Interview: Infinity Ward Talks Call of Duty 4

Tom's Hardware writes:

"Here at Tom's Games we're big fans of Infinity Ward and Call of Duty 4 so when the opportunity to interview Robert Bowling - Community Relations Manager at Infinity Ward and IAmFourZeroTwo blogger - at GDC presented itself we jumped at the chance.

We'll give you fair warning, we discuss the end of the game and the fates of certain characters so plot spoilers abound."

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Enzo3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

"They'd never handled that much load at once and at any given time we had over 100,000 players playing on PS3."

That's great to hear :) I've always thought 50,000 Max on PS3 but WOW! Guess I was wrong.

Hmmm... I wonder if Socom Confrontation can beat that? ;)

EastCoastSB3882d ago

As a Socom vet, I think it will if it goes back to the Socom1/2 roots.

Guwapo773882d ago

Since when did Tomshardware become a videogame review site? They went from respectable (for the most part) computer hardware review site to a gamer's site? Most interesting indeed.

deeznuts3882d ago

They were respectable way way back when Dr. Pabst was running the show. Now they're kind of a running joke in the tech site world. A fella once said:

Confucius say, "He who reads Toms Hardware and believes ... IS A FOOL!"

Guwapo773882d ago

I totally have to agree with your statement. I didn't think anyone on this site would have followed the history of Tomshardware site.

+1 for you.

DeZimatoR3882d ago

Actually, if you check the leaderboards, you can see ppl ranked as 'low' as 500k +

So yeah, many ppl got CoD4 on PS3, and many took it online ;)

Butthaul3882d ago

Will really have to wow me. I've seen some video of confrontation and it does look good. I hope they include escort, and all the other classic objectives that made socom great. No quick sniping ho. COD4 for the meantime is tighter than a knats ass, the ranking system is a #1, the gameplay is real and it just dominates all other combat sims.