Aliens: Colonial Marines Season Pass Announced

Season passes are all the rage these days, so why not have one for Aliens: Colonial Marines. With the game launching in just a few days (February 12, 2013) worldwide, they certainly waited until the last moment to announce it, but the season pass will offer nearly a 40% savings over purchasing the individual DLC packages, with the first one being "Bug Hunt" in March.

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fluffydelusions1899d ago

I don't even see this game selling too well let alone a season pass...

Nitrowolf21899d ago

Coming from a fan of the movies.
This game wont due well with nonfan reviewers i think. Theres so much references in this game and seeing that its a sequel to three you do have to know some background. I can see a lot of sevens from nonfans. If your a fan though youll love it. Buying the season pass

coptop11899d ago

Really? I think this game is going to be really good. I've always loved the Aliens Universe and Gearbox knows how to make a great shooting game...

Marcello1899d ago

I have already played it & its awful, reminded me of DukeNukem Forever as in the game looks like a PS2 game & it was just a shit game like Duke was. My advice is rent it before you buy.

coptop11899d ago

Just out of curiosity; did you play some of the campaign, multiplayer, or both?

Marcello1899d ago

@Coptop1, just the first level of SP, couldnt stomach anymore, i love the Aliens movie but this game feels like a cheap knockoff.

esemce1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

I have had a feeling it would be a mediocre game just seems to have no horror/ atmosphere / tension.

Compared to this one :

Parasyte1899d ago

I can't wait for this game, but I'll only buy the season pass if I really like the multiplayer.

Dlacy13g1899d ago

My thoughts exactly. I need to get hands on with the game first before I will commit to any DLC.

Gamescares1899d ago

This game is terrible, and I don't say that lightly, absolutely awful, get ready for the reviews this is an absolute stinker.

Aliens fans will be very disappointed.

deadfrag1899d ago

Well i play it and i didnt like it too!AvsP is a better game and i have the two so i can judge!