Where did EA go wrong with Medal of Honor?

The recent news is that EA is done with Medal of Honor. The game is no longer in its yearly rotation. This means it could be shelved indefinitely. What went wrong with the series? Is there anything EA could do to fix it? If EA does start making more MoH games should they go back to the WW2 theme or try another war?

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NastyLeftHook02051d ago

trying to be like call of duty. yeah, cod sells, so what? be original and make your games like you used to! REMEMBER MEDAL OF HONOR FRONTLINE? YEAH...

IAMERROR2051d ago

They CODified it, MOH was the OG back in the day, Frontlines was a standout title.

e-p-ayeaH2051d ago

MOH FRONTLINE at least got an HD version that was nice of them.

dcbronco2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

CoD is what MoH was supposed to be. Infinity Ward(not as a company then) were coders for EA. They made a CoD demo for EA as a new direction for MoH. EA refused the idea and wanted to keep making cookies. CoD is now huge and EA is desperately trying to get back into that genre. One of the dumbest decisions ever in gaming.

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Kratoscar20082051d ago

I would LOVE to see WW2 to be a plot point again, im really tired of modern combat, i want to kill Nazis again.

MoH Frontlines was awesome, i still play it from time to time, the D-Day mission is perhaps my favorite mission in any shooter.

A shame this series will die, it died with Honor (I dont consider the modern combat games MoH material)

e-p-ayeaH2051d ago

WW2 FPS aren't mainstream anymore unless we get another saving private ryan kind of movie which i doubt.

Kratoscar20082051d ago

That damm spielberg he should be making another WW2 movie or a game (Instead of that lame boomblox).

SPAM-FRITTER-1232051d ago

There are still plenty of WW2 shooters being released on PC, just not for the casual(Console) crowd who WANT CoD every year.

boldscot2051d ago

They tried to grab the COD money and stopped trying to make great games.
Now we are in the same situation as we were a few years back with the FPS market over saturated with modern shooters rather then WW2 and most of them are pathetic attempts to cash in on COD's money making success.

up2snuff2051d ago

Give it to the guys at Respawn who made the first MOH. Copy COD and give it dedicated servers...end of story.

dcbronco2051d ago

They also made the first CoD.

Cam9772051d ago

Rising Sun was the first average one in my books.

shackdaddy2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

Pacific assault was mine. Rising sun actually got slightly better and then the quality went back down again after that.

Airborne was good too but had a lot of bugs.

Cam9772051d ago

I too enjoyed Airbone and I would've preferred it if they developed the formula rather than jump into the modern era which led to the series' ultimate demise.

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