Get Entranced By The Music of Soul Sacrifice

Much like the teaser trailer that was released in December, the PlayStation YouTube channel has released a new video (which you can see below) detailing the music of Soul Sacrifice, this time with a focus on the power of the Skywalker Sound production company, through the Soul Sacrifice main theme, “The Melody of Souls.”

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Snookies121902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

Dang man... Yasunori Mitsuda's still got it... I've always loved his music. Chrono Trigger and Cross had so many great tracks.

rrquinta1902d ago

I wish the soundtrack was included as a preorder bonus...

miyamoto1902d ago

The electric guitar is a nice touch it.

R_aVe_N1902d ago

I really enjoy when companies allow you to hear some of the music involved in the game before release. Music to my ears loved it.

Blastoise1902d ago

Gonna pre-order this as soon as possible :)

cfountain1902d ago

I already have this game preordered. Im just waiting for April 30th at this point.

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