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"I bought Fallout New Vegas about five months ago and was very pleased with my purchase, that same pleasure still lingers today, after having played the game through three times. I am yet to purchase any of the acclaimed DLC, although I do plan on taking a look at The Old World Blues content."

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NukaCola1896d ago

New Vegas is a great game. Their engines are full of bugs, but as a game, FNV is one of the best games this generation. I love the universe.

Games4ever1895d ago

Did like New Vegas more than Fallout 3 to be honest.

Think the story was better in New Vegas.

Sleet1895d ago

New Vegas felt bigger than Fallout 3 but Fallout 3 seemed more focused and better designed.

TheModernKamikaze1895d ago

I liked New Vegas. Mainly because it was my first FO.

Merrill1895d ago

I just started playing this last night.

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