Nintendo Fan Is Unhappy With Nintendo’s $200 Answer to His $400 Wii U Problem

Jon is an enthusiastic Nintendo fan. He buys all of Nintendo's systems. He buys many, many Nintendo games. But he's gotten himself into a jam that he says has cost him access to more than $400 worth of downloadable games he's purchased from Nintendo over the several years.

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Zodiac1868d ago

Wow! They really need to change up the online policy.

Dylila1868d ago

only an idiot would go back to a company that robs them. this along with a multitude of problems are why id never purchase nintendo products. people just excuse shoddy and archaic systems from nintendo giving them a pass on a lot. i have so many games on my pc and ps3 where i dont worry because i own them forever as long as i use my online id.

Zodiac1868d ago

All they would have to do is make it so you can log on to multiple systems with your Nintendo ID.

I agree that this needs to be addressed, but it's not nearly enough for me to not buy Nintendo products.

sloth33951868d ago

talk about a company with lots of problems the 360 had a bad problem for years with the RROD and Nintendo usually makes a system that can last along time

Bimkoblerutso1868d ago

When it comes to anything online related, Nintendo is basically the 90 year old man that sits on his porch talking about "kids these days" and their new-fangled Myspaces and Googlers, and his grandchildren are slowly teaching him how to check his email when they visit once a month.

Denethor_II1868d ago

"only an idiot would go back to a company that robs them"
If that were true we'd have no XBox, and then what kind of world would we live in!

Nitrox1867d ago

Only an idiot has this happen to them, fails to contact the company about fixing the problem, and then complains about problem not being fixed... If he contacted customer service, explained the situation and was able to prove his identity, things could get sorted out.

I think most people understand that downloadable content is tied to a specific account. Just because you create a new account with the same name doesn't mean you have access to content purchased under a different account.
Unless you sort it out with customer service...

I had something similar happen to me after replacing a rrod xbox and customer service was able to deactivate the content on my old system and register it to my new one.

morkendo231867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

"only an idiot would go back to a company that robs them"

REALLY?? in that case Microsoft must have plenty of IDIOTS following them. MS robbed their gamers with RROD,E47,E72,DISC TRAY MALFUCTION, BANNED millions of CONSOLE from XBL, hike up the price of XBL from 50.00-60.00 gamers had to buy new 360's ms ROB gamers from new games 360fans get rape every year with same 3 ganes.. yes, there are idiots like going back to companies who love robbing them.

deSSy27241867d ago

What about M$ XBLA? you wont mention that? and just to make it clear, im not hating on Microsoft because of games (ofc i hate on bad games and swapping discs or the worst D-pad but i think at the same time Xbox360 controller is the best "standard" controller ever made).... im hating when Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft (Xbox or Windows) are doing stupid decisions.

BTW games are cheaper for PC anyway....

BlindMango1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )


Haha, that was a pretty hilarious analogy =P

1867d ago
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zerocrossing1868d ago

They should have taken this into consideration during development on the Wii U, it's just unacceptable to expect consumers to purchase content they already payed for because Nintendo lacked the foresight to implement user accounts or a means to transfer data from the Wii to Wii U... Bad form big N.

1867d ago
Persistantthug1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

This guy was complaining about the same thing:

Months ago, I told everyone this was going to be the case, and a strong sign was that Nintendo didn't include a "real" harddrive with the system. Many people didn't want to listen, but I was firmly correct.

Nintendo doesn't really have the competence or the "know how" in terms of running a fully fleshed out and featured online network.
It was obvious.

Edit in....
Here's where I tried to explain last year about the lack of harddrive being an indicator of Nintendo's online competence:

OmegaSlayer1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

Man, it's impossible to let Nintendo fanbase understand.
It was clear that WiiU was a current gen console,
It was clear it would have loss third party support in less than a year.

People called it out immediately, maybe some people is more experienced because they have been playing games for decades (3 decades in my case) but...well, everyone is entitled to fail at his own expenses.

Yes, people that bought multiple 360s made a mistake too, just I see how they didn't want to lose the money they spent in retail games.

I had had 3 PS3.
The first fat YLODed after I played hours straight GOW3.
I receovered it with the reflux trick and it's still working after 3 years, but I bought a slim to be safe.
The slim I bought had a defective Blu-Ray and Sony changed it in warrancy.

Machines broke obviously, that's why I think than when you decide to pick up one you must evaluate how reliable the manufacturer/service provider is.
My PSone (first model) and PS2 (first model too) are still functional, while I know that Microsoft has a story of unreliability even with software, so...the choice was quite simple for me.
I don't want to remember I have a Gamecube...

OmegaSlayer1867d ago

Jon should change its policy and kick Nintendo in the groin forever. XD

Analyzing the subject it's clear how crap Nintendo is offering him only half of the money he spent.
That's mega sad.

And...yes, I don't have simpathy for Nintendo fanboys.
I'm a Sony fanboy, but I can see when Sony messes up (with every handheld for example) and I'm always there pointing my finger.

You can like a product/brand, but being blind is bad.

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Gr811868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

'All they would have to do is make it so you can log on to multiple systems with your Nintendo ID.'

The fact that this is not standard is baffling. I can't believe some folks are blaming the guy instead of blaming Nintendo's backwards online dealings. It is pitiful.

Sometimes being a fan means NOT defending and making excuses for a company just because you like them. There comes a time where, as a fan, you won't tolerate bullshit policies. As a fan you won't accept half assed customer service.

If you are a fan, (of any company ftm) be very critical, be constructively critical of them. If you aren't, Sega's fate will be shared.

PopRocks3591868d ago

Agreed. Something like this is not acceptable, preferred dev/publisher or not. This "solution" was a crappy cop out. This really should be fixed and hopefully soon.

-Mika-1868d ago

Im honestly surprised you're not blindly defending Nintendo like you usually do. Im glad you're not making excuses for this and you actually wrote an non-biased opinion. I hope you write more posts like this in other Nintendo articles.

Yodagamer1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

@mika aren't you supposed to be at playstation articles defending sony? as usual even when they screw up games like call of duty vita and resistance vita

sloth33951868d ago

@yodagamer no mika likes to troll Nintendo stuff

DarkBlood1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

dont even worry about it @yodagamer lol.

@mika i cant take you seriously because i havent seen you say anything positive about nintendo so i will continue to think you are a loyalty fangirl troll like "@Dylila" till the day you stop the hating and stop trying to recruit people to your side like that

ps. a universal account for nintendo should of been standard by now too, but i can only be thankfull as a lucky SOB that i dont have nintendo hardware problems yet.........

LOL_WUT1868d ago

Agreed Mika this is unusual for him, it just seems so out of character i'm sure he knows it. ;)

This just boggles my mind as to why was this even allowed in the first place. Hopefully Nintendo can find a solution to this problem.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1868d ago

PopRocks is usually balanced, I've even seen him help defend Vita.

Trolls slap you and then wonder why they are getting slapped back-

Anyway, Nintendo needs to get a handle on this and I hope Iwata addresses this in the next Nintendo Direct.
-They have made some strides forward so I hope they don't allow this to sideline them back.

PS I love Nintendo, so I want them to do the best that they can. That means that I don't go blind when they do dirt.

animegamingnerd1868d ago

i agree i am a big nintendo fan but they do make stupid decisions that will alienated people but lets face that is pretty much a rule to be a big company in this industry

PopRocks3591868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

@Mika @LOL_WUT

Unlike you two nimrods, I'm capable of knowing when it's not time to defend something and when to criticize it as well as vice versa. You two just like to criticize EVERYTHING Nintendo does.

Seriously, GTFO you trolls.

EDIT: Besides, I've said before that Nintendo is by no means perfect and have had their share of ups and downs. Just because they're my favorite game producer and I defend them often doesn't mean I don't acknowledge their faults. You two (as well as others) are just always there to make stupid assumptions.

linkofrs1868d ago

Yeah Nintendo is a great company but everyone makes mistakes I hope that they can fix this. This is also why I prefer to not download games.

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DeadlyFire1868d ago

Nintendo keeps making mistakes with the WiiU.

Hope they can turn it around at some point.

Nintendo ID being locked to one console is a big no-no they should have seen before even launching the product. I believe it was the rush to get it to the market before the other two came out with a console that caused it. Hopefully they can fix it.

This is Nintendo's first try at a unified online system. So far it needs work. ID should be universal with redownloadable content and so on.

profgerbik1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

Sucks but I assumed all Wii U-sers where aware of this problem by now. A little research on a new system before returning it never hurt anyone.

DarkBlood1868d ago

sure am aware of this issue when transferring to the wiiu

its a risk i took but not one i would be upset over if it went haywire, i guess only some people can accept loss to a certain extent

the ability to move on or adapt seems rare nowadays

jc485731868d ago

this is why I try not to download too much. At least I won't feel too bad if I only lost 20 dollar worth of downloads.

ElectricKaibutsu1868d ago

I agree. I downloaded very few VC games because I don't trust their online system. I would NEVER buy a digital version of a full retail game. Too risky for $60.

WitWolfy1868d ago

I knew this was going to happen eventually when it fist made public how the Wii U ID would be locked to one system...

Thats BS for Ninty to assume nothing bad will EVER happen to one system or that their customers would only want one console per house hold.

As a Wii U owner myself I barely use the thing but can see the problem when you wanna start transferring your files over.. My suggestion would be, softmod your Wii and keep it as a back up just in case...

JackBNimble1868d ago

Well this is a deal breaker for me.
I was going to buy a wii-u for my kids 7 birthday, but until nintendo fix this problem I will not support them.

Your ID should be tied to a network like psn or xboxlive.