Randy Pitchford tells fans to calm the f**k down, Borderlands 2 level cap increase coming this year

Randy Pitchford, President of Gearbox Software, commented late last night that there is “100% chance of a level cap increase this year” in “Borderlands 2” after telling gamers to "calm the f**k down" when an interview Pitchford recently gave to VentureBeat was mentioned. The topic in question includes a discussion of the issues that have been plagued the developers regarding raising the top level in the co-op shooter left many fans fearful that the level cap wouldn’t be seeing a raise after all.

After fear that the current cap of 50 might remain the highest achievable level in “Borderlands 2” swept the game’s forums, Randy Pitchford is once again assuring gamers that they will indeed be seeing an increased level cap inside of the game later this year.

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coptop11896d ago

I bought the season pass, but purposefully haven't played the DLC yet because I'm waiting for the level cap to increase. So many games out there to play anyways, so I figured I would just go back to BL2 later.

Detoxx1896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

I'm also planning on doing the same. Haven't bought the Season Pass yet but will do soon

guitarded771896d ago

You guys just need to calm the f**k down... okay.

infamous-butcher1896d ago

I needed the level cap increased 5 weeks ago. with all three DLC from the season pass just sitting there ready to be played. Got so inpatient I just done it anyway on normal mode. Save the TVM run for after the new lvl cap but that means, until then, no more more powerful loot.

Ilovetheps41896d ago

At least he was nice about it...

1nsomniac1896d ago

the games shit anyway so who cares!

admiralvic1896d ago

What does that have to do with anything?

Someone is bound to like any game out there and many people have been waiting for this to get added. Even if you think the game is bad, you should still be able to understand why people are upset about a much anticipated thing being delayed or possibly scrapped. Considering a good number of people claim that they've played with people who have everything, it really only hurts the fans (who just want more to do) and makes their whole goal of balance a little pointless. Not saying they should break the game is half over it, but it can't be ANYMORE unbalanced than the nova spamming raidbosses...

vickers5001896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

Your opinion is sh*t anyway, so who cares?

KwietStorm1896d ago

I thought a raised cap would 'break their game,' but I guess they already screwed with enough other things anyway.

coptop11896d ago

As long as they scale enemies to people's levels it should be fine.

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The story is too old to be commented.