Mass Effect 4: 'There will be no more Shepard'

Commander Shepard won't be the protagonist in Mass Effect 4, or whatever the next series entry is called, according to BioWare Montreal's Fabrice Condominas.

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SynGamer1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

This is a good decision. Shepard was a great character, had an amazing run over the course of three games, and ultimately was the hero we wanted him to be. It's time to move on and experience more of the Mass Effect universe with new characters and races.

Now, as for my want list...I would like to be able to purchase "miners" or whatever you want to potentially call them. Essentially I want to purchase units that will go to planets and explore/mine automatically for me while I'm playing. The more dangerous the planet, the better equipped/higher level miner will be needed. Even though resource mining was cut down considerably by the end of the series, I still found it an unnecessary task.

I would also like more diverse planets/terrain/people. In ME3 colonies were being wiped out left and right, so in ME4 I'd like to come across colonies that are rebuilding. Perhaps new tech/resources can be discovered this way? All I know is the planets felt very empty at times, even when people were inhabiting them.

otherZinc1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

I'm Friggin Pissed!
This Is Bull*h*T!

I beat Mass Effect 1, 6 times.
I beat Mass Effect 2, 7 times.
I beat Mass Effect 3, 2 times.
Each play-through was 60+hours except 1 time at 45hrs; longest 89hrs.

No Commander Sheppard...whatever! Superheroes Don't Die:
The Master Chief
Marcus Fenix
Iron Man
The Hulk
Wonder Woman
Young Ninja Ryu Hayabusa
And more...
Even that weak*ss Drake is runnin around somewhere

Mass Effect jumped to my personal 2nd favorite franchise of "All Times"; this is over 30years of gaming.

I bought 2 copies of Mass Effect 3, NOT for the multi-player co-op with my son, because he would HOG the game. So, I bought 2 Collectors Editions for us!

I dont like the new direction. I wont be buying this series again until further notice! Like Ninja Gaiden Series, its HORRIBLE NOW, I'll never buy another Ninja Gaiden Game Again, 3 was horrific!...or til Itagaki comes back!

SynGamer1899d ago

Grow the hell up. We don't even know anything about the new ME game aside from the fact that Shepard won't be in it. The first 3 games were stellar, why potentially ruin the legacy of the series with potentially inferior future games? Shepard wasn't a superhero. He was human (ish, don't want to give away too much for those who haven't played all of the games).

With a universe so vast, I see no reason to keep dragging on with Shepard and the gang. They had a great run, now I want to meet new people.

Norrison1899d ago

Cool story bro, send it to Bioware.

medman1899d ago

I hope you're joking otherZinc. ME is my favorite franchise of all time, jumping Zelda from the days of my youth on the original NES. It is my favorite because the character is my character. It is me. I own it, I own the story, the interactions with various galactic races. I've played many great titles this gen, from Uncharted to Metal Gear to Gears etc. For me, nothing comes close to what Mass Effect has done this gen. Hopefully Bioware will stun me as much with what will come next as they did with this trilogy.

EVILDEAD3601899d ago

Great move.

Can't wait to see new characters and experiences in the Mass Effect universe next gen.


spicelicka1899d ago

calm down, like really...calm down

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medman1899d ago

I loved every game in the ME trilogy. Can't get enough of them. If fact, my gaming history is very extensive and the ME2 and ME3 collector's editions were the first and only collector's editions I have ever purchased. And I go back to the Atari, Caleco vision, NES days of my early childhood. It will be interesting to see if the next generation of consoles will allow developers to give us more varied worlds (not as much repetition in environments) and better A.I. I'm really looking forward to so much from this next console generation. I hope I won't be disappointed.

dcbronco1899d ago

Maybe send an away team to take care of things like that. You get more out of it if you handle the away team as a side mission. But you still get the minerals, upgrades and other stuff if they do it.

Parasyte1899d ago

Fine by me. They should make it more RPG styled, maybe kind of like TES. Let you choose your character's race and more customization options.

Also, don't let Casey Hudson anywhere near it!

Diffraction_Fos1899d ago

The last game was rather disappointing. If the new game is still going to use that same formula, I'm done with the franchise. IMO the first one is still the best.

Roccetarius1899d ago

Yeah, i think a lot of people are done with it, if that's the case. ME3 focused on being a Hollywood movie, more so than previous games.

It's a shame, but at least Cyberpunk 2077 will fill that void.

Parasyte1899d ago

Agreed. I loved ME 1 and 2 but 3 ruined the whole franchise for me.

dirthurts1899d ago

I loved ME3 myself.
Don't believe the un-hype. The game was great, and the ending was well suited to wrap up the trilogy.

Diffraction_Fos1899d ago

To each their own, I guess. IMO, ME3 felt like a run-of-the-mill closure to a series, done without much thought or effort on Bioware's part. Not really that surprising since DA2 was pure s**t.

Maybe this new "re-take"(or whatever) on the franchise just might be what is needed to bring back the spirit of the first game again. Or maybe it'll go the DmC route and totally piss off it's core fans. Either way I don't care much for it anymore.

krazykombatant1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

"the end was well suited to wrap up the trilogy" BAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA! !!!!!

The ending was pathetic, anyone that says otherwise is an idiot who didn't invest the hours many of the other hardcore fans like myself had put into the series, it was a slap to the face with a turd. I refuse to ever buy another BioWare game ever again.

KaBaW1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

While ME 3 was no where near the same game as ME1, element wise..
I'd agree with you. ME3 is still a good game, and I'm fine with the ending.

NeXXXuS1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

The last game was amazing. The only thing disappointing about it was that ending.

@krazykombatant - So you're not buying a game from the same company because the game itself was good but the ending was kinda crappy? ok.

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Me_My1899d ago

They are going to really delve deep to revamp the series after the glitches and wanna be halo/gears of war that the 3rd installment of the series brought.

KMCROC541899d ago

If that's the case then screw ME ?, EA just give battlefield 4 better yet you shelf ME for all I care. No Shepherd equals garbage.

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