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Moody: Next PlayStation and Xbox should have 'more, bigger everything'

Clive Moody, Senior Executive Producer at British game developer Codemasters, chats with Game Guy Barry White about the next generation of home video game consoles, the Wii U possibly being "the future", and the possibility of a digital download gaming future. (Industry, PC, PS4, Wii U, Xbox One)

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The_Infected  +   779d ago
I can't wait to see both consoles although so far I'm leaning much more towards PS4 just due to the 1st party AAA games, free online, and Gaikai. We will see though I'm sure they will have their surprises:)
jujubee88  +   779d ago
Very true.
Personally, I want a Belgian chef to come with my PS4.

(I hear their waffles are fantastic!)
Genuine-User  +   779d ago
They are fantastic. In my opinion of course. Lol
miyamoto  +   779d ago
I prefer a gaming company who has the will to carve their own path, do their homework, grow with the gamer, innovate, stop piracy, nourish the industry with many new games as possible as their livelihood

... as opposed to one who is just there to stop and destroy the competition with huge budgets, steal market share, ride on trends, invest on what is popular, & have no vision for gaming progress.
classic200  +   779d ago
The last paragraph sounds like microsoft.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   779d ago
I will try and get both but I'm leaning towards the 720.

AAA first party Ips, brand new Xbl service/ offerings, F2P games and supposed Siri voice control.

I'll pick up a 720 first then get a PS4 next.
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Starfox17  +   778d ago
WiiU and ps4 is the future wiiu game sales are bad in the UK because theres only about 100,000 consoles sold when games like LegoCity hit consoles will fly off the shelves,and they need to release MarioKart this year to secure success in my eyes but i do see with Aliens and Lego City even NFS will all help some better sales in the UK.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   778d ago
Anyone care to explain the disagrees? Kratos says hes getting a PS4. Justified his reasons, I said a 720 justified my reasons?

Whats the problem?

Are we playin the bias game again N4G.
givemeshelter  +   778d ago
You're going to get disagrees like crazy for stating what you did on n4g lol
sobekflakmonkey  +   778d ago
"AAA first party IPs, Brand new XBL service/offerings, F2P games and supposed siri voice control"

you have to pay for XBL to play the F2P games, and your other games as well; the xbox is seriously lacking in AAA first party IPs and all XBL offers you is cross game chat, and I'm sure they won't change it because they know you'll pay anyways, that's why you got disagree's....quite frankly I don't feel microsoft cares about the "Gamer" they care about money, and that's why (considering what we've been hearing about the 720) a lot of people are doubting the next Xbox is going to be built for the "Gamer", and if what we hear is true, it wont be, thus the disagree's your getting, people are looking at the current "Rumors" about the new consoles and it seems quite obvious that the PS4 is going to be the real gaming console out of the 3 competitors.

Who know's really, these console's haven't even officially been announced, so I'm not getting my hopes up for either just yet, I'll wait and see.

Also, I don't see how anybody could consider the WiiU a next gen console, I bought one, and I have two games...and that's only because Nintendoland came with it, and I don't plan on buying any other games for it, to be quite honest, I'm thinking about just giving it to my brother and his girlfriend..
broken_back-man  +   778d ago
you are leaning towards 720? have fun with no ips and paying for online haha
Donnieboi  +   777d ago
Free to Play games on xbox? How is it free when u have to pay for online? Lol. Also, sony has more F2P games on ps3 and also vita than anyone else, and about 3 more coming this year. Xbox never has had any, nor is there any evidence that they will. And even if u do, say hello to Xbox live fees. Lololol.
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morkendo23  +   779d ago
if the FUTURE of gaming is "DIGITAL" download only im done with gaming. "if i cant see it or feel it" im done.
Starfox17  +   778d ago
He said the future of gaming is WiiU. read it.
Irishguy95  +   779d ago
That was what I wanted and expected for this gen. But suddenly games like Uncharted and gears started popping up and linearity took over again. It was all about the visuals and nobody even bothered with draw distance. When Blu ray was originally announced for PS I though more space = more unique content. Then you have games like the Witcher 2 that are 15GB and 20-30 hours long with a few traversable maps and still look better than anything the consoles put out, and Skyrim with it's 6 gigabytes and massive world(shame they focused TOO much on the world over good game design).

Was maddening when I found out what this gen was not really going to be any different that last gen except the graphics would be better and multiplayer would rear it's backside into the middle of everything. I mean take a look at God of war 3 compared to 2. There are no notable differences besides backround scale. All the power went straight into looks. I would have been better if the game almost constantly took place near or around on the titans and the graphics where worse to trade off for it. And I know people still love God of war 3 because the way it was is fine...it just...could have been alot better. Uncharted does focus on small scale hyper looking action of course so I can hardly pin that down for what it did either, I just wished there were more games that did focus on draw distance(gameplay enhancing draw distance I mean).
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classic200  +   779d ago
Linearity took over again? last time I check linear games rules consistently.

The truth is that linear games are great for keeping a story centered experience. I love open worlds but linear games will always be around for obvious reasons.
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Sketchy_Galore  +   779d ago
Good suggestions. I would also add that I think they should be betterer and more good.
lilbroRx  +   779d ago
Why is this listed as Wii U news?
Donnieboi  +   779d ago
To rub the ps4 and 720's inevitable, unstoppable success in ninty fanboy's faces :)
PopRocks359  +   778d ago
So in other words nothing. This comment was nothing if not immature.
AJBACK2FRAG  +   778d ago
You dream! Nintendo is going to be number one again! Sony, in my opinion is about to screw up royally with the PS4 they are going to give Sony fanboys exactly what they do not want. They'll steal from Nintendo's playbook but this time they'll fail completely again. Microsoft might just get their chance to be average again (Noting wrong with silver!)the one bright shinning star that the 360 offered gamers, Xbox Live, has been totally smoked by Nintendo's Miiverse. Sounds impossible but freakily true! See you in June kittens and good luck, this is going to be Nintendo's e3! I can't wait! I wonder whar Retro's been working on.
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Starfox17  +   778d ago
Because he says the WiiU is the future that's why.
stuntman_mike  +   778d ago
and you heard it straight from the horses mouth (or he just ate a horse burger!)
when dev's were asked what they want in their next gen consoles they replied "Bigger everything"

it don't get more technical than that.

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