago
yea been that way since late 90s except the wiis first year r 2
AznGaara  +   842d ago
Yes they do. You know with more footage of The Last of Us being shown and Ni no Kuni getting all this praise there are a lot of people saying "man I got to get a Ps3 for these games."
Tontus  +   842d ago
More so than both of those games, God of War: Ascension which is getting a ton of hype from the live-action trailer and the new 30 min demo. Exclusives do matter but only to the minority, even the biggest exclusives have a relatively low tie ratio, the majority of gamers play mostly multiplatform games with maybe a few (if any) exclusives.
isarai  +   842d ago
I'd say they are more important now than ever!
jdktech2010  +   842d ago
Exclusives will go along way towards my next purchase of a console.

I bought an xbox 360 at launch because I had the original xbox and had never played a Sony game or console before I bought a PS3 two years ago. However, I have no interest in the upcoming gears so that leaves Halo which just isn't enough to buy a new console on.

So unless MS brings out some new IPs and Destiny knocks my socks off, I will most likely be going with PS3 sicne I know it will have a god of war, uncharted, killzone (quality but still like Halo better) and new IPs as evidenced by LOU, Infamous, etc. this generation.

It's too early to tell right now but without any info on either console, I'm leaning PS4
from the beach  +   842d ago
IGN asking the hard-hitting questions.
JBSleek  +   842d ago
They don't matter as much as price or features or reliability or even availability. Sure they may push some sales but it isn't so much that it is a staggering number.

For hardcore gamers and I use the term loosly it would matter I suppose but for the mainstream folks who are the bulk of the purchases after a year or two not so much.

The libraries are 95% the same with identical hardware. This coming generation will be more of a battle of multimedia, features, and online not so much the exclusives.

And for clarification I know exclusives are selling points for few but I can't see it being a super system seller. Yes Sony fans will buy PS4 and MSFT fans will buy NextBox but I wonder what those numbers are are. Also for the most part we probably own and play more third party games then first party games anyway.
clintagious650  +   842d ago
Thats like asking me would i want to watch the x-men movie starring professor x & magneto but wont have any of the other main characters like wolverine because they dont matter lol. Stupid question.
strigoi814  +   842d ago
for sony yes..for the rest i dont think so.
Mikefizzled  +   842d ago
This question was probably asked because they know it sparks conflict between the 3 groups of fans and through that they know it will be a big news story. Its not news its just poking at an argument that will never die

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