How to meet celebrities and chat up girls, Seduce Me style

Simply put, Seduce Me is porn. It's incredibly dull, tedious, and theoretically erotic to someone, somewhere. This article is a feble attempt to tell a story while exploring a mansion full of nauseatingly stereotypical women ripped out of adolescent fantasy.

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SybaRat1869d ago

I bet these work in real life, too!

Tolkoto1869d ago

I'm looking forward to the Nintendo sequel, Seduce U.

davidfca1869d ago

Deep down inside this game I think there's some reasonably good thinking about how to add gameplay to porn. Someone might get somewhere with this, someday. But yeah, we ain't there yet.

solid_warlord1868d ago

I predict the PC gamers are gonna get very excited about this...its time for them to get out of there MMO's and start really working out there virtual fantasies.

PC gamers wont admit but they want this bad.