Metal Gear Rising Revengeance - White Armor Trailer

Konami has just released a brand new trailer : White Armor! This special White Armor allows Raiden to carry more health items in the game. The DLC will be included with every pre-order from Best Buy in North America.

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My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1927d ago

I'll save my money for the superior God of War: Ascension instead.

jimbobwahey1927d ago

Meanwhile I'll do the smart thing and buy both :D

AznGaara1927d ago

I'll be buying both but after playing Bayonetta after God of War 3, I'm more excited for MGR.

jimbobwahey1927d ago

Yeah, MGR has me more excited too purely because Platinum make games with incredibly deep, technical and rewarding combat systems that are a joy to engage in.

God of War unfortunately has shockingly simplistic combat in comparison, but I do love the spectacle of it all!

yami9301927d ago

I will also be buying both, the smartest thing for any hack and slash action game fan. I also want to say God of War in comparison to MGR has a simpler combat system, but God of War: Ascension is definietly bringing up the combat compared to its previous entries, its has more variety when it comes to combos as well as picking up weapons and items from the enviornment. Just because combat is simpler doesnt mean its not great, it works for the game that it is, playing as Kratos is like being in a tank, slow, powerful, can take a hit and strong while making you feel badass, playing as raiden is like a jet, swift, agile, manuvers to avoid the hits and lethal while also making you feel badass lol. 2 different games, 2 different styles, both are going to be awesomely amazing.

edenianrain1927d ago

Aww dante mad because no one brought his game.

blackstrr4111927d ago

Why do you troll all mgr posts? Eh donte

wishingW3L1927d ago

Looks so ugly... Like a freaking Kamen Raider. I just one the original one from MGS4.

1927d ago
RE_L_MAYER1927d ago

Not a bad armor but why he just couldnt stay a badass like he was in mgs4

1927d ago