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Editorial: Could The PS4 Have The Best Launch Lineup Ever?

It's starting to seem possible that Sony will bring us a few big-time heavy hitters when the PS4 first arrives on store shelves. That would be a huge boost... (PS4)

MariaHelFutura  +   1020d ago
It could.
Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   1020d ago
Of course it will.

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a_bro  +   1020d ago
i just want my ridge racer by the end of the year..RIDDDGGGGEEEE RACCCCCEEEEEEEEEER!!!!!
remanutd55  +   1020d ago
for that to happen it needs a Motorstorm game, no Motorstorm no good launch line up for me.
lastofgen  +   1020d ago
imagine the last guardian as a ps4 launch title = automatic purchase day 1.
Starfox17  +   1019d ago
It's irrelevant because WiiU will have way too many good games by then and the cheaper white wiiu is £225 on average ?

PS4 will be over powered and in terms of graphics its only dx11 comparable so too much wasted power wont get maxed out for 8 years pointless ? The next consoles will be out by the time ps4 gets maxed out daft.

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