Ouya Game Approval Process Starting this Month

Ouya CEO Julie Urhman describes the review process of game submissions, saying that the approval process will begin in the 'middle-to-end of this month'.

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1804d ago
BattleAxe1804d ago

Who cares, the games will just get hacked anyway.

aceitman1804d ago

there coming out in a bad time , right before next gen , they will not do well just like the other company the did online play I forgot them already whats there name oh yeah onlive, it failed .

darx1804d ago

Onlive and OUYA aren't the same thing. OUYA isn't cloud gaming.

FreakyFox1804d ago

OUYA is Android for TV , i already have somthing like it called Cyclone Nano by Sumvision but i think OUYA is little bit better Hardware, and it does not compete with a AAA gaming platform.

Its cheap and cheerful and its open source which means that small dev teams who are trying to make a break in world can do so without it costing them an arm and a leg.

Im all for it.