God of War: Ascension – Bringing Kratos To Life

Anthony Caiazzo: ''Hello, God of War fans. By now I hope you’ve caught the “From Ashes” live action trailer we debuted last Friday.

The trailer was a labour of love for all of us here, and based on the comments and feedback on YouTube and elsewhere, all of the effort was well worth it. The production was a massive undertaking, and I’m very excited to share with you a couple of behind-the-scenes videos that show a glimpse of what went into bringing the world of Kratos to life.''

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joshuatobi1929d ago

one of the best trailers ive seen for a game this whole gen

NukaCola1929d ago

This trailer is so emotional. It shows so much humanity in Kratos and breaks my heart every time I watch it.

GamerSciz1929d ago

If they ever to decide to make a movie...that guy better be Kratos cause damn he fits the character well.

ironfist921927d ago

Well, sure he looks the part, but the acting could come into question.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1929d ago

Very impressive. They did one hell of a job, the trailer was truly amazing. Calliope would be proud.