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Submitted by MasonicGamer 1095d ago | opinion piece

My Thoughts On The Rayman Legends Delay/Exclusivity By now you will all have of the Rayman Legends delay/exclusivity news, I couldn’t help myself but to give my thoughts on the whole thing. The fact that the game is now heading to the PS3 & Xbox 360 wasn’t surprising at all, when I think of an exclusive the names Ubisoft, Capcom or Activision are the last things on my mind. There’s nothing wrong with porting over a game, all it does is ensure that a larger audience will now have access to the game so unless you’re some kind of fanboy it’s hard to get angry over such things.

What confuses me the most is why Rayman Legends was announced as an exclusive in the first place, the original Rayman Origins came out on multiple systems so why would the sequel all of a sudden go exclusive? This isn’t a Bayonetta 2 situation where Nintendo actively stepped in to make such a game possible, Rayman Legends is developed by and published by Ubisoft so there’s no real reason for them to pretend to be an exclusive title. (PS3, Rayman Legends, Wii U, Xbox 360)

admiralvic  +   1095d ago
I don't think Rayman Legends was ever STATED to be an exclusive. I rewatched the original internal trailer that was leaked and that only said "Wii U exclusive features". According to Ubisoft this is still true, so nothing wrong really...
showtimefolks  +   1095d ago
You see how you already have a stealth trolls disagree for stating facts

Bottom line being just like when ps3 launched it had exclusives hat it lost 3rd party wise. Look at MS publishing ME1 yet it's coming to PS3 because EA bought bioware

3rd party exclusives are a thing of past

Agent from RS where is it?
FF13 versus where is it?

And I don't know if anyone remembers but original AC game was slated to be exclusive to PS3.

That's why 12-18 months after release of Bayonetta it will come out on other systems since Sega still owns the IP so just be happy that wiiu is being supported 3rd party wise. I don't think any hardcore fans of Nintendo hardware should ever say anything about UBI since its one of the handful BIG 3rd party publishers who actually support Nintendo and their systems. They actually out out some quality games out on wii.

It makes sense to delay this now and release it once for all 3 systems at once and do ads for all of that in me instead of doing ads now for only wiiu version than doing another later

Also this way they get to charge full price to all 3 console owners instead of charging full to wiiu than charging $39.99 to ps3 and xbox360 owners

Business wise it makes sense

Ritsujun  +   1095d ago
Lots of TIMED exclusives on Nintendo and Microsoft consoles/handheldconsoles.
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SilentNegotiator  +   1095d ago

Now try some logic here, son....
Rayman Legends only had one announced platform to which it was three weeks from releasing when it was delayed with new platform announcements. EIGHT or so months of delay....porting time.

He is getting disagrees because everyone knows that it was absolutely going to be exclusive (at least timed).

Either a deal with Nintendo changed or they decided on a different strategy. Either way, they obviously don't want to market the game twice, seeing as the last game sold slowly and took about....what, 5 platforms? sell a million or so (thanks largely to major price cuts).
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showtimefolks  +   1095d ago
N4g the place for butt hurt fanboys who take these consoles war too serious and believe because they spent their money on a system now for rest of the console gen they have to defend that console maker even if it does something wrong

Nintendo fans all I can tell you is welcome aboard ps3 lost many exclusives and so will wiiu. 3rd party publishers want to make as much money so they could careless if they hurt someone's feelings

Castlevania 3DS game already has a HD counterpart not my words that's what the developers said

Resident evil 3DS coming to consoles

So the words 3rd party publishers doesn't equal to 100% exclusive, that's why I am so surprised at Kojima for keeping MGS4 a exclusive for for Epic to keep gears a Box brand exclusive

So in some rare cases it can happen but 98% of the times it won't

And the sooner you accept that fact the easier this gen will be for wiiu owners since Xbox and playstation fans we already went through this lol
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deadfrag  +   1095d ago
Stop beeing a dumb ass,if you read all the news concerning this game since it was announce you would know that the Wii u version is 99% done,have been delay two times,and was announced has an exclusive from Ubisoft themselfs.This is just bad practice what ubisoft is doing to Wii U buyers and owners.Just like rayman Origins this game R.legends will most likely bomb because in september there is GTA V not to mention new consoles that are iminente to release.Rayman Origins sold just one million+ thats on 6 systems in total and ubisoft had to cut half price because ubisoft released Origins along side KZ3 and other AAA games.Rayman legends will sell probably less and ubisoft will have to cut the price just like they did with R.Origins to pick some steam sales on R.legends.By releasing Legends now just on the Wii u and them latter onthe other platforms would be better business and they would keep there reputation plus not only nintendo will move and sell systems but ubisoft will end up selling Legends at full price and capitalize the sales on other games that they have on the Wii u like ZOMBI U, full price too;im pretty sure that they would have better profits releasing the game now than in september.Its just stupid and Bad Practices.
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DebbieDowner   1095d ago | Spam
ironfist92  +   1095d ago
They couldve released Rayman for Wii U on date, then worked on the ports after?

Everyone wins...but apparantely logic is missing from some peoples brains.
alegolo  +   1094d ago
it's cheaper (and better) to do just one marketing campaign than one now and one in 6 months
ironfist92  +   1094d ago
thrye certainly pissing off a lot of fans this way, however, me included, and I dont even own a Wii U.
Whitey2k  +   1095d ago
you could of of said the same thing about final fantasy 13 when square said that final fantasy 13 would be a ps3 exclusive then after a while it was heading for the 360 its the situation of u win some, you lose some
DivineAssault  +   1094d ago
Enough with the rayman bitchin n moanin.. Whats done is done so get over it... Im upset about it too but theres MANY MANY MANY other games incoming so play those in the mean time
tweet75  +   1094d ago
3rd party games should always be multi platform allows for more money to be made by the game maker

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