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Submitted by Gekko 1094d ago | news

Sorry, No Co-Op For Resident Evil Revelations’ Main Campaign On PC And Consoles

Ishaan: ''Resident Evil: Revelations will see a few upgrades on PC and HD consoles. As previously reported, the game will have better visuals, a new enemy, a new “Inferno” difficulty mode, and the ability to play as HUNK in the cooperative Raid Mode.

While Raid Mode is still playable in co-op, unfortunately, Capcom will not be adding a co-op feature to Revelations’ single-player campaign on consoles, even though you’re accompanied by an AI partner in the game at all times.'' (PC, PS3, Resident Evil Revelations, Wii U, Xbox 360)

PopRocks359  +   1094d ago
Disappointing, but I kind of expected it. It's a bare bones port of the 3DS game which already lacked campaign coop. I assume it still has the online cooperative Raid Mode?
TheCagyDies  +   1094d ago
yes, online co-op for Raid mode.
kesvalk  +   1094d ago
disappointing? this is great!

resident evil is meant to be played alone, not in co-op.

it's better this way.
Venox2008  +   1094d ago
yes, co-op is ruining some games.. this game is great, already finished on 3ds, I will do it again one day
peowpeow  +   1094d ago
Er, no, I'd rather have the option in case. And you're still accompanied by AI so its the same either way
Root  +   1094d ago
Disappointing.....this is bloody great

Finally a solo RE adventure
PopRocks359  +   1094d ago
Solo? You have a coop AI partner with you through the bulk of the story. And what about the coop in Raid Mode? At least give players the option. Sheesh.
DarkBlood  +   1094d ago
because there are parts where your co-op partner isnt with you, no need to gamebreak it to sastify a few people, including a certain troll i know on here and i dont mean you poprock lol
0pie  +   1094d ago
thats a good reason to not buying this game.
uncharted56  +   1094d ago
wtf they add coop u guys complain. They dont add coop u complain. Jesus make your mind man
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helghast102  +   1094d ago
The game still has an AI partner, it's a fair reason to drop the game.
-MD-  +   1094d ago
So you actually want coop in a Resident Evil campaign? Thanks for being one of the people that helped contribute to the downfall of this series.
PopRocks359  +   1094d ago
Raid Mode is actually pretty awesome because it's separate from the main experience, like Mercenaries in Resident Evil 4.
NastyLeftHook0  +   1094d ago
$10.00 and i will buy it.
bronxsta  +   1094d ago
Wait, why are people complaining? Isn't the consensus that having a second player ruins the atmosphere or something?
--Onilink--  +   1094d ago
very simple actually. They were given a reason to complain, so they will do it. It doesnt matter if it contradicts what they were probably complaining in the 1st time.
SaffronCurse  +   1094d ago
Vita version please.
CalvinKlein  +   1094d ago
Ill only buy this if they put it on VITA.
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KrisButtar  +   1094d ago
I can't remember the last Capcom game I bought, think it was breathe of fire on the SNES, I am wanting dragon dogma but I am waiting for a copy that includes all the DLC and hits the greatest hits price point of 29.99

On topic is anyone actually getting this port, at the price they are asking?
profgerbik  +   1094d ago
What is the price point? Well I realize with two bubbles I won't be able to respond back before my edit time runs out.

I hope it's $19.99 or $9.99.
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KrisButtar  +   1094d ago
profgerbik  +   1094d ago
PS Vita version needs to happen.

Edit for person below me - Some people enjoy single player games just fine on the PS Vita. I don't prefer one or the other, as long as the game is good.

I personally am not drooling over this release myself but I know many people who would love to play it regardless of having no co-op. Of course co-op would only add more to it but sadly that isn't happening.

I do agree Unit 13 is better in my opinion, I really enjoyed it.
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kB0  +   1094d ago
Minus COop? we don't need another game that dies after single player is over. The vita has enough for now...

Unit 13 is a better game to have than this minus Coop:)
kB0  +   1094d ago
I'm not knocking single player, I'm knocking coop games that loose their key feature and what they were built around.

Look at RE 5. If the coop is removed, the game would be TERRIBLE, with crappy AI and just uninteresting interactions.

If this game was built from the ground up with the intention of keeping the player in a single player only environment, then they should've done a little more work on the Ai partner.
kB0  +   1094d ago
Then why would I buy it? The game was created with coop in mind. Thats like buying left 4 dead with no coop lol. It's not what the game was made for.

I smell a capcom cash in!

If something smells like shit, it most likely is shit:). I'll pass.

The 3Ds version was awesome, and well ahead of a lot of 3Ds games and even some Vita games. This is just a broken copy, and paste, which will most likely be $39.99+

Any1 that has a 3Ds or is thinking of getting a 3Ds, just buy it for the handheld. It's 20$ new in some stores, and 10-15 used:)

Happy shopping!

Camcom, quit being a bitch. Give us a proper port, or don't port it at all.
ChipChipperson  +   1094d ago
Damn it... it's great that HUNK is playable in this game, but I was really hoping you could use him in the main campaign. Oh well, I'm still hoping he can get his own game... but I think we all know Capcom probably won't be doing that anytime soon.
karennancy79   1094d ago | Spam
jlafount  +   1094d ago
Reeks of a cash grab
TheCopyNinja  +   1094d ago
Here I thought they removed co-op/a.i. completely making it a single player experience even when playing offline. But no they remove co-op with human players but leave the a.i. real smart Capcom. Playing the game alone with just one character and not an a.i. following you would have made this way better!
LordSane  +   1094d ago
Still buying it, resident evil always was a single-player game.
xXBlondieVanHarlowXx  +   1094d ago
FINALLY!!!! They understand!! Hallelluja!!! Only took them 2 failed high-budget games and an entire gen. Now if only we can get them to bring back the horror.
Buuhan1  +   1094d ago
People complaining about this clearly didn't play the game, nor did the guy who wrote this article apparently. An AI partner is NOT with you at all times (ala 5 and 6). It is actually more along the lines of Ashley in RE4, except your partner cannot die and can fight.

The partner is with you in certain sections of the game but the bulk of the game you play solely as Jill. Only in the second half of the game does it more or less become consistent AI tag-along.

But the plenty of sections where you're alone as Jill is where the game shines because you instantly feel vulnerable. Everytime I would go through a lengthy section as solo Jill only to eventually get to a AI partner section I would let out a sigh of relief to not being alone anymore.

Then your AI partner would be ripped away a few minutes later.

If this game had 100% AI partner throughout the story it would not be as good of a game as it is, and it certainly wouldn't be as scary.
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hot4play  +   1094d ago
No Co-Op?
young7yang  +   1093d ago

co-op is really what killed 5 and 6. no fear of death because your trusty partner is their to save you.

Capcom can take a lesson from EA's dead space three and make two separate campaigns. one for single player and one for co-op..

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