Speculation Arise about the Official Call of Duty 2013 Announcement Trailer

After hearing the brief and unsurprising news about a Call of Duty title releasing in the fourth courter of the gaming season speculations about who is developing the game, what’s going to be new and when’s are we going to see some actual game footage are on the rise. While many players can probably put two and two together to answer these questions some might still be wondering when they should be expecting to see the official announcement trailer.

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TheSuperior 1717d ago

I could care less about everyone attacking me for saying this but I am excited for this game. I love the Call of Duty series and can not wait for that trailer. Call me stupid I know you will

TheGrimOfDeath1717d ago

No I won't call you stupid, everyone has a choice for their own. You like COD? No problem, just don't force it down our throats.

Donnieboi1717d ago

Stupid. (Not trolling, since you said I could do it...).

Decaf_PIxel_Kat1717d ago

Surprise, surprise! Another Call of Duty game! Let me guess, it comes out in November.

TheGamerDood1717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

What to expect from the next COD, more lag and poorly designed maps and overpriced DLC.

Sevir1717d ago

Neversoft Is developing this!

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