Knights of the Rusty Downloads – PlayStation JapanStyle February 2013

Really, if you have to pick one thing that is the biggest of the big in Japanese gaming in February of 2013, it’s the 3DS remake of Dragon Quest VII. Now I know, I know, a lot of you will raise an eyebrow and be like “Whaaat? No way, I want Metal Gear Rising way more!” but see, I’m talking about what’s going to sell, what’s going to be talked about by half the people you know, and what’s going to be unavoidable as far as Japanese existence goes. These, for example, are the steps to the second floor of one game shop in town:

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Wedge191899d ago

Kickstarter to get Heath a new bike? :P

knifefight1899d ago

Shall be called Kickstander.

TrendyGamers1899d ago

That's a pretty cool stair case.

dbjj120881899d ago


Getting pretty excited for Revengeance.

Black-Rock-Shooter1899d ago

My god the Black Rock Shooter game is taunting me WHY!!!!!!

please i want this ported this year!!!! Dx