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Submitted by techie 1097d ago | opinion piece

Will the next Xbox destroy second-hand gaming?

Which? Convo: There are rumours going round that Microsoft’s next Xbox console will remove the ability for users to buy and sell their games on the second-hand market. And if that’s true, I certainly won’t be buying one. (Culture, Microsoft, Next-Gen, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Chaostar  +   1097d ago
Wow, that pic is a big reminder just how much HMV overcharge for games. Makes me kind of glad they're going under, sad but true.

On topic though, second hand games will only disappear if both Sony and MS block them, however there's still always Ninty, which we know for sure hasn't... yet.
PS3Freak  +   1097d ago
It reminds me of the fact that used game places love to stick difficult to remove stickers ALL over game cases.

Hate that shit. Looking at you EB/Gamestop.
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decrypt  +   1096d ago
"On topic though, second hand games will only disappear if both Sony and MS block them"

It might surprise a lot of people at how this goes through.

If this does happen it probably wont be only MS doing it, Sony will join hands too. It wont be a question of Sony's willingness to do this, It will be pressure from the major publishers to implement this. It probably will happen as online passes got implemented for both the platforms at the same time.
StrongMan  +   1097d ago
If they do they will destroy themselves.
classic200  +   1097d ago
LOL just imagine microsoft announcing they are blacking used games, this would be like the biggest suicide a company could do to themselves. This only can work if everybody decide to do it and that would still kill sales since some region around the world have people who do not have internet right through the year because of many different reason.
delboy  +   1096d ago
They won't kill physical copies, just used games.
And you don't need Internet to do it , look at Sony's patent.
CommonSenseGamer  +   1097d ago
Apple, Android, Sony and MS have been proving for years that they can survive in a marketplace without second hand sales. Otherwise iTunes, play Store, PSN and Marketplace would not be nearly as successful.

So many times I see people say things like I bet they didn't count downloaded game sales in their totals, well, each download means one less potential copy up for resale later on.
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Hicken  +   1097d ago
None of that is the same or even remotely similar an ecosystem as console gaming. What works on iTunes or Steam doesn't work on PS3 or 360.

The digital ecosystem is fundamentally different. There's no physical media to own, and in the case of Steam, frequent sales make it more bearable.

At the same time, PC has never really had a used market. PC gamers don't really take their games to their friends' houses- unless they've got it installed on a laptop, but that's fairly new in PC gaming. Due to the nature of PC games, it's never been possible to trade in a game towards another.

Again, console gaming is different from PC gaming, on a fundamental level. So the methods that work on PC don't necessarily work on consoles, and vice versa.

Used games is one of those things that works on one, but not the other.
Jakens  +   1096d ago
Even music tried to do something.
Bagogames  +   1097d ago
Personally I'm all for digital at this stage. I do understand in hard times people may not be able to pay the $60 dollar price point but this might influence Microsoft and Sony to take a cheaper approach on there games in the next gen stage.
HebrewHammer  +   1097d ago
They wouldn't. It doesn't sound like Sony is going to implement this into the PS4, so MS doing so would put them in a bit of a predicament - to say the least...
Megaton  +   1097d ago
This is what I don't like about N4G. Something happens, and then for the next 2 weeks every blogger comes out from under their bridge to post the same 2 or 3 opinions over and over and over and over again.
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BanBrother  +   1097d ago
Yeah seriously, these articles have all been the same. Boring. I highly doubt they will implement it. I just find it funny that a 'rumour' gets more attention than an actual patent. Stupid beyond belief.

I suppose we can just ignore it though, as hopefully the reactions to these articles may prove helpful in relinquishing any thought from console makers to implement such a blatant attack on our free decisions, our rights.

They should instead reward those who buy new, instead of punish everyone. That is the problem, developers/publishers are too greedy, and want the best of both worlds. If I buy a brand new game, DAY 1, I do not want to see any day one dlc. It should be free, as a thank you for my loyalty. Make used buyers pay for them, etc. Don't punish, reward, you greedy f***s
SJPFTW  +   1097d ago
Funny thing is Microsoft or Sony don't even have to black out used games... publishers are already doing that already with online passes and that sort. EA is leading the way soon others will follow.

This story is blown out of proportion. Just wait and see till both systems are announced
StreetsofRage  +   1096d ago
Bingo! N4G has so much internet pollution.
dcbronco  +   1097d ago
Firstly, people need to stop pretending that Sony didn't patent a device to do the very same thing. In fact I believe that did it first. They don't care about Gamestop. Why should they. Gamestop does nothing to help them. They only kill potential sales. $5 is not a real discount for a game they only paid $25 for. They undersell new by $5 usually so it's not like they will be a huge loss. They have had years to offer the console holder and developers a piece of their take. They chose to pad their own pockets and now the developers and console makers have said "No soup for them".

Provided a real service gamestop. No more living off of warranties and used games.
platformmaster918  +   1097d ago
No second hand gaming will kill nextbox if these rumors are true.

No chance of this happening on PS4 because Jack Tretton specifically said it will play used games and they support that market.

If MS does this, and I pray they do because I hate them in gaming, it will murder their sales because Sony and Nintendo and all the gaming and possibly the larger scale press will not let consumers forget about it or what a diservice it is to them. Reggie and Jack should go on stage together and support used games just to push MS out of the market.
baodeus  +   1097d ago
why would you hate somebody if they have no affect on you whatsoever?
platformmaster918  +   1096d ago
I feel bad for the devs who make amazing experiences but either don't have the userbase they should have to sell to, or get outadvertised by MS because another Halo is coming out. They just set a dangerous precedent that I'm afraid Sony will follow. Release a bunch of iterations on 3 IPs as your only big exclusives, pay for online, create faulty hardware, proprietary HDDs, and create a bunch of Kinect crap and you sell (what will be) over 80 million consoles? That's gotta be tempting for Sony I just don't want that and no real gamer should.
dcbronco  +   1097d ago
You can say you won't block them. But if you do this...

it must be for some reason. Add that quote to the many other things they said that they eventually went back on.

I'm sure developers will look at supporting the console that supports them. Used games don't support them. Used games are like bootlegging to the developer. Why would I put my game on a system that openly supports the bootlegger if they could easily stop them. I'd tell Sony to block them or I'll work exclusively on the 720. Put the patent to use. Gamers need to come up with that extra $5.

Tretton made those comment before and after the patent. So you have to wonder why they did the patent if they didn't plan to use it.
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platformmaster918  +   1096d ago
Sony files thousands of patents they never use. It could easily be for something like crossbuy where they don't want you getting the Vita version then selling your PS3 disc to cut the cost of the game. Patents are nothing. Haven't you seen the move patent that had the guy taping them to his ankles to play soccer? Yeah never happened just like so many others.
CommonSenseGamer  +   1097d ago
Second hand sales have been declining for years for both music and more recently movies. Gaming is just catching up. However, price games like music and people don't care about second hand sales otherwise where would Apple and Android be.
HG_69   1097d ago | Spam
BuffMordecai  +   1097d ago
Since Microsoft is the cancer killing the game industry, I hope they alone do it and kill off the Xbox brand.
Count  +   1096d ago
Microsoft isn't the cancer that's killing gaming, Mordecai.

Fan girls like you are.
WeAreLegion  +   1097d ago
I seriously doubt it.
level 360  +   1097d ago
If for some reason let's say both XBox and Sony do implement this alleged rumor.. I say they also need to sell these games at ridiculously low prices ( like maybe between $10 to a top price of $30 per new game title ) for the rules to actually work in everybody's favor with no arguments arising.
Yodagamer  +   1096d ago
Not a chance, if xbox did this. I'm sure it would be a likely reason why they would lose sells.
microgenius  +   1096d ago
no the second hand games will destroy nexbox
DebbieDowner   1096d ago | Spam
MasterCornholio  +   1096d ago
Or maybe they will include the ability to play second hand games as a feature for gold.

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha

Im just kidding but i honestly dont expect either Sony or Microsoft to get rid of used games anytime soon because it would ruin their business.
mmj  +   1096d ago
I'll be interested to see what the EU courts say if they try.
Jakens  +   1096d ago
It is coming one day and there are worst things that will come along also.

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