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Crytek CEO: Our goal is to ‘transition entirely’ to free-to-play games in 2 to 5 years

Crytek's chief executive Cevat Yerli talks about dominating the virtual world with free-to-play games. (Cevat Yerli, Crytek, Next-Gen, PC)

darkronin229  +   782d ago
Triple-A quality for free-to-play games is nice and all, but the real challenge is not forcing the business model/microtransactions down gamers' throats. There are very few F2P games that balance this well -- League of Legends is one that comes to mind -- and it's almost impossible to jump into a F2P game and just think about the *game* and not what it's trying to charge you for.

Also, I wonder what this means for future Crysis/Homefront games...
Muffins1223  +   782d ago
Generally free to play games tend to be overpriced in the long run and they make you pay for silly shit like ammo or jewels or in game money which gives the kid who spent 100's of dollars on it a huge advantage.I would be okay with free to play if it was so that the most you could spend would be like 80 dollars and you would unlock everything and there would be no in game currency that you could cheat and buy your way through,but that's pretty much in every Free too play game.
GamerSciz  +   782d ago

Team Fortress 2 does the F2P well however it wasn't original F2P and if you don't pay for it there are some minor limitations. However, having a crafting system helps balance the game very well.
SilentNegotiator  +   782d ago
They turned it into a reason to have Steam and make money from a game that was getting old. A model of hat DLC wouldn't justify the expense of a AAA game.
Jobesy  +   782d ago
This of one reason why I won't be an early adopter next gen. I want to see what business models publishers use. Dlc has left a bad taste in my mouth as it is. If we start getting a lot of pay to win type games from major publishers as well as more expensive games I may not get a next gen console for couple years.
Monolith  +   782d ago
Me to. I'm not paying thousands of my hard earned money to escape in a game. Sorry greedy developers. Your not getting my money. Eventually you'll have to buy your rank up as well. I'm not supporting this.
ATi_Elite  +   782d ago
Crytek = Bankrupt in 2 to 5 years.
All free to play is a HUGE mistake.

Nexon the F2P king of the world has seen it's profits take a funny hit and has branched out to facebook and has plans for iOS and Android games to keep revenue steady!

Nobody and I mean NOBODY does F2P better than Nexon and Nexon even seems to realize being 100% F2P is not a long term solution.

Nexon is a Billion dollar Publisher of F2P games. MapleStory, Vindictus, Dragon Nest, etc..

Crytek needs to keep a good balance of F2P games and a strong SP experience. Warface is Cryteks only MP game that i respect as their previous MP modes were complete garbage so Crytek needs to stick to a good SP experience.

Also i find it funny that Crytek the company made famous by PC Gamers, who intern turned it's back on PC Gamers to kiss consolers butts is now realizing the grass is not always greener on the other side.

F2P if done right can make a Publisher a ton of cash but you gotta do it right. If a Gamer views a game as a long term commitment then that gamer will happily spend cash on customizations to make his/her character unique.

But if your just slapping a price tag on every bullet you fire then your game will FAIL.
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papashango  +   782d ago
2nd to last paragraph was all that needed to be said. LoL is where it is due to how they approached f2p. Planetside 2 has done it right.

Crytek under the management of EA will doomed to fail. I won't spend a penny on a f2p game as long as EA is the boss
DeadlyFire  +   781d ago
Crytek is not under EA management. They just use EA to publish titles. Under free to play they wouldn't really need EA to publish honestly, but they have sided with Trion Worlds for Warface.

Do you see EA logo on this trailer anywhere? https://www.youtube.com/wat...
or this one?

This is why I believe Crytek like Free to Play. It gives them more options as crowds come to Free to Play either way like it or not they do. The key is if the game isn't solid out the gate then everyone will leave it. Poor Zygna found this out the hard way with its facebook games.

F2P only works when done right and NOONE has done it right to me yet. I have played many free to play games and none have enticed me to buy a single thing. They have to sell this stuff in the game to me like its a brand new AAA quality game for me to buy any of it. So far I have not seen that happen at all.
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JeffGrubb  +   782d ago
So, does this mean they're done making single-player campaigns?
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GamerSciz  +   782d ago
I personally don't like the F2P model since nowadays it is being known as the Freemium model. We shall see...
EvilFluff91  +   782d ago

Probably but to be honest does it really matter, Crytek haven't made a good campaign since 2007.
Eyeco  +   782d ago
I find their games to be extremely overrated, I find them in general to be overrated, seriously there made out to be like a new Valve, or Id, but there games are just meh ,

I got down to playing Crysis last summer on my friends PC I've never felt so underwhelmed by shooter, the only reason why the gaming gives them the time of day is because of their tech
cpayne93  +   782d ago
Crysis 1 was a good shooter with really open enviroments and gameplay style, but it had no personality at all.
stuna1  +   782d ago
Well you all best make a game that can do WoW numbers! if that is all you are depending on as revenue. Sure they can fall back on the sales of their engine as middleware! But why severe ties with consoles, when you can have multiple streams of profit!?!
Caffo01  +   782d ago
it doesn't really bother me, your games are shit anyway...
deantak  +   782d ago
that would be a giant shift.
0pie  +   782d ago
what a step down... Being one of the greatest developpers who want to become a developper who want you to buy shit to have advantage on other players.
Thats juste lame.
nutcrackr  +   782d ago
I've seen the good and bad of F2P, and I've decided I don't want to support it.

My goal, in the next 2-5 years, is to transition away from Crytek games.
josh14399  +   782d ago
unless they can do it with offline singleplayer games i'm not interested. Never been a fan of online games because i find them repetitive and boring.
jagstar44  +   782d ago
i really don't think we need any more multiplayer shooters....free or not
Blank  +   782d ago
WOOOOOW!!! Did they just say that??? So im guessing they will be relying on their engine license royalties to make up going to F2P?? Good luck if they are serious about this im happy I didnt invest too much into their games I only played the first and found it okay I mean it had good game mechanics but I feel it wasnt what people were hyping it for I was gonna pick up 2&3 to see if its better than 1 but with these news ill delay giving those 2 games a try
Honest_gamer  +   782d ago
i dont know how crysis will work free to play, but im sure thye will find a way i just hope it's not, pick up a weapon and you get a pop up "oh you need to pay 50p to unlock this gun" do it in a way that means you can play the game but paying makes it go faster for instance i like the kabam games, well i did unitl the thirst of night screw up! with them you can do everything free to play there rts games with real world time make a building thats 1 real life day, or pay to have it completed straight away or pay for diffrent level of speed up's and people spend thousands on them games a day
solid_warlord  +   782d ago
£1.50 each to unlock different guns and armor in single player and multiplayer.

£6.99 for each chapter play

£2.99 to unlock exclusive chapter areas

£10 each DLC Map Packs
----------------------------- ---------

Say there's 10 guns in the game but for arguments sake we gonna say 6.

6x Guns = £9
10x Single Player Chapter = £69.9
10x Exclusive chapter area's = £29.99
3x Map Pack = £30

TOTAL= £108.98

This is a rough estimate of what so called free to play is worth in business terms and its just a single game. i have not included multiplayer progression ect.

So all in all, in business terms. Crytek will see there profit more than doubling. Sure there would be exceptions such as if u want to buy all chapter in one go for a discount but this proves that Free to Play is NOT free. There's no such thing as FREE.

I prefer to buy the game outright...So free to play is not worth it when you look at it in a broader perspective.
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cyclindk  +   782d ago
Warface = needs improvement, and lots of it
Master of Unlocking  +   781d ago
WTF! So it will be over with Crysis and Far Cry? Damn, I liked the Crysis series.
I'm glad I have my Nano Edition of Crysis 2, it will be worth a small fortune a few years down the road then, he he...
cyclindk  +   780d ago
Doesn't mean other devs won't be leveraging the power of Crytek's engine :)

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