Ubisoft Moves to Appease Wii U Rayman Legends Fans

Tynan Muddle at writes: "Ubisoft have responded to the international outcry from legions of Wii U fans who were expecting Rayman Legends to launch this month."

The publisher has been under heavy fire from gamers on all fronts after announcing Rayman Legends would not release until September 2013, and that it will not be exclusive to Wii U when it does. Thousands of fans took to Twitter, Facebook and Miiverse to vent their frustration."

Now, Ubisoft have released a statement promising an exclusive Wii U demo in an attempt to calm the masses;"

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MsmackyM1900d ago

Sorry a Demo won't due, however I do have an Idea... Release the game for the Wii U in February and problem solved.

donman11900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

Yes agree... the game we know is complete and you idiots at Ubisoft put it on ice cause Microsoft demands it. Ubisoft... you do realize we got a demo before. Get out of bed with Microsoft and release the game this month.

Yodagamer1899d ago

They can't microsoft's stupid "it must be released on the same day or it can't come to Xbox" policy is what's causing this

ShinMaster1899d ago

Microsoft's (b*tch) policy requires simultaneous release and equal content, holding everyone back since they day the 360 launched.

delboy1899d ago

Yep, it's the ms policy.
Good luck Ubi selling your kidy game to hardcore gamers.

BattleAxe1900d ago

This is going to be a reoccurring theme with Nintendo fans. We're going to continue to hear about upset WiiU fans venting on the Miiverse....

solboogie1899d ago

Well then voice your opinion with your wallet! Im pissed and I will not support them now! Do me dirty and I will do you dirty!

ElectricKaibutsu1900d ago

Ubisoft doesn't understand human feelings.

ZeekQuattro1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

Yeah I'm afraid another demo is not going to silence the anger directed at Ubisoft. The game was supposed to out by the end of this month and it was already delayed once before that. The fact that they feel the need to release a second demo for an already finished game just shows how they know they screwed the pooch.

The damage has been done and they shouldn't assume they will make bank off the PS3 and 360 crowd either. The last game in the series struggled to sale and it was available on all the major consoles and handhelds. This is going to be a big gaming year especially in September and I can't see myself being bothered to pick this game up over all the other games I want in the 4th quarter.

jmc88881900d ago

They didn't screw the pooch, instead they....

Sacre Blew!

RAFFwaff1900d ago

yeah thanks ubisoft. because everyine who bought a wii u is a naive docile 12yr old. screw u and your demo. looks like its up to fox mc cloud, samus, link and mario to save nintendo (and possibly creative innovation in long standing franchises) AGAIN!

jmc88881900d ago

Show Ubi you care by spending your money on a game that is made with care in mind to its customers that comes out around the same timeframe. Like say Aliens: Colonial Marines.

As Ubisoft craps their pants, Gearbox is jumping for joy. In a Wii U game starved season, Aliens: Colonial Marines have a near monopoly for the Wii U spotlight.

admiralvic1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

I know I will get a TON of disagrees over this... but I wouldn't say Gearbox is some sort of righteous company next to Ubisoft at the moment.

Gearbox outsourced 3/4 of the DLC packs for Borderlands 2 and it stands to reason that the final one will also be outsourced. Also according to a interview with Randy posted yesterday, it seems they didn't plan to increase the level cap ahead of time, so doing so could result in "game breaking" changes. The same interview also implied that the final DLC pack will be outsourced too. Combine this with the LE costume fiasco, overpriced arena stage and additional costume DLC and I really don't get the impression that Gearbox "cares" about their fans or at least Borderlands 2 supporters. That is unless you count various golden key giveaways as "caring".

Though we can all buy copies of Aliens to spite Ubisoft and it won't make a difference. Ubisoft won't notice the difference and Gearbox will assume people love Aliens lol.

SpiralTear1900d ago

Yeah, because that totally isn't teasing the people you just screwed over. That's like offering a birthday cake to a kid, taking it away and saying they can lick the spoon instead.

Oh, and it's not Nintendo's fault. This was decided by the higher ups at Ubisoft. If the game doesn't sell well because it's competing with huge, AAA titles and next generation console launch lineups, it's Ubisoft's own damn fault.

The Wii U version should not have been delayed for this reason. The developers have just as much a right to be upset as the gamers. The only people who seem to prefer this decision are those who have nothing to do with the game's success: the management.

BlackWolf1900d ago

"That's like offering a birthday cake to a kid, taking it away and saying they can lick the spoon instead."

Couldn't think of a better analogy than yours. :)

keisarinn1900d ago

Where can I sign to went my frustration?

Pixel_Enemy1900d ago

Well, wou can went your wustwation on the fowums wust wike weverywody welse.

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