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Submitted by Lavalamp 1099d ago | news

Crytek: Next gen launch games 'might not look much different to Crysis 3'

CVG: "Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli doesn't expect there to be much disparity between Crysis 3 and the first wave of games for the next Xbox and PlayStation consoles." (Crysis 3, Next-Gen)

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NukaCola  +   1099d ago | Well said
LoL, silly Crytek. When Killzone 4 launches this year, you will see the difference, mark me.
e-p-ayeaH  +   1099d ago
killzone 4 this year...very unlikely
ABizzel1  +   1098d ago
Actually it's very likely considering Killzone 3 was their last game back in 2011, and with the PS4 rumored specs. basically making it a mid range gaming PC.

With those rumored specs. Sony and MS has significantly less optimization they have to do to get games running on their consoles, because they're so close to being off the shelf PC's, which is why game development will not increase significantly in cost, and games will be developed much faster than last gen.

That being said I hope it's not Killzone 4, but a new IP. I enjoyed Killzone, but the PS3 top franchises need a quick rest and let the new PS4 trilogy's and franchises start things off holiday 2013, and kick in with the known IP's throughout 2014. I'm ready for something new, before diving back into games I already know so well after 2+ releases on PS360.
Gaming101  +   1098d ago
Evidently there are rumours of a Killzone 4 this year, but really who knows.

And yeah, Crysis 3 will have its own look on ultra settings due to its different engine, Killzone 4 will look very different which will make it harder to compare the two graphically, it will be down to subjective taste. But really, for a PS4, if you can get Killzone 3 looking like Crysis on Ultra settings, you did it for probably one third the price if the $450 PS4 launch price is to be believed.
Mounce  +   1098d ago
Depends on how long the team of Killzone have had time to work on PS4 hardware, but we have to look at it realistically, PS3 was launched in 2006, Killzone 2 came out in 2009, they needed 3 years to make as great of use with the hardware.

PS4 will be easier to utilize and develop for, but I highly doubt 1-2 years would be great enough to make something that takes GOOD advantage as an exclusive game to be a console benchmark as much as Killzone 2 was for the PS3.
Ritsujun  +   1098d ago
Let's compare the difference between Resistance1 and Resistance2/3, and the difference between between Uncharted1 and Uncharted2/3.

Now let's look at the laughable Crysis2&3 console versions. Crytek? More like Crowntek.
The Crying Crown Technology.
ShinMaster  +   1098d ago
It's not like Crysis 3 looks much different from Crysis 2...
which was worse than Crysis 1.

But they may be right. Like they said, launch games may not look that much better than Crysis 3. But within a year, I'm sure many more games will.
InMyOpinion  +   1098d ago
Killzone 4 pre-rendered trailer perhaps.

If the Crytek 3 MP beta is anything to go by next-gen games will look like crap.
blitz0623  +   1098d ago
Who cares if they don't look much different to Crysis 3. At least most of those games PLAY BETTER. Crysis will forever be a graphics powerhouse with mediocre gameplay
I_am_Batman  +   1099d ago
The thing I hate about Crytek is that they only speak about graphics all the time. I get the feeling they only want to sell their engine.
shackdaddy  +   1099d ago
That's where they get all their money from. So ya, they are...
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ABizzel1  +   1098d ago
Yeah that's the main point.

Epic gets the vast majority of their money from licensing the Unreal Engine, and Crytek are trying to do the same thing.

That being said it is a great engine especially considering graphical capabilities, and art style / graphics are an important part of gaming whether we like it or not.

Now my question is does he believe PS4 launch titles will not look much different from Cyrsis 3 on PS3 or on a standard PC? My guess is a standard gaming PC, in which case he's likely right, but IMO that's completely fine because that's still a big jump, with no more blurry textures, better AA, better AI, 1080p resolutions, better framerates, practically no screen tearing, and tessellation FTW.
Norrison  +   1098d ago
I think he was talking about the console version
"I don't think Crytek can do more on current generation consoles than Crysis 3."
"I actually think people will be astonished that next gen launch titles from other companies might not be much different from Crysis 3."
ABizzel1  +   1098d ago

I hope not. I can't believe Crysis on consoles is what he's talking about, because if so then people will be disappointed. Crysis 3 looks good on consoles, but compared to PC it's a hot blurry mess.

Hopefully the full version sees some dramatic increases on console, but the current screenshots are like wearing prescription glasses when you don't need them or not having glasses when you do need them.
SilentNegotiator  +   1098d ago
They really don't do anything too impressive on the consoles anyway, and yet talk as if they're experts at console hardware.
leahcim  +   1098d ago
Yeah but their sales number are mediocre
akaakaaka  +   1099d ago
Maybe because Crysis 3 is a first gen, next gen game?

I hope Guerrilla Games is showing their game this 20th!
it will amaze anyone.. even PC gamers and this team.
joab777  +   1098d ago
If next gen launch looks like crysis 3 on ultra settings, that will be fine because its only the beginning. And killzone 4, which releases in2014 will look amazing but it isnt so much of a trick anymore to build for ps4 because the architexture isnt as complex as ps3 was at launch,. But i cant imagine what guerilla and naughty do will be doing in 3-4 yrs when they have had time.
The_Infected  +   1098d ago

We will see the difference but Crytek want admit it looks better. Crytek talks to much trash like their game is leaps and bounds better anything else. I think The Last of Us and God of War: Ascension already look as good as Crysis 3 if not better and I would definitely say the gameplay of those games will be better than Crysis 3. Next gen games especially Sony's 1st party AAA games will look way better at launch IMO.
Intentions  +   1098d ago
Lol comparing Crysis to Killzone, what a joke.
Hellsvacancy  +   1098d ago
I know, Crysis 2 sucked, and Crysis 3 doesnt look any better
ATi_Elite  +   1098d ago
Next Console Gen games will look just like Crysis 3 PC and Battlefield 3 PC of today.

So go play BF3 PC or Crysis 3 PC on High/Ultra and you will get a taste of what next console gen games will look like! 1080p 60 fps with some form of AA

to this day I don't understand why "some" consolers think your gonna get something better than what PC Gamers already have when the consoles are basically being made from old PC Hardware.

Perfect Example: The Cell and it's Graphics accelerator along side the X360's 3 core CPU and it's advance R520 GPU were NO Match for the 8800GT that launched shortly after the PS3/360.

PS4 = AMD A-10 APU with low end HD7000 gpu, toss in some cheap ram, a cheap HDD, some Plastic, wires, controller and this should keep you in the $400 to $500 price range.

PS4 will be a very capable machine to pump out Hi-res 1080p games and FINALLY be able to run Crysis on the CryEngine 2. (not that CryEngine 3 remake but the REAL DEAL)
Norrison  +   1098d ago
Don't get delusional, those specs you said won't run bf3 on anything higher than med at 1080p. I think 1080p and 60 fps is enough to be better than this gen since that will dramatically improve the gameplay, BUT framerate drops will be a lot more noticeable
talisker  +   1098d ago
I think you PC crowd are very limited in terms of intellectual abilities as most console titles have had AA for several years, yet you keep spreading your urban legends about "jaggies" (what a tech term!). It shows how clueless you are about technology and gaming. The only thing you are able of is spitting out specs from the box of your graphics card.

The last paragraph of your comment is the best. Previous version of the engine is better than the later version. Brilliant.
vulcanproject  +   1098d ago
To be honest most console games have pretty low quality anti aliasing, if they have any at all. If you run at 720p or less to get effective AA you generally need it to be very high quality and the current consoles can't, or more accurately afford to do it. Even the best looking console games this gen suffer from more aliasing than a half decent PC game running 4x MSAA effectively.

However if the next consoles can actually manage to get closer to 1080p native resolution, you can get away with less AA and still have much better image quality.

A good quality implementation of FXAA would suffice at 1080p, although MSAA is still better it is more costly.
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cannon8800  +   1098d ago
Killzone's artistic style really makes it pop. I still play killzone 2 every once in a while. It has such an unique feel and look; not even killzone 3 can touch it at that. I think killzone 4 will do the same, and that is, to go for a very unique feel, look, and atmosphere, that will make it stand out from the other exclusives and competitive shooters.
WitWolfy  +   1098d ago
I dunno the game is beautiful and all.. BUT! The grey pallet really makes the game feel depressing, dead and boring.. I had to force myself to play through the game just looking at grey walls 80% of the time..every stage felt like a rehash of the last... Very underwhelming

If they want me to give KZ another chance then they need a more vibrant color scheme and pallets.
#1.8.1 (Edited 1098d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(3) | Report
SonyStyled  +   1098d ago
@ WitWolfy

your being a little bit biased, KZ2 was full of greys and browns. KZ3 was full of life and color. here check out this MP map from KZ3. i imagine you must have skipped on part 3 based off the fact you think every KZ game is full of greys and browns?
#1.8.2 (Edited 1098d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report
Donnieboi  +   1098d ago
Fox Engine already has Cry Engine beat. And Kojima may allow 3rd parties to lease it at a cheap price (and free for other konami studios). Also, Luminous Engine is beautiful too! And the new Unreal Engine is nothing to sneeze at either. I think the limit can go beyond Cry engine.
007Bond  +   1098d ago
Graphics aren't everything you know, last I checked the only GREAT killzone game was 2. 1 and 3 were barely average generic FPS, but you guys always make PS exclusives seem godly.
WiiUsauce  +   1098d ago
yeah, a game on a 400 dollar console is gonna look better than a game that requires a 1000 dollar + gaming PC. seems legit.
onyoursistersback  +   1098d ago
funny how Crytek said

"we push the ps3 to its limits with Crysis 2!!!!"

....and what have they said about 3???
(insert cricket sound here)
uncharted56  +   1098d ago
yes we will see how it stacks up against crysis 3 on pc. I dont think it will be better but could be close enough as Yerli said
steve30x  +   1098d ago
You dont know if it will be noticably different when you havent seen the game.
NastyLeftHook0  +   1099d ago
crysis 3 in 4k resolution 120fps? ok! crytek said it first folks!
RuperttheBear  +   1098d ago
You won't see any next gen games at 4k resolution with 120fps.
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aceitman  +   1099d ago
hell killzone 3 and uncharted , the last of us ,and infamous can compete with crisis..
NastyLeftHook0  +   1099d ago
I think these are the graphics we will see.

Related image(s)
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tachy0n  +   1098d ago
no man, just dont, dont compare a sub hd jaggie fest against a graphical masterpiece like the cryengine.

Related video
Ultr  +   1098d ago
no man, just don't, don't compare a techdemo with an actual game that ACTUALLY plays like a charm!
and also is fun :)
Ritsujun  +   1098d ago
That's not even the actual gameplay footage, how old are you actually? THREE?
#3.2.2 (Edited 1098d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(4) | Report
specialguest  +   1098d ago
No console game to date has beaten the first Crysis on Max settings on a technical graphics level. Some games like Last of Us might look artistically pretty, but the 720p res looks noticeably dated today. I own kz2 & 3, uc2 & 3, played infamous2, and also owned Crysis on PC.

In Crysis, every blade of grass is sharp but not jagged, leaves on trees have separation instead of one low res clump of mass, lighting is amazing, shadows are accurate. All of that and more is rendered in an open world.
Lazarus69  +   1098d ago
You are right however i doubt you will find a game that runs and looks better the the ps3 games you listed using the same specs as the ps3
CapsLocke  +   1098d ago
Uncharted, compared to Crysis. The ignorance is strong in this one.
Shanks  +   1099d ago
the arrogance.
e-p-ayeaH  +   1099d ago
Its just good graphics really not gameplay
jay2  +   1099d ago
Lol. Don't believe this for a second. There's what 4-5X more power, first parties will look better.
Allsystemgamer  +   1099d ago
You forget that 1080p requires MORE POWER than 720p. So it's likely they won't look as good ad you fanboys keep thinking.
ILive  +   1098d ago
How much power does this 1080p you talk about require?
BanBrother  +   1098d ago

1080p has twice as many pixels as 720p.

Really, I am not to fussed with these comparisons. A lot of pointless speculation. All I know is that the transition from PS3/360 to PS4/720 will be amazing.
ILive  +   1099d ago
He is talking about crysis 3 on pc and not on consoles for clarification purpose.
Tyre  +   1099d ago
Exactly... The PC version is definitely nextgen quality...u have to be stupid and blind not to see the graphics quality of Crysis 3 on PC. I think the launch games we will see on Nextgen Console will have this quality for starters and i'm very happy about could have been less.
#6.1 (Edited 1099d ago ) | Agree(27) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Munky  +   1099d ago
A lot of stupid and blind (by fanboyism) people on here.
#6.1.1 (Edited 1099d ago ) | Agree(21) | Disagree(4) | Report
bunt-custardly  +   1098d ago
Hmmm having read this comment 10 times now he makes no distinction about whether he's referring to the console or PC version. Yet Yerli said: "I don't think Crytek can do more on CURRENT GENERATION consoles than Crysis 3.

"I actually think people will be astonished that next gen launch titles from other companies might not be much different from Crysis 3."

Therefore he must be talking about Crysis 3 on Xbox 360/PS3. Unless CVG are trolling and misquoted him deliberately for hits.

If we remain objective: Please guys for one moment. Compared Day 1 launch games for PS3 or Xbox 360 and compare those to the last best looking games on Xbox and PS2 like Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, how big was that difference? Not huge.

Crysis 3 on consoles is a good looking game as are many games coming out now. The Last of Us, GOW Ascension, Gears J, Halo 4 etc.

Some of the lesser quality games and perhaps even some big ones might not look so much different other than the increased resolution.

It takes years or the biggest budgets to get the most from new consoles. So I am sure he does mean some lesser games will not look so much different to last gen games. It always happens.

The only respite is there should be some kick ass showcase games from first party developers.
DigitalSmoke  +   1099d ago
Crysis 2 is a joke, animation system is rinkadink and the gfx engine isn't the jump this generation which Crysis 1 was back in the day.
They are trying to blow a supreme horn, but they are out of line.
sandman224  +   1099d ago
I agree with you on the animation system does need some work but crysis 3 on ultra settings for PC look pretty darn good.
Eldyraen  +   1099d ago
I would also agree about animation--if its one thing Sony devs really did that blew the competition away this gen is to that extra mile on the animation front. I love many of their games and admit they look great but animation sort of stands out as a huge leap even though most focus on other aspects of visual fidelity.
angelsx  +   1099d ago
If the full game looks lika the beta on consoles then 100% don't belive that.
bunt-custardly  +   1099d ago
Already said this days ago.
SlyFamous02  +   1099d ago
This from the same people who said that Crysis2 will be the best looking game on the PS3, TLOU and Beyond will destroy it not to mention KZ4.
ZeroX9876  +   1099d ago
well if I'm not mistaken, crysis 1 was released in 2007 and the PS3 2006 (360 2005). So even those Hardware couldn't run it to the maximum, even less crysis 2.

How do they expect to run crysis 3 full specs on consoles next gen? will it be different than this gen?

Even more, the rumored next xbox/ps4 are said to have 8 cores. Gaming as of now hasn't been optimized for more than 4 core (On PC, generally speaking, there could be exceptions) so maybe they could get a pleasant surprise on those new console too!
Dlacy13g  +   1099d ago
I get this is PR spin to say ...just buy our game now cause this will look as good as next gen...and to be fair Crysis 3 looks fantastic. What they don't say is while visually they may look close, what is happening, what can be done, load times, size of enviornments... that all will be very different with Next Gen.
josephayal  +   1099d ago
pretty decent Graphs
I think Crysis 3 looks spectacular but Killzone 2 looks %25-%45 better
BanBrother  +   1098d ago
I'm sure I speak on behalf of the N4G community when I ask; where the f*** did you get those percentages from? Lol.

Nevertheless, while it will be graphically very nice, I'd like to see it compared to Killzone 3 on Digital Foundry. As far as I'm concerned, Killzone 3 is still the best looking FPS on consoles.
bunt-custardly  +   1099d ago
People are in denial here. Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli has most likely been working with next gen systems for quite some time now and therefore knows what the f*** he's talking about - and obviously is under strict NDA not to say too much. I'd say he's More informed than a bunch of websites who have nothing more than speculation and rumors to go by.

Related image(s)
#14 (Edited 1099d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Genuine-User  +   1099d ago
I think he's comparing launch games with Crysis 3 on PC. If that's the case then sure, why not.
-Gespenst-  +   1099d ago
Yeah that's how I interpreted it. If not, then that's some serious arrogance.
Genuine-User  +   1098d ago
Let's hope we are right.
PastyGangster  +   1099d ago
Lol. Yeah, okay. Crysis 3 looks like crap on consoles. Stop being so full of yourselves, Crytek.
Reaper9937   1098d ago | Bad language | show
momthemeatloaf  +   1098d ago
Crytek hasn't made a good game in years
#18 (Edited 1098d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
landog  +   1098d ago
i am 100% next gen console games will not look nearly as good as crysis 2 on a modern gaming rig, on ultra, dx11, high res textures, let alone crysis 3

he means next gen console launch games will look a lot like crysis 3 on ps3/360, just slightly better

you are fooling yourself and setting yourself up for major disappointment if you think anything on next gen consoles will compete with a 2 year old gaming rig, let alone one built this year

2560x1600, 8x anti aliasing, real time soft shadows, ssao, bloom, motion blur, real time hdr

i mean come on, you think a $500 machine is going to deliver anything near that

it won't sorry...we'll all know for sure in less thna 9 months
-Falaut-  +   1098d ago
hehe, you brought up "rig" and then talked about resolution...You win!
BitbyDeath  +   1098d ago
As long as that is Crysis 3 on PC with max settings then that's a start at least.
#20 (Edited 1098d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
NatureOfLogic  +   1098d ago
Well, I currently just start playing crisis 2 and I like the game and all but IMO MGS4 looks better than crisis 2 on consoles. If MGS4 had the lighting that was crisis 2 it would easily crush it in graphics. This is coming from someone who has played both on a 55 inch hdtv. Just my opinion though.
WeskerChildReborned  +   1098d ago
What's with Crytek in over hyping Crysis 3? Hell imo Last of Us looks better than Crysis 3 visually, also Crysis 3 for PS3 have muddy textures(well from the beta on my PS3, not sure if it's same for 360) and if it's like that for the story, it's not gonna be appealing also other games that look better visually, GTA V and MGS GZ.
Convas  +   1098d ago
Are there Sony fanboys in here honestly trying to say that launch nextgen games will look as good as Crysis 3 on Ultra-spec?

I need a tylenol.
#23 (Edited 1098d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
TheGamerDood  +   1098d ago
Better! That's right, I said it. :P

UC & KZ will show the world what Sony developers can really do. Seriously though, it's awesome that we can debate about who has the better hardware/graphics again, this gen went on far too long.
#23.1 (Edited 1098d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
BitbyDeath  +   1098d ago
@Convas, Can i haz your magic time machine when you're done?
zbg31610  +   1098d ago
Soo he thinks games will actually take a step back from this gen? He says the console version is going to look almost as good as next gen games. However crysis 3 on console wont look as good as killzone 3. So by that logic, Guerilla is planning to set a new precedent by creating Killzone 4, which will really look worse than killzone 3. This guy is funny
ILive  +   1098d ago
Whst about Witcher 3?
ame22  +   1098d ago
They will, trust me on this one Cevat.
DeltaCanuckian  +   1098d ago
When is Crytek going to learn to shut up? I remember them bragging about how much better they were than Naughty Dog and Bungie before Crysis 2, and that game was trash. The more they talk, the more I sincerely hope C3 crashes and burns.
Funky_Homosapien  +   1098d ago
Crytek needs to learn graphics aren't everything. All their games have been seriously lacking in the story/plot department.
#28 (Edited 1098d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
quantae06  +   1098d ago
I know! I don't even like Crysis.
Sp1d3ynut  +   1098d ago
I really don't think graphics will be the battle ground for next-gen, like it was for most of this gen. I think A.I. and physics will see the largest leap, with the (supposedly) huge leap in RAM and CPU specs.
solid_warlord  +   1098d ago
This is what Next Gen should look like..Not even Killzone 4 or Crysis 3 look this good, why?. This looks almost photo realistic and in realtime, this is what i wanna see realistically speaking. Guerrilla Games and Naughty Dog, make this shit happen. Bring on Next Gen!
#30 (Edited 1098d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
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