Sony: We Must Ask Third Parties To Make More Attractive Vita Games

Ben Parfitt: ''Third parties, as well as Sony itself, must take responsibility for elevating the PlayStation Vita out of its current rut.

That’s the opinion of Sony’s CFO, executive VP and corporate executive officer Masaru Kato, who told investors (as reported by Seeking Alpha): “One thing clear for us that in terms of profitability – we have to do a better job in promoting the PlayStation Vita mobile product.''

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Cocozero1900d ago

"We Must Pay Third Parties To Make More Attractive Vita Games" Fixed

Since that the only way its going to happen.

bicfitness1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

For Japan: buy a MH title. MHV: Monster Hunter Vita. Just put the offer on the table. Capcom will bite, they'll upscale all the MH1/2/3/4/G assets, reskin some monsters and have it ready for you by fall 2013.

For NA: drop the price, build or include 8 GB storage. NA is the strongest Vita market so whatever they're doing seems to be working best here. NA also needs more Japanese games, since there are actually tonnes of them in the East, only none that are localized.

Seraphemz1900d ago

Hell yeah, MH will blow up sales in Japan...

I have been dying for a MH game on the Vita. One of the biggest reasons I got it was because I saw MH being played on it.

DOMination-1900d ago

I think Nintendo have exclusivity for MH for three years.

remanutd551900d ago

And while at it how about dropping the price to $199.99 and 32 gb memory for $49.99? sounds like a good idea to me.

LOGICWINS1900d ago

THAT would be acceptable to me.

NastyLeftHook01900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

i want to see unreal engine 4 in 4k running on vita in 120fps .

why the disagrees?

NastyLeftHook01900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

i dont see any reason why someone would decline in disagreeing or be accepting to it. it is there. WE WILL USE IT! :)

@count lol! i dont "expect it, i wanted to see it lol.

Count1900d ago

It's an unrealistic statement.

It's one thing to be hopeful about something, it's another to be ridiculous.

SilentNegotiator1900d ago

*Reads comment #4*
LOL! Good one, man!

*Reads comment #4.1.1*'re serious? 4K on that screen?

Donnieboi1900d ago

How old are you? I see you making some strange/naive/child-like comments on n4g lately...

deSSy27241900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

OFC it would be awesome to see it on Vita but we are not in heaven lol..... sorry, but thats not possible at all. The most expensive PC (OCed CPU, GTX 670-GTX 690 or SLI and quad SLI etc) can do 4K with good FPS but thats too expensive(not sure about UE4 because it isnt released yet).

You know what? Vita does not need 4K resolution because Vita has a small screen (much smaller than TV), even 1080p would be a overkill, 1080p is recommended for 22-24" screens official but ofc 1080p and 4K/UHD is going to look better on smaller screens. You need to think more realistic....

Here, list of real time rendering resolutions for Sony/MS/Nintendo desktop HD consoles (Vita included too):

Kennytaur1900d ago

That's impossible considering the Vitas screen is only a quarter HD, a quarter of a quarter of 4K. So your hopes are founded in dreams.

Blank1900d ago

I didnt disagree or agree but I did laugh for sure you made my day

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Chapster1900d ago

How about making PS Mobile available in more countries?

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