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Welcome to the Valentine’s President’s Day Issue of Hardcore Droid!

Welcome to the Valentine’s President’s Day Issue of Hardcore Droid!

As if the harsh realities of mid-winter weren’t difficult enough, too many of us this time of year find ourselves riding the rollercoaster of emotional highs and lows that come hand-in-hand with the President’s Day holiday. But, Ajax, you say, we always have Valentine’s Day to cheer us up? Well, OK, You’re right. We do have Valentine’s, except of course if you’re alone in the world or suffering through a strained, loveless relationship. Then I suppose it’s worse. Worse than Christmas even. But no worries, my friends, because as with all things sad, difficult or existentially vacuous, Hardcore Droid has got you covered. Our Valentine’s President’s Day Issue is, in fact, custom-built to ameliorate the unspeakable horror that is February. Whether you find yourself pressed against cafe windows longingly ogling couples as they while away their noontime meals or laughing uncontrollably at every mentioning of a Presidents Day sale, we have got you covered. Because the stuff of Hardcore Droid is your pathway to the sort of unadulterated joy that can only be had by way of essential hardcore games. (Android, Casual games, Dark Arcana: The Carnival, Dead Trigger, Dungelot, Guns'n'Glory Heroes, Ikaruga, iPad, iPhone, Life Is Magic, Mobile)

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