PSN Pre-Orders of Metro: Last Light Being Refunded, You Get to Keep Homefront

We kind of figured this would be happening when Metro: Last Light pre-orders disappeared from the PlayStation Store last week (after THQ collapsed and the game’s rights were bought by Deep Silver), but now we can actually confirm it.

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doctorstrange1898d ago

Dammit, I want a free game

Wedge191898d ago

Ratchet: Deadlocked ;) Make sure you grab FFA before the Vita version never comes out.

TrendyGamers1898d ago

Unless you live in Europe, then it's MotorStorm RC.

guitarded771898d ago

LoL:: "Vita version never comes out." It sure feels like it. I pre-ordered the game on disc for the PS3 version. I figured $20 for the PS3 and Vita was a good enough deal. Then they delayed the Vita version... now they delay it again. It disgusts me how on the PS.Blog everyone is kissing their ass saying "It's okay"... there are times to be critical, and this is one of those times. They really dropped the ball on this game. Now they offer Deadlocked, but you don't get it until the Vita version of Full Frontal comes out. You'd think they'd give out Deadlocked ASAP, so we can play it while we wait. Major head up their own asses event happening with this game.

admiralvic1897d ago

@ Guitarded77

Why wouldn't it be okay? This situation is parallel to Rayman Legends, but with the one exception of Sony handling the situation better than Ubisoft. Sony could have delayed FFA over the Vita version not being done, but they were nice enough to allow PS3 gamers to enjoy the game without waiting for the Vita version. In addition to releasing at least half of it on time, they decided to give PS3/Vita owners a free DLC pack to make up for the delay. Now that its been delayed again, they offer up a game that will probably cost as much as FFA and we're suppose to be angry?

Even if we DO have to wait for Deadlocked, you act like your copy of FFA is worthless without the Vita version. You want something to play as you wait, then why not play the actual game you bought? Seriously some people...

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decimalator1898d ago

even if that game is Homefront?

TrendyGamers1898d ago

I actually kind of liked the Homefront multiplayer, especially since you can play it for free in the demo.

NastyLeftHook01898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

homefront is not worth the download space.

@jogam, if you have the space and 0 games go for it.

JoGam1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

Really? Played the online demo, it wasn't too bad.

dbjj120881898d ago

Sad to see the fallout still crumbling after THQ's demise. WHY?! GOD, WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DO THIS?!

Soldierone1898d ago

I wanted this game so bad too.... now we have to wait till who knows when, that sucks.

WeAreLegion1898d ago

Darn it. :/ I want to play this!!!

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