Spartan Ops Episode 9 Gallery

See the first screenshots from episode 9 of Spartan Ops!

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spicelicka1927d ago

Freakin love spartan ops!!!

cl19831927d ago

I wonder if they produce a season two, what story line they would use depending on how they wrap up season one.

GearSkiN1927d ago

as much as I want to. doubt session 2 would happen. save all the idea for H5.

otherZinc1927d ago



I love this series. I hope The Master Chief finds out theyre trying to assassinate Dr. Halsey and annihilate some of those Spartan 3's.

Cant wait for MONDAY & Episode 9!

cl19831927d ago

I think with the new info/augmentation Halsey receives from the librarian will halt any execution plans.

Software_Lover1927d ago

I need to get back to Halo 4............ but I've been stuck on my pc for the past few months. Planetside 2, APB reloaded, Battlefield 3 have taken all my time.