Mashcast #80: I don't always play console, but when I do, I play PC.

Jarret's smugness for PC gaming just became smuggier. We discuss that plus Valve getting sued in Germany(again), why microsoft got into the console business, GameStops stock falling, and a racism debate over Tiny Tina.

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pompombrum1898d ago

With the rumours mill going crazy for next gen consoles, I guess it is time for PC gamers to be smug. If the realistic possibility of the consoles focusing more on accessibility and entertainment, chances are, whatever they are talking up, can be done on PC already in some shape or form or soon will be.

jmc88881898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

While there is some truth in there, there are some real differences.

PC games are generally held back by consoles, but they do also have higher settings available to them, and in some cases already have settings the PS4/720 won't be able to do. (that is if the rumors of 1.2 TFlops 720 and 1.8 TFlops PS4 are true).

So really it seems the 720/PS4 will catch up to PC gaming in 2010-2011, and eventually as they learn how to use it properly probably top out at very high settings for say Battlefield 3 (not ultra settings).

Some people are smug, but many PC owners also buy at least one console. Some realize with new consoles, the quality of PC games will only go up. It forces developers to start as a baseline using more resources, and thus when they add the higher settings they are more efficient and an even higher quality.

Some of the smugness is also a reaction to idiots who try to claim a bunch of bull. When someone comes out and says something like Wii U is stronger than a PC, people laugh. Same goes with 720 and PS4. These people just guess wildly without any recognition of what's going on and assume because it's a new console it must be the most powerful state of gaming possible. Others assume PC's only get console ports. The truth is however much different. PC's get roughly yearly updates, have larger spaces to incorporate more power hungry parts and dissipate said heat, while allowing for much stronger power supplies to run those hungry parts, even multiple ones with say dual, tri, quad SLI graphics cards.

Usually smugness is the response to ignorance from the other side, whether it be between consoles, or between consoles and PC's.

MestreRothN4G1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

So... How nice does RDR play through YouTube?

SuperKing1898d ago

PC Gaming... where you buy a $600 GPU to play console ports. lol

kevnb1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

the forums sometimes make it seem that way don't they, I bought my gtx 460 for $100 3 years ago now. It might not be able to max all the higher end games, but it certainly holds up.

jmc88881898d ago

Sure whatever you say. You can lie to yourself, but not to others...and be believable.

Are there 'console ports'...sure.

But even many of the 'console ports' are much better than what 360/PS3 can do.

For one they run at 1080p not 588-604p. If someone has the display it can go much higher like 1440p, 1600p, or the insane 5760x1080p, etc.

Also they don't run on low PC textures. You have the option to go up to say...medium textures...high textures...very high textures...even ultra textures.

The sad thing is, those 'console ports' you speak of currently run at higher settings than PS4/720 will allow.

The 'port' aspect is mainly more about the control schemes, and some people's wish to have even MORE of a difference between PC ultra settings and 360/PS3 low (or below low) settings. Not having some basic other settings like FOV, which isn't a performance setting, but the field of view.

Also you don't need a $600 graphics card. You could of bought something 50 percent stronger than a PS4 and over double a 720 last year for $399, or $339 when it's been on sale for a GTX 670. By the time the PS4/720 comes out you'll already had the option to buy to buy say the Nvidia 700 series which will increase those leads by another 60 percent or so.

Plus there's more PC exclusives than Sony/MS/Nintendo offer combined.

Oh I buy ALL the consoles, and keep a good PC rig. I believe there's value in having them. But to say PC gaming is just wasting money on console ports without decided advantages is ludicrous and flat out Obama/Bush thinking...aka (lying loser thinking).

So if you thinking about power, just realize on PC in 2013 you'll be able to buy something for $399 before a PS4/720 that's about 2.5-3x faster than a PS4, and 3-3.5x faster than a 720. PC gamers will be playing games like the Samaritan demo and Watch Dogs, as 720/PS4 'next gen' consoles will start off by getting downgrade versions of PC games.

RuperttheBear1898d ago

I didn't spend $600, my 570gtx only cost £130. But it's good for playing games like the X series,the Stalker series,Company of Heroes,Civ 5,Arma 2,DayZ,Guild Wars 2 ,PlanetSide 2,Amnesia ,The Total War series, Starcraft 2, and loads of other games you can't get on console.

Along with being able to play the superior multiplats as well. Yeah, pc gaming is great.

DwightOwen1898d ago

You forgot the upcoming SimCity. Can't WAIT for that game!!!


Uhh no tard. Get ur facts straight. A $200 card will do just fine

profgerbik1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

Console Gaming... where every game is developed on a PC.

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MysticStrummer1898d ago

I don't always game on PC, but when I do... Ok I don't ever game on PC. Tried it twice in my gaming career and never have understood the overall attraction. The games I want to play are on my console. *shrug*

c0nc3ptSF1896d ago

PC gaming is about control and power. With a PC you can choose whatever input you want to play your game. FPS games are definitely better on PC with mouse and keyboard, but even if you have a genre that is suited for controllers you an just plug one up to play your platformer, racer, etc.

PC's will always be more powerful than console. The 360 and PS3 were close for about a year or 2, but PC technology is FAR beyond what you'll find in a console. Better graphics, higher frame rates, and even smarter AI.

If you don't care enough for those items then I can understand someone not wanting to game on a PC. The investment is higher and requires more upkeep if you want to keep your graphics sharp and your frame rates high.