Canadian Gaming Deals: Feb 8th–14th: Trade 10, Get $250 off the God of War: Ascension PS3

This week in Canadian gaming deals doesn’t have nearly as many interesting offers as last week, but if you happen to have 10 games still worth $8 at EB Games just sitting on your shelf, and you want a new PS3, you can trade them towards the Garnet Red God of War: Ascension PS3 and get $250 off the pre-order.

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dbjj120882083d ago

Only trade 10?! HERE! Take my whole library!

TrendyGamers2083d ago

Yeah, it's a little much.

Wedge192083d ago

Food for thought: What if there was a special Canadian version of God of War where Kratos was just a very confused Canuck?

On another note, the irony of this deal is that you trade in 8 games, in order to buy a game system. Wouldn't having the eight games likely dictate that you already have the console in question? Unless we're talking trading in Xbox games here.

Godchild10202083d ago

You trade in ten games get a new Red PS3 and 6 games. This would be great for 360 only owners trying to get a PS3 with a few games for a cheap price.

TrendyGamers2083d ago (Edited 2083d ago )

People might want to upgrade their PS3 or replace a broken one, but I get what you're saying.

alexcosborn2083d ago

Too bad no on wants God of War: Ascension. :P

Wedge192083d ago

Seriously! The God of War franchise has just taken on a much too action-oriented turn... ;P (Too much action, that's the complaint about games these days, right?)

Godchild10202083d ago

Have you seen that commercial with the Pig and the stewardess on the plane? Did you really just say that (The Pig)?

exsturminator012083d ago

Haha, I got that reference.

DivineAssault 2083d ago

really? cuz the pre orders say otherwise

NastyLeftHook02083d ago

gamestop are pathetic. you buy a game a year ago that cost you 60 bucks and they will give you 3 dollars for it! not even what you paid in tax!

KMCROC542083d ago (Edited 2083d ago )

$250.00 off the console & game.
Is that a typo.