Retailers Break Aliens: Colonial Marines Street Date in Australia

Tynan Muddle at writes: "Aliens: Colonel Marines is out in Australia after retailer KMart decided, for some reason, to sell the game ahead of its February 12 release date."

It didn’t take long for other retailers to follow, including EB Games who posted about it on their Facebook Page. Of course, as is usually the case with these unexpected launches, not every store were prepared and many had no idea the game was available."

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jbl3161899d ago

New Zealand isn't breaking the street date :(

How come you Aussies can do that lol!?

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showtimefolks1898d ago

i haven't seen a lot of ads for this, i have high hopes but someone who got the game accidentally early from store said it was pretty average

here is hoping that person was wrong

jony_dols1898d ago

I've seen a few impressions from people online who got it early (aka pirated the 360 version) & the verdict isn't good...I guess we'll find out on the 12th!

showtimefolks1898d ago

yeh i am interested but if that's the case than this will join the long list of games i will wait for in a bargain bin

as of now

Dead space 3
and most likely Aliens

i am not sure about MGR, kojima production doing the story has my interest but the demo really didn't sell me on the combat, here is also hoping for that to turn out better than expected

as of now only 3 games day one for first 6 months

last of us
god of war

tomb raider could join the list, but i have also heard mixed things about that too, so let's see

shaun mcwayne1897d ago

Ive been playing it for a few nights, and to be brutally honest its just average.

Co op campain its decent, single player campain is a bit dull.
not many mutiplayer maps at launch.

but im a big alien franchise fan so i have had some fun playing.

If you have a bad connection, it plays like crap on mutiplayer.

hope this helps a few of you, I wouldnt pay more than 20 quid for it. Pay 20 quid you will probally get your moneys worth.

WeskerChildReborned1898d ago

I heard the gameplay was kinda bad from multiple people, i hope it's not the case but they also got the game early.

cleverusername1898d ago

There's gameplay all over youtube and it seriously lacks polish!!

BoNeSaW231898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

It still won't help this_____________!
(Fill in the Blank)

profgerbik1898d ago

I have a feeling this one will end up as just a mediocre as the last sadly. About as far back as I remember playing a good Aliens game was at the Arcade.

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The story is too old to be commented.