Killzone 4 launching on PlayStation 4, releasing in 2013

Killzone 4 will release later this year on Sony's next-generation PlayStation, an industry source has told

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nrvalleytime1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

If true, this announcement confirms that the PS4 is definitely coming out this year, and Killzone 4 might be the killer IP we're expecting at launch.

I like the series, but the third game wasn't nearly as enjoyable as the first two.

Still - really hope this rumor's true.

theBAWSE1539d ago

Speak for yourself killzone 4 if true will be a killer ip in my eyes

the mind boggles just thinking bout the graphics

1539d ago
blitz06231539d ago

If this is true, then damn it. I was trying to tell myself not to get a PS4 at launch since I just bought a new PS3 a few days ago :(

Red_Orange_Juice1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

Good I need some KZ4 multilayer

Dylila1539d ago

it will look better than crysis 3 on ultra for pc.

hardcorehippiez1539d ago

of course it will but the pc elite wont ever admit it

onyoursistersback1539d ago

I'm a. Big big fan!!! Hell, (look at my profile picture)
I have the "G" from Gurilla Games tattooed on both my arms! Can't wait to see if this is all true!!!

Plagasx1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

Yea, dem next-gen blur effects to hide ugliness.

nintendoland1539d ago


can I have that thing you are smoking? ;)

Freak of Nature1539d ago

I think the eye candy will be stunning. I wonder what extra advantages they will have "art direction wise", with the extra power, the handcuffs are almost off now, they will (do) have so much extra room to create a stunning masterpiece, not to even mention the extra power to add in wonderful new gameplay twists and expansive set pieces....

I also hope we get to hear about there other "IP"...Exciting times ahead for sure...

aCasualGamer1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

Killzone 2 was this generations best FPS followed by COD4: Modern Warfare. The online was an absolute delight. The clan system worked so well and the matches were so much fun. There is no doubt in my mind that if this is true, we're looking at a system seller.

There are few franchises that i wanted for PS4 at launch, Klllzone was in the top. Picture yourself the graphics!

If you think about it, this makes perfect sense atleast in marketing terms.... KZ4 for PS4.

KwietStorm1539d ago

Isn't that what he said?

InMyOpinion1539d ago

@aCasualGamer - Subjective of course but I think Battlefield 3 had better multiplayer than Killzone 2.

KiRBY30001539d ago


nope, this generation's best console multiplayer FPS was Bad Company 2, hands down.

aCasualGamer1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )


Subjective ofcourse. Should've said "inmyopinion" =p

Agree that Bad Company 2 was delicious in terms of multiplayer, especially the destruction. But i still believe the clan system in KZ2 was so excellently implemented that it made the game so much better. The "team" vibe in a multiplayer match in KZ2 was so great. The modes were also better than Bad Company 2, in comparison they made the game that much more balanced in KZ2 than Bad Company 2.

starchild1539d ago

I have to say that I have very fond memories of playing Killzone 2 online for hours.

I can't wait to see what they have done for Killzone 4.

papashango1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

a clan system being the reason why a mp shooter defined a gen?

...yeaaa no

Cod4 defined MP shooter this gen. BC/BC2 opened up the genre as far as depth. Battlefield 3 ended the generation. Dayz defined how far we've come.

Killzone 2 implemented game modes that have been in place for years. sluggish controls and low fps ensured the Killzone franchise remained average this gen. A next-gen Killzone title will consist of a higher resolution, higher AA, HD textures and 60 fps. You'd be surprised at the night and day difference this would make. don't expect much else. I also doubt they shoot for 60fps.

TheGamerDood1539d ago

Good god! KZ4 running on brand spanking new PS4 hardware would be freaking mind blowing.

IAmTheBest351538d ago

killzone 4 will be a killer app? what exactly do you know about killzone 4?

MikeMyers1538d ago

This and Gran Turismo 6 would be two great titles to show off the new hardware.

BattleAxe1538d ago

I'll be picking this up day one then. Killzone 3 is still a game that I play fairly often, and its definitely one of my favorite multiplayer games this generation. I just hope the single player is a bit better this time around.

matchu_peechu1538d ago

You can admire the graphics all you want, but the idea of relism in a futuristic world is still off. Gameplay poops on itself

NewMonday1538d ago

would love to see KZ on 60FPS

LordLaguz1538d ago

I just want a Helghast single-player campaign. Those bastards are an icon, and nothing would said "Welcome to PS4" better that a quick starting cut-scene of putting on that gas mask.

EeJLP-1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

"much more balanced in Killzone 2"

That has to be a joke. There's nothing balanced about Killzone 2's multiplayer. First off, there's upgrades as you level up. Meaning already more experienced players have more abilities, weapons, etc. That's pretty much the definition of unbalanced. Not to mention 1hit body shot sniper, running around at 800mph, invisibility, looking like the other team, sentry guns / turrets, etc. That multiplayer is built for fun (if you find all of that to be fun), not for balance or competitiveness. Balanced multiplayers are ones where everyone starts the match the same, no matter their level, on a mirrored map ala Resistance: Fall of Man. The only separation then is skill (or scruby 1hit gameplay) and experience.

I've platinumed Killzone 2 & 3, Resistance 2 & 3, Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3, CoD WaW MW2 MW3 Blops, Uncharted 1-3, etc.. None are perfectly balanced, a lot are far from it. Besides a couple 1hit weapons, R:FoM is (was, pretty dead nowadays) the most balanced and competitive.

EeJLP-1538d ago

I currently went back to get some MAG trophies. That's another game that would be a joke to be called balanced. A level 70 starts the match as Superman compared to a level 1. Not only is a level 70 clearly more experienced, but they can move faster, run faster and longer, have 20% more health, are more resistant to damage, have stronger and more accurate weapons, can heal faster, their knife (melee) could be stronger and faster, they can track you while not showing up on your radar, etc.

On topic, definitely intererested in PS4 (likely a day 1 buy) and KZ4.

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JoGam1539d ago

Rumors, rumors, rumors. Gotta love em.

1539d ago
kingmushroom1539d ago

well I'll tell you one fact, Ps4 will be announces on Feb, 20.

calis1538d ago

That's not a fact. It's a guess.

GalacticEmpire1539d ago

If this is true, it'll be a ten ton hammer for Sony to wield on launch.

Godchild10201539d ago

In order it's KZ2, KZ3 and then KZ1. I guess when the the PS4 is announced or released it will be the year of the 4 and not only the year of the PlayStation.

No matter what, I'm saving my dimes and nickels for Next Generation consoles. That is if, just half of the rumored games are coming out at launch for both consoles.

InTheLab1539d ago

I actually enjoyed the first KZ more than the rest. I loved playing as different ISA members. Going in stealthy or gunz blazin. I also thought Templar was better than Sev...and the maps were much more open than both KZ2 and KZ3.

They need to bring back player choice and the chapters in KZ4. Basically make a next gen KZ1...

ape0071538d ago

to me KZ2 will always be the best, it has that special atmosphere

Old McGroin1539d ago

Roll on February 20th, I'm expecting to have my breath taken well and truly away :)

GMWPS31539d ago

I hope they launch PS4 with KZ4, uncharted 4, Gran Turismo 6 and a new Metal Gear Solid. That would guarantee a sell out success into next year!

GraveLord1539d ago

PS4 is already rumored to be coming this year.
This is a rumor, not an announcement BTW.

theBAWSE1539d ago

@Nrvalleytime you are a COWARD

first off you bash ks4 as the launch title saying its not a killer ip..then I call you out on it you totally edit and change your comment

Ezz20131539d ago

why did you even comment on his opinion

let him live in his own bubble

sourav931539d ago

I thought comments couldn't be edited once someone replies to it...?

nrvalleytime1539d ago

Show me where I "bashed" the title. I merely said that it's a "Killer" IP.

I changed my comment because I realized my joke was lame, not because of you. Thanks for writing.

Hellsvacancy1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

I dont think Killzone 4 will be out in 2013, itll be a launch title for for when the PS4 is released in Europe/US in 2014

Im only basing that on Japan not liking fps that much, and most of the Killzone fanbase is in Europe/US

Id feel like Guerrilla Games are giving me the finger if its released there before here, we would appreciate it and want it more, you wont see a Final Fantasy game being released in Europe before Japan

C-Thunder1539d ago

Rumor is PS4 will release at the same time in Japan and the US

josephayal1539d ago

Woaaaa PS4 is rumored to support 4K resolution, i can't wait to Play KILLZONE 4 in 4080P

landog1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

ps4/nextbox will never play a game in 4k, movies, maybe, probably, you'll be lucky to get 1080p native in 70% of games, many will be less

expect 2-3 year old gamin pc quality and your in the ballpark of what next gen will offer, still a huge leap over ps3/360, but people thinking ps4 nextbox will even be in the same league as a gtx 680-690 with 12gb ram and an i7 2600k

lol....keep dreaming, a modern pc will run circles around ps4/nextbox, you'll see as soon as those multiplats drop, the pc will FAR outperform the consoles just like last gen, every game, everytime, with WAY higher resolutions, better aa, af, dof, ssoa..ect..e.ct...ect...

Ju1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

4K has only 2160 lines, hence it would be 2160p (3840x2160). FYI -> 3840 = approx 4k displays

DA_SHREDDER1539d ago

KZ3 gameplay and graphics >KZ2

KZ2's maps and dlc support > KZ3

ape0071538d ago

imo KZ2 gameplay and gfx were much better, KZ3 was very confusing, it was a cluster F, still a nice game but it copied CoD, KZ2 had a different feel than CoD, Im a huge CoD fan but i like other things to be different

the enemies in KZ2 felt huge, every enemy encounter in the SP felt big, the helghast felt larger than life in KZ2, it reminded me of TUROK 2 enemy feel, KZ3 had waay to many enemies and die very quickly and cheaply just like CoD enemies

MonopolyRSV1538d ago

KZ2's 32 players > KZ3's 16 players

trenso11538d ago

have to disagree kz2 class balance was much better way more options and you could mix match classes. Also the game seemed to play better and didnt feel cluttered or that anything was OP like jet packs and the saboteur class. And with no complete health regen (it stops at 60% for normal and 100% for assault it payed to be a team medic to give players health. Way more team oriented IMO

rpd1231539d ago

Killzone 1 blew in my opinion. 2 and 3 were much better. Still, I hope this rumor is true as well.

JaredH1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

I would like it to be true but I've never even heard of the site the rumor started on so I don't trust it. The site just sounds like someone paid a fortune for the domain name. They have a relatively small following (6000 twitter followers, 0-3 comments per article).

I'll just wait until the 20th to see if it's true or not before getting my hopes up.

007Bond1539d ago

Another copy and paste sequel.... ain't you guys always bragging about new IPs?

Jazz41081539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

How many more killzones is sony going to cram down our throats? This has to be five or 6 since the ps3 release. They have all gone down hill since two and if this one does as well sony should shelve this franchise for a long time imo.

StraightPath1538d ago

Killzone 2 was the only good game. Other then that its a very poor franchise. Hopefully 4 will deliver and get the franchise some recognition.

showtimefolks1538d ago

GG are working on 2 games one is a new IP other is KZ4, this isn't news but still is awesome that it will come this year and may even launch with the system.

KZ series have never sold halo numbers but you launch new KZ with a new system almost everyone who buys the system within first 3-6 months will buy KZ4 so the brand will grow as ps4 itself

i have said it before and say it again give me KZ4 and Gt6 day one and i will buy the system. now it maybe KZ4 with LBP3 which is still awesome so day one lol.

but you better show GT6 running on PS4

i think its a safe bet to assume that on February 20th sony will show the system and may even show some tech demos

but they will not reveal complete specs or maybe they will

but most of the games and other info will be at E3.

this is what MS did with xbox360 show the system but talk about everything else at E3

MYSTERIO3601538d ago

I wouldn't want Guerrilla games to rush the development of killzone 4 i want it to be the best it can possibly be. I hope KZ4 is more like the KZ2 in turns of playable vehicle sections (alot of them)and story structure. Though i think GG need to hire a bigger team for development similar to 343i with guys from id(DOOM) which i think have awesome level and weapon design skills. And possibly guys from Half life and DICE ( with their awesome sound effects). Also i feel GG need someone like Corrinne Yu she did great work on Halo4.

DeadlyFire1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

.... It does not state this year at all in the article. It states Launch Window which could be up to 6 months after launch really. I expect Febuary 2014 we see KILLZONE 4 launch. Why? Well GG has a habit of launching Killzone titles around February since KILLZONE 2, but that doesn't make it impossible.

I hope KILLZONE 4 multiplayer is a little better with better map design. KZ2, and KZ3 were just arena maps. Its time to expand beyond that with more open maps.

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NastyLeftHook01539d ago

And the people clapped there hands and stomped there feet, and praise the lord we have meat.

Knight_Crawler1539d ago

Diffrent stroaks for diffrent folks.

If he likes them meaty then dont judge him.

Old McGroin1539d ago

I agree with this...sentence?

KwietStorm1539d ago

I don't know why you have 1 bubble. That was funny as hell.

profgerbik1539d ago

Funny sure but the usage of there instead of their drove me a little nuts. Hopefully that was intended, making a mistake like that twice is almost unforgivable.

KwietStorm1538d ago

... so was THAT supposed to be funny?

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Walker1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

I hope it be in the same qualitative level of KZ2 CGI trailer that they showed at E3 2005 but this time in real-time !

Zechs341539d ago

We already got that with KZ 2 and 3. Some areas of the CGI demo were even surpassed in the real game and only fell short on a few things.

Godchild10201539d ago

I don't want the "same qualitative level of KZ2 CGI trailer that they showed at E3 2005." I want it to be bigger, better and in real time, like they have been doing on all the games they have shown so far that are coming this year on the PlayStation 3.