Sorry, No Co-Op For Resident Evil Revelations’ Main Campaign On PC And Consoles

Ishaan: ''Resident Evil: Revelations will see a few upgrades on PC and HD consoles. As previously reported, the game will have better visuals, a new enemy, a new “Inferno” difficulty mode, and the ability to play as HUNK in the cooperative Raid Mode.

While Raid Mode is still playable in co-op, unfortunately, Capcom will not be adding a co-op feature to Revelations’ single-player campaign on consoles, even though you’re accompanied by an AI partner in the game at all times.''

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PopRocks3591766d ago

Disappointing, but I kind of expected it. It's a bare bones port of the 3DS game which already lacked campaign coop. I assume it still has the online cooperative Raid Mode?

TheCagyDies1766d ago

yes, online co-op for Raid mode.

kesvalk1766d ago

disappointing? this is great!

resident evil is meant to be played alone, not in co-op.

it's better this way.

Venox20081766d ago

yes, co-op is ruining some games.. this game is great, already finished on 3ds, I will do it again one day

peowpeow1766d ago

Er, no, I'd rather have the option in case. And you're still accompanied by AI so its the same either way

Root1766d ago

Disappointing.....this is bloody great

Finally a solo RE adventure

PopRocks3591766d ago

Solo? You have a coop AI partner with you through the bulk of the story. And what about the coop in Raid Mode? At least give players the option. Sheesh.

DarkBlood1766d ago

because there are parts where your co-op partner isnt with you, no need to gamebreak it to sastify a few people, including a certain troll i know on here and i dont mean you poprock lol

0pie1766d ago

thats a good reason to not buying this game.

uncharted561766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

wtf they add coop u guys complain. They dont add coop u complain. Jesus make your mind man

helghast1021766d ago

The game still has an AI partner, it's a fair reason to drop the game.

-MD-1766d ago

So you actually want coop in a Resident Evil campaign? Thanks for being one of the people that helped contribute to the downfall of this series.

PopRocks3591766d ago

Raid Mode is actually pretty awesome because it's separate from the main experience, like Mercenaries in Resident Evil 4.

bronxsta1766d ago

Wait, why are people complaining? Isn't the consensus that having a second player ruins the atmosphere or something?

--Onilink--1766d ago

very simple actually. They were given a reason to complain, so they will do it. It doesnt matter if it contradicts what they were probably complaining in the 1st time.

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The story is too old to be commented.