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Evidence Mounts About Single-Chip GeForce GTX Titan: First Picture and Another Benchmark Result.

A New Benchmark Result Points to Performance-Breakthrough with GeForce GTX Titan (NVIDIA, PC)

Orpheus  +   435d ago
People are saying that his card is overpriced, but if it performs more than twice that of a single 680, consumes less power and takes one slot, it does deserve to be priced twice that of 680 given the competition is not there ( but that is not what i want tho lol )
ATi_Elite  +   435d ago
Titan is really not a card meant for everyday gaming!

Sure it can run Crysis but the card is meant for auto cad work and Graphics Design stuff. It's also a really great Co-Processor for CUDA stuff.

I'm sure Titan could run Furmark all day long and not melt down unlike normal Gaming Graphics cards cause Titan is a Pro user card.

All the articles about this card have left out it's uses for the sake of web hits.

I guess they will do the same AGAIN when AMD releases a new FirePro Graphics Card
Orpheus  +   435d ago
I think Titan is the one for gaming, whereas Tesla K20X is the one for CAD. nVIDIA has this habit of making ridiculously priced cards when the competition is not around there. Remember 8800 Ultra was around 699 dollars when it launched ?
Muffins1223  +   434d ago
680 is like $500 and its like $1300....ive heard the titan gets barely better fps than a 690 and its $1000!!!
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