Why The Last Guardian Will Be A PlayStation 4 Game

Sammy Barker: ''While the PlayStation 3 has played host to its fair share of genre defining titles, it’s hard to shake the feeling that it’s still missing its most important release. The hotly anticipated Team ICO title The Last Guardian was officially announced almost four years ago, but despite receiving a release date in 2010, its troubled development remains something of a mystery.

Most recently, Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida noted that the team was “working very hard on the game”, including creative director Fumito Ueda, who was subject to speculation that he had left Sony in 2011. The affable executive added that the adventure remains a PS3 game – but we don’t believe him, and these are the reasons why.''

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NastyLeftHook01900d ago

we have seen footage and know the name and know sony is probably going to announce ps4 on the 20th, so that leavs a small gap of time for the ps3 game to be released and enjoy the benefit of high sales.

As a ps4 launch title it would be much better, as this game would have the opportunity to be appretiated over more years to come instead of people just jumping ship from ps3 to ps4.

Shadow Flare1900d ago

I see no problem with releasing it on ps3 regardless. This is a big game, with big anticipation, built for the ps3, and I think it should release on the ps3 as intended because it deserves the highest sales. ICO and SOTC were amazing games but they weren't mainstream games. They were made for a particular market not a mass market. And ps3 is at something like 75 million consoles sold, so Team ICO's best hope of getting a good return on the game is to release it on a huge userbase like ps3, not ps4.

Launch games on consoles are typically mainstream, not niche. Because you're trying to attract as many as possible. I think Last Guardian will be better appreciated on the ps3 userbase.

But there's no reason to limit it to one console, just release it on both. They could even put it on psn so it can be downloaded on both systems hopefully

I would just hate to see a situation where a studio as talented and imaginative as Team ICO released Last Guardian after years of waiting, just on ps4, and it gets hit with very low sales. I'd hate to see that, so for me, just keep it on ps3. Or put it on both, but definitely have it on ps3 one way or the other

j-blaze1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

agreed, i think the game will be released on ps3 late 2013 or early 2014, Sony would be crazy not to release the game on ps3....same goes to Square Enix with VersusXIII

Jobesy1900d ago

Not only does it deserve higher sales but I'm sure NEEDS them. This has been in production for countless years, the budget must be huge.

blackbeld1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

Why releasing it for PS3? If they release it for PS3 then they got only a few years left. The lifespan of the PS3 is not so long anymore.

Releasing it for PS4 they still got more then 10years left to earn more money and it will be a system seller.

Also they will get more publicity for the game. More people will notice it with the launch.

It's true the instal base is still small but then they still got at least 10 years to be noticed.

It should be launch on PS4.

sobekflakmonkey1900d ago

I personally dont care which console its on, I just want it, if its a launch title for PS4 im buying it day one with the PS4, if not and its only on PS3, im still buying it day one.

Shadow Flare1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

Well let me throw this little stat out there to you blackbeld

Shadow of the Colossus, released on ps2, the best selling home console ever at over 150 million consoles sold, often said to be the best game ever made on ps2 by the likes of IGN etc. has only sold 1.14 million copies.

So out of 150 million ps2's, it's sold 1.14 million copies.

This is what I mean when I say this game is made for a particular fanbase, not a mass fanbase.

If this game were to launch on ps4, it could be disastrous for Team ICO, and they could be shut down. They've already spent too long making this game, so in business terms they actually NEED high sales to survive now.

You're figuring that because its there at the start of the ps4's life, it could sell millions and millions. Well sorry, look at SOTC. The ps2 was officially stopped just what 3 months ago. And SOTC just levelled at 1.14 million.

The ps3 could realistically have at least another 5 years of life left. More then enough for people to appreciate Last guardian.

Being a launch title on ps4 would give it greater exposure, but there's always that risk that it'll just miss. It's safer to launch on ps3, and I'd hate to see Team ICO go extinct.

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Arksine1900d ago

I think too much effort has been put in to developing it as a PS3 game. Restarting development on the PS4 would be a daunting task considering how different it will be from an architectural standpoint. It would not be ready for a PS4 launch. Its probably not even going to be released for the PS3 before the PS4 launches.

JoGam1900d ago

It will be a system seller because gamers wants play it. If kz4 is true, another system seller.

DOMination-1900d ago

Its not that sort of game. Even on ps3 it would probably sell around 800k at most. Outside of n4g people will not know about it. It will not be a system seller!

KZ4 would have the potential though. Somewhere hidden away the IP has something special. We saw glimpses in kz2 but so far its not been as great as people on here perceive it to have been.

wishingW3L1900d ago

the sad true is that none of those are system sellers. Most people outside of gaming forums don't have the slightest idea that Last Guardian even exist. =/

JoGam1900d ago

I hear u both but most people who wanted to play it on a ps3 will buy a ps4 to play it.

Hicken1900d ago

It's not going to appeal to the masses, sure. But it's not meant to, either.

Still, the people that have been waiting for this game to release WOULD buy a PS4 for one. Announce it as a launch title, and you've got a good number of sales from that, alone.

Maybe it won't have the pull of, say, God of War, or Gran Turismo, but it'll definitely garner a few million system sales.

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BullyMangler1900d ago

this the main reason i bought a ps3 .the main .

if it comes out on ps4, i will be getting that ps4

either way, i got last of us waiting right around the corner.

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remanutd551900d ago

At this point i would be happy if sony announce that the game is schedule to release this year, i think it could be a good decision to release it as ps4 launch title.

ScytheX31900d ago

definitely see this happening and was actually predicting it, based off the situation. Aside from that perfect incentive for people to consider buying a PS4

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1900d ago

To piss people off.

If they announce games that should've been on the PS3 years ago for the PS4 then I won't even bother getting a PS4 because they'll just announce games that won't be out until the PS5 is out and they'll put them on that instead.

If they did that I would buy the newest Xbox before I ever support another Sony console.

Neo-Axl1900d ago

So.. by your logic, you'll avoid playing all the exclusive games that will be on the PlayStation 4 if this happens?

Sorry dude, but I can't take that seriously in the slightest.

TheOneEyedHound1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

@ My_name_btw_is_dante

So because one tiny studio had problems making a game, you are going to jump ships? GTFO you Xbox Fanchild.

A2X_1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

You're not pissing anyone off. Sony has so many great IPs to handle one or two games sometimes get delayed but guess what, they still own the highest number of exclusives.

You can get the next Xbox & enjoy your usual Geow, halo & Forza. Man I'm a bad troll sometimes.

BlaqMagiq241900d ago

Just when I thought you couldn't be any bigger of an idiot.

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