Crytek: Homefront IP Was 'A Steal'

David Scammell: ''Paying $544,000 to acquire the rights to Homefront was "a steal", Crytek producer Michael Read has told, before suggesting that other Crytek studios could contribute to the development of the upcoming sequel alongside Crytek UK.''

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KrystofKage1767d ago

Agreed. Game has lots of potential, and it had great sales. For that price they are guaranteed to make their money back and give it the treatment it deserved.

-GametimeUK-1767d ago

The problem for me is that after the first game the name has no value for me. If I saw a new Homefront trailer I would probably dismiss it because of the name alone despite who was making it. It is an obstacle that is going to be difficult to overcome.

KrystofKage1767d ago

I agree, but it's also been done. Killzone 2 and Red Dead Redemption are good examples.

Murad1767d ago

Wasn't Homefront a very generic shooter or something?

IIC0mPLeXII1767d ago

You got the jist of it. Pretty much your garden variety shooter.

spicelicka1767d ago

Whyyy can't they just work on timesplitters instead!!?? they'd rather work on this generic military shooter bullcrap

brettyd1767d ago

The game itself was but the premise is good just failed execution.

-MD-1767d ago

It was one of the absolute worst games I've ever played.

Jazz41081767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

That would be killzone 3 for me or haze.

Murad1767d ago

Dude, Killzone 3 was awesome. It had amazing graphics, sound and actually a very compelling story.

Kaiou1767d ago

AKA COD without all the hype and advertisements

Rivitur1767d ago

You're wrong it did get a lot of publicity before it came out with ads on Tv and articles all over the interweb. Homefront was intended to be a mixture of call of duty gun play with battlefield type maps however the public didn't buy into it too much after playing the beta.

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jay21767d ago

HF 1 was zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Do something to blow me away with HF without it just looking pretty.

sypher1767d ago

Get paid millions by THQ to develop it. THQ go bankrupt and you buy that work for half a million. Yep that's a steal :)

Blank1767d ago

Dammnnnn! Thats more than a steal! Crytek will see nothing but profit from this!

ThichQuangDuck1767d ago

But really somebody make Freedom Fighters 2 Next Generation

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