3 Little things Sony Needs to Fix for the PS4

With the emerging next-gen console war on the brick of beginning, there are a few minor things that need to be altered with the PS3 to assure it victory in the raging battle. PlayStation can easily be the top contender if they fix a few minor things that players have found wrong with their console while adding new innovative reasons to buy. All current-gen consoles do have problems, some more apparent than others, but there are just a few minor little tweaks that would make players fall deeper in love with their PlayStation systems. While PlayStation has the best exclusive titles, what is it that is keeping players from loving the experience as much as they love the actual games?

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TheSuperior 1773d ago

I cannot explain how bad that short cord annoys me. It is the stupidest thing in the world... i cant charge and play at the same time and I haven’t invested money into making it longer cuz it shouldn’t be my job to do that.

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guitarded771773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Highly recommend at least one back-up controller, and investing in a charge cradle. I keep my controllers docked in the charge cradle, and not only do I never run into battery problems, it's a nice way to display your controllers. I have charge cradles for DualShock, Move, Vita and Wii U. I'm gonna get one for the XBOX controllers too, but I haven't found one I like yet. I don't think I paid more than $15 - $20 on Amazon for the charge cradles, and they make my gaming rig look nice, and have great function. It's even easier to charge them... just drop them in the charger... no fiddling with cables.

crillinFLIP3371773d ago

It's an inconvenience sure, but its not a deal breaker. They give you a standard length usb cord and there are plenty of devices that charge via usb these days (phones, tablets, mp3 players, etc.) so you can charge your controllers with those when your system isn't on. Or you could use two controllers and just rotate charging one and playing with the other...

Oschino19071773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Exactly. I have 4 controllers (6 counting other PS3 which is used as a media device or for guests to use or play full screen co-op/multi online in same room or LAN) so when people are over I can play splitscreen or co-op games, but it also allows me to rotate controller when charge is dying and ease the wear on them. Also have a 10ft PS charing cable I got for just over $5, allows me to charge while playing even with bluetooth headphones on.

Got to love though how some act so entitled like everything should be catered to them but will be the same to complain about price or how hard it is to pick up an accessory when they purchase their system or a game. The options are out their but people would rather cry and moan then find a solution and take advantage of it.

HappyGaming1773d ago

I had 2 controllers but on the odd occasion that they both died I charged them of my laptop while I played ;)

Kevin ButIer1772d ago

They must include an hdmi cord… no excuse this time

juandren1773d ago

Poorly written article. Both the points they listed and their grammar. Their biggest gripes are with the cord? Lol seriously? After it has been all but confirmed that the controller gets a redesign, they mouth off on the cord. Not to mention the fact that the XMB has won more awards than any of its competitors' interfaces. I agree with the social aspect though

supremacy1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

i am with you on this; the social aspect needs to improve. The psn should be able to feature things like auto patches, background downloads,xchat,voice messaging, multiple id logs,party chat, custom soundtrack, notifications on every level imaginable from game being played or purchased to progress reports. No more relogging loading screens when i switch or navigate different apps, should always be connected. IDs visible on any current and future platforms.
Ps4 needs to be a multitasking beast, not just a graphics machine.

Also no more installs and as far as the controller goes change the feel of tbe dual sticks, they are too loose for shooters or any game requiring precision. Also change the r2 and l2 to real triggers.
thats all i can think off really.

DOMination-1772d ago

It won awards because it was used on tv's. As a console operating system its slow, non customizable, boring and as someone who has ocd i hate the non uniformity of it.

Brawler1773d ago

The chord could be longer but i have plenty of longer Mini usb cables lying around, Only think i want changed is the sticks to be concave and not convex so it fits your thumb nicely.

Oschino19071773d ago

I prefer rolling my thumb over the analog stick instead of sticking it inside the analog. IMO its just much more comfortable and with proper tension/stiffness of the analogs more precise.

Saigon1773d ago


You do know that Sony makes an extended cord...i have it and it is great...Charge while playing...

rainslacker1772d ago

Or you could just buy any number of lengths from your local computer shop or amazon for $1-2. There's nothing proprietary about it.:) You can even get a 16 foot active extension for $10 if you need a lot of length.

Barneyco1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )


Barneyco1773d ago

Go to and find item # 3898. Problem solved.

FamilyGuy1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

You can buy a usb extension cable for $1 at a 99cents only store or dollartree. Literally for only 99cents.

I thinking the Xmb is the most streamlined and easy to navigate OS of any system. You easily know exactly where anything you're looking for is going to be. You calling it a dashboard makes me think you're more of an xbox fan in general who's use to dashboard revisions. I like and prefer the simplicity of the xmb. If you want something that looks cool/fancy get a dynamic theme, they come with specially tailored sound effects and everything.

Cross game chat is already a given, the PS Vita has it. The ps3 has text chats currently and they support up to 16 players, you can see the new messages pop up while gaming and even though it's obviously much slower than voice chat it is an option.

For that "social aspect" I hope they let us have more detail in our gamer profiles, like what website forums have.

A new completely open world mmo type of Home would be cool too, one where you don't have to load every location and voice chat isn't restricted. Even though I don't use Home I do like its concept.

Your little fixes are too small to be noted in an article like this :/

princejb1341772d ago

Lol idk if your been sarcastic or realistic
You can buy a longer cord for 50 cents
I agree with the xmb it's pretty dull
Especiallyy the in game xmb is so leggy
They should have kept it simple only able to view the things you need like friends and messages to reduce the lag

The controller to me is perfect I guess that's because I been a ps fan since ps1 days
When i use the Xbox controller I feel like its to big and the analog stick is to wide
But of course that's a matter of opinion

mp12891772d ago

it uses a standard mini usb, this means there is a number of things you can do to play while the controller is charging. usb extension cable, buy a longer usb to mini usb. you could spend less than $2 if you buy it from china. I find it much more convenient than having to buy AA rechargeable batteries which are much more expensive.

Muffins12231772d ago

Needs a new interface and a better online communication system and it would be so nice if they had Facebook or something INTEGRATED into the home button,xbox did get a Facebook app but it was horrible,they should of just got a Facebook option to where you hit the big home button and you could write a post and post it and hit the home button again and get right back to your gaming. Also,they need to be more open to 3rd party development which im sure they will have after the lesson they have learned with the launch of ps3 with the lack of game development in the begging but they later did get support from valve and bioware and many others after giving more support to 3rd part developers.

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I won't disagree with you, it's your opinion, but the first thing that came to my mind when I say this on N4G was "fix this ugly model first" (I know, I know, just a mock up, not the real PS4 design).

juandren1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

I don't agree either. It lookes like the first model Mvix (Google it) which is the ugliest media center you want standing next to your TV. The other designs looked even worse than this one. I expect Sony to design an incredible-looking PS4. Something along the lines of a Lancer Evo. Something that awakens the boy in every man and the man in every boy. Something like that lol

belac091772d ago

i agree, i think its sick a fudge!

Decaf_PIxel_Kat1773d ago

I just used the cord from my external drive to charge my controller. Works like a charm and I have enough room to relax on the couch while I play.

juandren1773d ago

I have 2 controllers luckily. But I got 1.5m USB extender with a Logitech webcam I bought long ago. I use that for everything now

JohnApocalypse1773d ago

They really should add party chat. I hear more kids on PSN then I do on XBL

crillinFLIP3371773d ago

They have said for years that they wanted to add the feature (used to be referred to as cross game chat) but the way the system's hardware was designed didn't allow them to patch this feature in. It is a feature on the ps vita so one would assume that the same feature would be available day 1 on the next Playstation.

T21773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Not true xbl is terrible but yes why did party chat never happen ? Also , who has one controller?

Edit - thanks crillin for answer

Captain Tuttle1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

There are rumors that they'll have their own Kinect-like device so I expect the UI will change drastically.

And dump that controller Sony.

Edit: Those PS4 mock-ups look slick as hell though

NastyLeftHook01773d ago

"And dump that controller Sony."


i hope they keep it.

bryam19821773d ago

i support u on this man

yesmynameissumo1773d ago

Nothing wrong with the DualShock 3.

Captain Tuttle1773d ago

c'mon guys, it's an ergonomic nightmare. Thing has to change, bring back the Boomerang

cervantes991773d ago


You must have deformed hands because my thumbs are in the same position on each hand so the sticks are perfect where they are.

The triggers needs some tweaking though.

Christopher1773d ago

Actually, the boomerang is a more ergonomic nightmare. The way you'd have to hold it would be hell on your wrists over time.

IRetrouk1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

Actually the controller was designed around the natural resting shape of your hands, there was an article years ago about this, i can try and find it if you like.

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cervantes991773d ago

Dump the controller? The Dualshock is design greatness. It has fit my hands perfectly ever since the PS1 days. I don't even realize that I have a controller in my hands.

The Dualshock just needs redesigned triggers and a bit stiffer analog sticks.

Of course this is just my opinion and those with large hands I'm sure feel very different than I do about the controller.

sticky doja1773d ago

I used to love the Dualshock with the PS1 and even for awhile with the PS2 but now that I am fully grown my hands are to big for the controller and I start to cramp with long playing sessions. If they made a Dualshock XL, redesigned the triggers and gave me inverted analog sticks I would say it was the perfect controller.

T21773d ago

Dump the controller for what? Its the best one by a mile ... Xbox controller kills the inside of my index fingers as its too fat and thick across the triggers ...

sticky doja1773d ago

Not for this man's hands.

Reverent1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

People seriously need to shut up about having hands too big for the DS3 (This rant is aimed at sticky doja by the way lol)... My hands are huge; my pinky fingers and ring fingers slide off the grips and even then, I still have no problem with it... If people wanna complain about controllers, they should be complaining at how absolutely annoying it is for the battery pack stuck right in the middle of the Xbox 360's controller's backside. I have to cringe my fingers together beside that thing every time I use one and it's extremely uncomfortable.

Edit: Not to mention, the DS3 is solid plastic, while if you look closely at the 360 controller it has tiny, tiny crevices throughout the plastic. These tiny crevices actually accumulate your sweat over time as you play, making the control pretty gross to play with for long periods of time with you constantly having to wipe the sweat from your hands.

Hicken1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

I love that "ergonomic" excuse. I'm not sure you actually know what the word means.

Please explain to me how an asymmetrical controller is more ergonomic than a symmetrical one.

What's that? You can't? Imagine that.

Edit: Nerve? No. Well, I DO have a nerve that gets struck when people say dumb things like "This asymmetrical device is more ergonomic for the human body than this symmetrical one."

As for the D-pad on the original Dual Shock... how is it offset? It's where it was before the analogs were added; use of the D-pad over the analog would have been a developer decision.

"The D-pad is offset." Was that your best argument against why the analogs are in the wrong place?

I'm demoting you, Captain.

Captain Tuttle1773d ago

Oohhh Hicken! Touched a nerve eh? I hold the DS3 in my fingers and hold the 360 controller in my hands. Big difference for me.

Listen, I know it's up to personal preference, I just find the DualShock really awkward to use, the 360 is almost perfect for me (aside from the useless D-Pad but most games I play don't use it).

Speaking of D-Pad, when the twin stick dual shock was first designed the D-Pad was the primary input for the left thumb. And where is the dual shock's D-Pad located? That's right, offset. It's the natural way to hold pads, people just like the DS because they've been using it so long.

Captain Tuttle1773d ago

Ergonmically designed devices aren't always the most pleasing visually Hicks buddy, that's just the way it is. I don't look at the pad when I play, I look at the screen. All I care about is how it feels.

C'mon, don't demote me. What'll I tell the wife?

MRMagoo1231773d ago

@captains second comment

who even mentioned visually pleasing or looks we are talking about the human body and how it is symmetrical as in the same on both sides such as hands both having the same shape and amount of fingers, that is why the DS controller is better.

if i had mong hands with one thumb in a different place then the 360 controller would be good maybe even better but alas i have normal human hands.

DOMination-1772d ago

When Sony announces their new controller you'll all quicklycchage your mind. Whether it looks like an xbox, WiiU or something new you'll all be saying its the best thing ever.

The fact that Sony are changing it tells you their research has proven that ds3 isn't good enough. Its been 15 years. It had a good life but things move on.

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