First Battlefield 3: Endgame screenshots

EA released the first screenshots from Battlefield 3: Endgame.

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xseven1864d ago

they released an entire trailer last week

Plagasx1864d ago

Too much brown for my taste.

Diffraction_Fos1864d ago

Yup. They're not milking this at they're definitely not....

Detoxx1864d ago

2 new game modes: Capture the flag and Air superiority. New vehicles including a dirt bike. 4 new maps.

Diffraction_Fos1864d ago

Plus, yearly "Battlefield" titles. YAY! Hello, COD.

ddurand11864d ago

damn you dice, stop releasing so much great content for us.

you damn milkers! how dare you release great maps and game modes for us to enjoy your wondeful game!

you guys are the worst!

/s even neccesary?

Diffraction_Fos1864d ago

Let's save this comment and look at it again after 5 years. *CLICK*

ddurand11863d ago

what will 5 years in the future change about this game?

the content is great.

Detoxx1862d ago

Yearly Battlefield titles? Dude, this ain't COD stop talking sh1t..

EA has confirmed Battlefield 4 is going to release in 2014, while BF3 released in October 2011. How is this yearly release?

Now go back to COD and play the same game every year for $60 LOL

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