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Ninten-D'oh! Wii U ZombiU Deluxe Set driving fans away in hordes

GameZone's Matt Liebl writes, "Nintendo today unveiled the Wii U ZombiU Deluxe Set, a new bundle that packs all of the contents of the standard Wii U Deluxe Set, the ZombiU game, a collectible booklet featuring artwork from the game, a black Wii U Pro Controller, and a downloadable code for Nintendo Land. Priced at $389.99, a savings of $70, it is an unbelievable value for fans -- but is it necessarily a fair one?" (Wii U, ZombiU)

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MultiConsoleGamer  +   781d ago
This title is more than a little bias. Reaching much?
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   781d ago
MultiConsole, don't be so hard on the author, Matt Liebl!

They won't let him go to the Cool games journalist Parties if he doesn't pick on Nintendo.
xursz  +   781d ago
A lot of people don't like when something they buy lowers in price significantly right after they spent their own money. While I understand that stance as an early adopter I support what Nintendo is doing in trying to entice new buyers with more attractive bundles. They need to pick up the sales somehow and this will be their way of doing that until the much anticipated price cut later this year.
ElectricKaibutsu  +   781d ago
I don't understand why this would make people angry. Early adopters know this kind of thing happens all the time. I bought my Wii U at launch and knew exactly what I was getting into. It's a risk buying early. Everyone knows if you're patient you can get a better deal, but who wants to be patient :).
MasterCornholio  +   781d ago

Exactly and after what happened with the 3DS people shouldn't be surprised if Nintendo drops the price of the Wii U shortly after launch.
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ShaunCameron  +   781d ago
Well that's a first. A Nintendo console with a 3rd-party game bundle.
guitarded77  +   781d ago
No it's not. Nintendo have had other 3rd party bundles like Wii/Skylanders and Wii/Just Dance.

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SonyNGP  +   781d ago
I guess you never saw the Gamecube + RE4 bundle :V
SegataShanshiro  +   781d ago
Dude, your pic is a freaking pony.....
isntchrisl  +   780d ago
There was also an MGS: Twin Snakes + GC bundle.
DarthJay  +   781d ago
A fair one? What the in the hell is that supposed to mean? If you buy a console at launch, you do so knowing it is the most expensive it will ever be and that there will undoubtedly be bigger and better things at some point.

You get what you sign up for. Guess what. Chances are... there's going to be a better deal than this some day too.
PopRocks359  +   780d ago
Exactly. I bought a $300 Playstation 3 a few years after the fact that it initially launched at twice that price and it was bundled with a game. That's just how the market is.
brbobcat  +   781d ago
The problem is having this type of sale so close to the console's release. What Nintendo is doing is encouraging consumers not to buy products when they first launch.
Reborn  +   781d ago
How so?

It's not an action exclusive to Nintendo. Many companies do this, when sales aren't as strong as they had anticipated. Nintendo are simply doing what they consider is best for their business.

If you buy a console early, you do it because you're satisfied with the cost, and feel theirs value for money.
kneon  +   781d ago
Except Nintendo seem to be doing it too soon after launch. Now this isn't a price cut but if they did cut the price in the next month or two then it could lead to problems in the future.

If they get a reputation for cutting prices not long after launch then you will see more and more people waiting rather than buying on launch day.
By being impatient now they could be sabotaging their future releases.
Kevlar009  +   781d ago
There is always a price to pay for early adoption. 360 was plagued with RRoD and a good rate of system deaths early on, Blu-ray was very expensive at release, PLasma/LED TV's reduce in price every year at the same and larger sizes.

If you want to compare it to 3DS, it got a significant price cut, not added features. Also why would this "drive away fans"? The concern should be not getting games, not whether someone got a better deal. And let's be honest, the Deluxe model was a steal from the get go. It's like saving a bunch of money only for someone down the line saving more money. Nintendo Land should've been free from the start (comparing the Base to Deluxe it pretty much was)
kB0  +   781d ago
I had high hopes for this game. It looked totally bad ass in concept, but the rushed timing and the very repetitive, clumsy gameplay just mimics the shadow of Dead island.

Dead Island was also a very jittery and inefficient gameplay but, the fact that it was an rpg made up for it.

It seems that registry and hit boxes can be VERY felxible if the genre RPG is attached. This game play would not be acceptable if the game was an action shooter. :)

Anyways, if the Wii.u ever goes down to 250$ 32 GB + game bundle I'll definately grab it.

For now, unless the stock model goes down to 199.99 or lower, I can't justify the purchase just for 2 games I want to play (NSMB and Zombie.U).

Either way, its nice to see Nintendo appeal to 3rd party gamers as well for this system, it needs to apply this concept A LOT more often. I know they have in the past, but they need the library for this unit, or they will lose the console wars.

Wii got lucky because it introduced motion, this console seems more a refresh than a new one.

I'm still waiting for the day where a Nintendo console goes back to being my primary console.
kB0  +   781d ago
Disagrees without Replies mean nothing:)
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1upgamer99  +   781d ago
Oh gosh, its not like bundles for other consoles did not happen right after launch. Come on, I mean really get over it. Hell Did people fume over PS3's $100 price drop after a few months? I think it is a good move on Nintendo's part. More value, more sales. I own Zombi U and bought the Wii U Deluxe at launch and I am not upset about it. Yes it would have been nice to have the better value, but I wanted it right away so that's that. Also Costco had Wii U Deluxe for $299 last and Basic for $249 last week. I would think people would be upset about that. You have to keep your eyes open for deals. By the way I just checked right now and Wii U is back up to $339 Deluxe and $289 basic. After I saw that deal last week on N4G I told my friends and 2 of them picked it up at that price. They both love the Wii U and are pretty happy with their purchase. The only problem is they want to borrow my games, LOL.
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xursz  +   781d ago
A lot of people do care about this type of thing but if it means picking up support for the console then I think most fans are willing to let it slide. What really needs to happen is an official price drop around the same time they launch some of their real exclusives. That will probably position WiiU to perform a little better against the newer consoles.
pedroyamato  +   781d ago
Add a pro controller for a game that can only use the pad is pointless. Change that for Mario U and we have a deal.
Spookshow  +   781d ago
@pedro yamato: ZombiU multiplayer uses the pro controller, stop writing nonsense.
Matt0611  +   781d ago
I applaud your solid use of that lonely bubble.
Good job, my man.

You didn't use the reply button though, so you lose points on that.
KillerPwned  +   781d ago
Great bundle! If I did not have all this already I would get it.
Jek_Porkins  +   781d ago
This is a pretty good deal, but I prefer the physical copy of Nintendo Land. I ended up buying ZombiU and a Pro Controller for Black Ops 2 anyway, this is a great savings for people looking for a good deal on the Wii U though.

Also, that box is so much sicker than the Wii U box I got.....not that its that big a deal, but I always save my console boxes.
deadfrag  +   781d ago
Thats the bundle thats been avaiable in Europe since release day!!Actually there was an offer on christmas that included this+mario wii u for more 5€,it didnt had the collectible booklet.Right now you can get the same items cheaper on EU market so this bundle is only good for the US.
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SilentNegotiator  +   781d ago
Launch buyers are suckers, plain and simple. No offense, launch buyers, but if you NEED a system a few months earlier, you're going to get a crappy deal for the "privilege" of owning it first.
ape007  +   781d ago
this game is fantastic, it has that old school level design to it, it sure misses some flash but remember it's a new studio and that's their first game
GribbleGrunger  +   781d ago
I have an idea for Nintendo. It's startling but ground breaking and no other company has done it. What they should do is put out bundles that are MORE expensive and even LESS enticing than when the Wiiu launched and then early adopters would be elated. Great idea, don't you think? What's more, they could then raise the price again so that even MORE people will be happy with their purchase!!! They may only end up selling 10 million Wiis, but nearly all of them will be happy.

Reversing an argument is a very good way of deciding its validity.

@yeahokchief: You called for price cut but even after the price cut you won't buy one because you want the games ... You complain that they called you a troll? I think they were probably right. Clearly you just went in their to stir the pot.
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yeahokchief  +   781d ago
oh hey what was that i said a few months ago about the wii u price cutting? i believe i was called a "troll" and hit with insults.

well it looks like i was right. =)

this still isn't a good enough deal to entice me. i'll buy it when they have some games not geared toward teenagers and younger or if it hits $250 with a game.
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mamotte  +   781d ago
"Never buy a console in launch" That's my golden rule. I bought my PS3 last november in $200 with 4 physical games. And have an enormous game library to select.

And I do that with every console.
FlyingFoxy  +   781d ago
I think launch or 1-2 years later is more than enough, there's little point to buying one when a new one is right around the corner.

Then again i'm mainly a PC gamer, so i usually keep my tech up to date every 2-3 years.
thezeldadoth  +   781d ago

one of the most amateur pathetic articles i've read on n4g. nearly a new low.
danitanzo  +   781d ago
Unless you bought the deluxe wii u at $350, then received four games as gifts... I wouldn't have saved money if I bought this bundle, but I also have people who like me enough to get me games as gifts.... :P
younghavok  +   781d ago
how can this be a bad thing? Great deal, helps sell a 3rd party exclusive, brings in more customers. It has win written all over it
DivineAssault  +   781d ago
Do they think that this bundle will change things out here in the US? I wish i wouldve got that bundle instead of the premium at launch but only because i would be saving a bit of cash & exchange both of those games for something else.. But, had i known that NG razors edge was going multiplat as well as rayman (& that F&%#@^ up long a$$ delay) i wouldnt have bought the damn thing..

Meaning, i doubt this would change many peoples minds about getting wii u.. No good exclusives are anywhere in sight
Erimgard  +   781d ago
Every console ever re-launches in a different bundle. Sure, if this was available at launch I would have gotten it, but I don't want to trade back my months of fun playing Wii U over it.
wiiulee  +   780d ago
this article is pure garbage...zombiiu is a great game and wiiu is a great system....and alot of people are happy with that bundle....but of course haters will write nonsense
1upgamer99  +   780d ago
Oh gosh, let the disagrees continue. Look nothing I stated was false, and if you want to hang out and bash Nintendo go ahead. We will see what happens with PS4 and 720 come out. They will cost way more than Wii U
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SnipeySnake  +   780d ago
Wasn't this game terrible? I really hope they make a bundle with the Wind Waker remake.
younghavok  +   780d ago
Not it wasnt actually. It was a hate it or love it kind of game. I and alot of other people loved it. If I had to choose a game to bundle this would be it. It helps get across the idea of new ways to play and interact with games, plus its a newish ip
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tweet75  +   780d ago
they should do a bundle like this with super mario u and the wind waker HD remake later this year that would help sales pick up
younghavok  +   780d ago
Bundling is the best thing imo, nevermind a price drop, add a game or two. Sony did it alot in Japan with the PS3 and even out here with the Vita. Im sure the 3rd party companies would appreciate it and would help build those relationships

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