Most Wanted Next-Gen: Red Dead Redemption Successor

OnlySP writes: There’s no doubt in my mind that open ended, sandbox worlds have become the staple of the gaming world. While tightly wound level based titles can occasionally offer a more complete narrative when done right, players want choice. This has been made obvious by several franchises over the years, though none more so than Grand Theft Auto. Rockstar has perfected the free to roam experience by giving players massive, sprawling cityscapes to explore. So when the developer decided to leave the concrete jungle and hitch a wagon ride to the wild west, gamers across the world drooled at the possibilities.

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-Superman-1900d ago

Red Dead Redemption is one of the best games ever(my option)
I loved this western feel, so big landscapes, riding horse, great multiplayer, and amazing story.
Ending is so good and perfect.

ApolloTheBoss1900d ago

Agreed, it was utterly amazing. RDR multiplayer was what multiplayer should be.

ApolloTheBoss1900d ago

Perfect name for it too. So catchy and it makes sense.

OpenGL1900d ago

Oh god yes, a next-gen Red Dead Redemption would be amazing, maybe set during the years John actually was a part of Dutch's gang. A new protagonist would be fine but I would like it if references to John or Dutch were included.

plaZeHD1900d ago

Red Dead: 'what ever' must happen. Better than Grand Theft Auto series in my opinion, because it actually has a story.

arjman1900d ago

GTA has a's just Red Dead's story is 10x more interesting

-Superman-1900d ago

Red Dead had story, while GTA is all about just killing and earning money... every single GTA had same story, just different missions.

1900d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.