Rage Tool Kit Finally Released; Avaliable on Steam

id Studio finally releases Rage MOD tools

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1897d ago
Scenarist1896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )


I cant wait to see what is created with these tools
heck i might do a lil something myself .. pending the complexity of the tools and my available time

UnRated1896d ago

They say they are very complex - it's pretty much what they used to build the game but there is documentation for it.

Scenarist1896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

yea i dont have time to learn any thing that complex... ill read up and decide.

but ill wait to see what "more experienced" modders have to say about it to see if its worth the time to learn...

also i think its great (if im understanding correctly) that its direct assess to what they used to make the game.. ie: can make an entirely new game from the ground up (pending experience).

worst case scenario ill just create game assets and work with a team .. other than that Ill pass

edit: spelling, its funny how if u dont see or use a word in a while.. ...and you spell it right but it looks wrong