Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Preview: There's Nothing Metal Gear About It | Leviathyn | Sure, it’s got the Metal Gear name attached to the title, but ultimately, it doesn’t resemble the stealth action darling. Is this a good thing?

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RandomManA1868d ago

Meh. The bottom line? A good game is a good game. Narrative is important, but so is gameplay, and one CAN make up for the other's deficits.

wishingW3L1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

Narrative is like 60% of what makes a Metal Gear game be Metal Gear... The reason many fans wanted a Raiden game was to experience Metal Gear's epic narrative with fast paced action but we are only getting half of it. Or maybe less when you take into account that many of the over the top scenes are so over the top they are simply out of place within the Metal Gear universe. The narrative itself is almost at the level of cheesy-ness of Bayonetta.

Parapraxis1868d ago

Agreed, I think that's the same feeling reviewers had for DMC.

hard joe1868d ago

It's action game not stealth

jc485731868d ago

well, it does give you the option to do "ninja" stealth kinda the same fashion as Tenchu.

Knight_Crawler1868d ago

Exactly...people forget that Raiden and snake are two different people and have two different styles.

I mean look at this video of Raiden stopping a big a$$ ship or

or Raiden fighting with a sword in his mouth.

You cannot tell me that a cyborg with this much power and skills will stealth his way though a mission.

The people hating on this game should chill out and wait on ground zero and let the MG hack n slash fans enjoy this game.

Honest_gamer1868d ago

i'll be getting it but it annoys me how everyone is making out like the slow motion slash thing is new, to me it just seams like the whole game is afro samurai with a new skin :S

Chris5581868d ago

Afro samurai nooooo that absolutelY horrible game with the lame bossfights especially the flamethrower one son of a b***

Honest_gamer1868d ago

haha i liked it :p but you gota admit there's striking similarities between then also yeh the flame thrower guy was a total b**** oh i might go buy it of Amazon talking about it makes m want to play it again haha

Chris5581868d ago

I replayed a week ago with friend on the first headpant difficulty and for every dead one shot we finished that shitty game but aswell 2 vodkas

Roccetarius1868d ago

Another site trying to cause some trouble. Leviathyn have done that in the past, though.

Kojima is already working on another MGS game, so people are getting the best of both worlds.

Nightfallen1868d ago

Actually it wasn't a bad read. It was a mostly positive article.

Nightfallen1868d ago

I love how everything Raiden does is justifiable as he had some crazy ridiculous moves in MGS4. Anyway, the demo is amazing, must have played it dozen times and each time I played it differently and experienced something new. If Metal Gear was an action hack and slash this is exactly what it would be. Maintaining many Metal Gear aspects and giving you the action feel. At first I was rather disappointed with the direction this game went, but upon playing it, I take all that back. It's a rather great perspective.

Roccetarius1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

If you're interested in more, here's what someone found in the demo alone.


Some things need to be practiced, but the tutorial doesn't explain a lot in the demo.

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The story is too old to be commented.