The Witcher 3 Announcement Intimidates EA, BioWare and Dragon Age III

TheNexusNews reports that EA and BioWare are intimidated by the announcement of The Witcher 3 - knowing that it will harm the sales of their upcoming Dragon Age 3 (III) if they don't release the game in time.

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Tctczach1902d ago

30 times the size of the witcher 2 is a pretty big world. Anyone have the estimated size yet?

Kamikaze1351902d ago

It's said to be 20% bigger than Skyrim. Being as big as Skyrim alone is such a big jump from Witcher 2.

Qrphe1902d ago

For the Witcher series it is a big jump, however Skyrim itself is not a big game if we compare it to other TES titles.

stragomccloud1902d ago

The entirety of Elder Scrolls 3-5 is about 70 square miles.
Xenoblade is nearly the size of California. Food for thought. If your looking for a big world that's your ticket.

007Bond1902d ago

Well a big world still won't work with crappy animations, actions like skyrim.

da_2pacalypse1901d ago

The open world addition will be awesome in the Witcher3. witcher 2 was an awesome game, but I always wished it had more side quests. This will surely accomplish that for me :D

Also, on topic: EA/Bioware should be intimidated! Witcher 2 was everything DA2 should have been + more! But maybe they should stop worrying about what their competition is doing, and just make a good game! Stop trying to cater to every single genre, just make a good RPG game.


Cueil1901d ago

@stragomccloud Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall had about 188,000 sq miles... about twice the size of Great Britten... 15000 towns 750k NPCs... it's probably still the bench mark for open world single player games

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dasbeer881902d ago

The first and foremost desperate attempt EA will probably do is buyout CD Projekt Red and...well everyone else will know what will happen to their future.

Snookies121902d ago

They'll "try", but will not succeed. Unlike companies such as EA, CD Projekt Red cares about their fans. They wouldn't sell out like that from what I can tell.

Murad1902d ago

No, I don't believe CD Projeckt will be bought out. Why? Because as far as I've known CD Red, they've never actually screwed gamers over. I mean look at what they did for Witcher 2. They didn't bother installing a protection, or how that if you buy the newest edition of Witcher 2, or the older ones, you can still download the patches. That's what I call an awesome company, and companies that we are missing these days.

RickHiggity1902d ago

They could try. But much like Mojang, they are successful enough on their own without a big publisher telling them how to make their games. EA trys to dumb don a franchise to make it sell more, and the true RPG ends up having more hype behind it. Who knew? lol

talisker1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

You may not know but CDPR is a share company so if EA (or anybody else) want it and have enough cash, they can buy it out. (formerly Optimus), the owner of CDPR developer studio has share capital of roughly $30 million.

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showtimefolks1902d ago

This is a day one whenever it comes out, I still want Witcher one for consoles and Witcher 2 on ps3. Please

Kalowest1902d ago

They're not making a PS3 TW2. CD Projeckts future games will show up on PS3.

stragomccloud1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

Go pc. The interface is better and the games are wicked cheap. More than offsets the moderately high cost of entry. Steam has sales where you can buy every game a publisher has put on steam for only about $ 50. Sometimes for only $ 25.

DeadlyFire1902d ago

I wouldn't say its coming to PS3 honestly, but with their new engine its possible they make a re-release with all three games in the series in a Trilogy edition on PS4/XB3/PC.

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DeadlyFire1902d ago

EA-Bioware should be scared of CDProjekt RED. They are stealing the RPG crown and running with it to the goal. Bioware has shifted downward since EA took over. CDProjekt RED has shifted upwards and its still going.

1901d ago
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Bigpappy1902d ago

If this is true, then that is great news. Force them to expand their development and give gamers more substance for the $$$.

Bimkoblerutso1902d ago

Yeah, that's what SHOULD happen. We all know what's actually going to happen, though...they're going to look for shallow ways to "expand" the audience and inevitably put in some nickel-and-dime DLC bullcrap to squeeze a few extra slimy bucks out of us.

No amount of integrity from companies like CD Projekt is ever going to get the mega-companies like EA from looking at consumers with anything other than big, blinking dollar signs in their eyes.

PureSophistry1902d ago


Games are being released- other developers are worried.


DarkFireHawk1902d ago

Copied from the comment section from the article - the author responded:

"I agree with your premise. However this has been the point of the website all along. We do have a few people here and there - we have not submitted anything that has been proven wrong. EA could see this game as a competition, or simply don't care. But they do - and we simply reported it. It took 4 days to get this information - if this was just a fling you would have seen it published on the fifth."

Diffraction_Fos1902d ago

WOW! So they're using the "innocent until proven guilty" routine, eh?

joab7771902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

Bioware isnt bioware anymore. The old bioware wouldnt be scared, they would be motivated. Remember when they were at the forefront of innovation. Mass Effect 1, Dragon Age Origins. Instead of looking at Skyrim and the Witcher to see what ppl want, go back to the well and change gaming like u used to. I dont have much faith that they will. They are still masterful story tellers. At least give us a big world with many characters that we can love.

As far as the witcher, i cant imagine a next gen witcher with a bigger world than skyrim. This game just landed right below bioshock for most anticipated. I will buy a console just to play it.

landog1902d ago

biowares best games all came out long, long ago, baldurs gate 1 and 2, neverwinter nights, kotor, jade empire

dragon age 1 and mass effect 1 were good, but already, the quality had been compromised for mass appeal, me2, da2, me3, lol....those arent even rpgs, they are just action games with some points to move around, there are deeper games on my phone sadly

i don't even think bioware means anything anymore, its a shell of what it was, the two FOUNDERS left, what does that say

Diffraction_Fos1902d ago

They should be intimidated. Dragon Age 2 was a POS game. If they're gonna continue down that road with 3, then Witcher 3 will murder tham.

Blacklash931902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

DA2 was severely rushed. You could tell by the constant reuse of environments and how the ending was essentially little more than a walk-out cinematic after the final boss. Not to mention just the overall poor pacing and structure of the story, which is unusual for Bioware. There were also some iffy decisions with the combat system.

But to be fair they had some good new ideas going, like branching skill trees, being able to further interaction with companions without being a kiss-ass and agreeing with them at every turn, and the three classes having more synergy to play off each other. Some weren't implemented as best as they could have been, but they were still good ideas.

Hopefully they can advance the good ideas and reconsider the ones that didn't work. I want the game to turn out well.

luoshuigui1902d ago

that pos da2 was not made by Bioware, it was just some random studio EA founded in Texas, sticked with a Bioware name to gain some prestige. The whole thing just showed how EA doesnt give a shit about Bioware's credibility and reputation, they buy the company for the name only, and after they ruin this brand they'll seek to destroy another. That's one of the reasons the founders of Bioware left EA, no fucking respect, no soul, games are only product for sell, no real passion in them.

greatcrusader441902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

The studio in Austin, TX made TOR the MMO, same team that made DAO made DA2. The Major difference? DAO had around a 5yr dev cycle, da2 only had 13 MONTHS (AND it they had to a make a new engine also in that time and since the story wasn't a direct sequel it took longer to write than if it was)

There are still some amazing people working at Bioware, but EA isn't giving Bio enough time to make their games, last Gen they took at least 3-4 to make the games we used to love and cherish, now in this Gen where'd it would cost more money and time to make games that size EA has given them even less time (Their Two this Gen games before EA took 5 yrs to make ME1/DAO, EA gave ME2/3 only two yrs and DA2 1 yr).

It's not that their talent is gone, its that they aren't given enough time to hone their skills on their product, which will result in a loss of quality in any game.

P.S. Replaying Planescape: Torment and I'm depressed they don't make games like this anymore (Devs in general, not Bioware, who didn't make P:T)

Despair6661902d ago

Wont be surprised if DA3 gets pushed back

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