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If Microsoft Entered The Console Business To Stop Sony, They Failed

A former Microsoft employee said that Microsoft’s Xbox was created in order to stop Sony’s dominating presence in the living room. They failed to do so. (Microsoft, PS3, Sony, Xbox 360)

Walker  +   932d ago
They have already failed
Dylila  +   932d ago
they have failed since the inception of the idea.
EVILDEAD360  +   932d ago
'This former employee, Joachim Kempin, expressed that Microsoft’s sole purpose for entering the console business was to diminish Sony’s presence in the living room and to enhance consumer’s wants for a more Microsoft-branded household.'

They actually succeeded.

The former exec never said they were going to STOP Sony, it said 'diminish' sony's presence in the living room.

In that regard if you use the fact that the 360 gained an equal grip on the marketshare where Sony once dominated last gen, then mission accomplished.

If you would have predicted this at the beginning of the gen then you would have been a certified psychic. No one could have predicted what happened this gen.

Is Sony still a huge force in the biz? Absolutely. No question

Did MS gain huge ground on both Sony and Nintendo? Absolutely.

Far from a failure.

aCasualGamer  +   932d ago
If you enter an industry with the main goal of taking out the competition you will fail. You have to focus on what you bring to the table and try to improve on that.

This mentality is seen throughout all competitive sports aswell. Coaches who focus too much on how to take out the opposite team end up losing because of unforeseen tactics or strategies. You have to focus on what your team is doing and how you can become invincible.

You focus too much on the competitor and you loose track on what made you great in the beginning. With that said, they still have to keep an eye on what the competitors are doing.
darthv72  +   932d ago
well lets put it like this.
What was sony's entering the console business to do? Uhhh stop the dominance of Nintendo maybe??? NO! it was about $$$.

Keep in mind that sony was making games for both nintendo and sega. Their deal of making the cd drive for the snes fell through so they got the idea to make a system of their own.

MS developed the os for the DC and sega pulled the plug but that didnt stop MS from taking the idea of an online enabled system and making it work for them.

It is stupid to try and do these conspiracy theory things. The key reason for any company to enter into the gaming market is MONEY. Pure and simple. It is like many other industries where you think you can make a buck. They failed their first time out but they did a hell of a job on their 2nd run.

in fact, Sega had similar results. Their master system didnt fare too well but their 2nd outing with the Genesis was what made them a bigger household name than before.

It wasnt about stopping any dominance...its about $$$$$. Nothing more nothing less.
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IAMERROR  +   932d ago
this article failed, MS set out to be THE thing in the living room and succeeded to a certain extent. MS is way ahead of Sony in the largest gaming market and you think that's a fail? This just comes off as some sour fanboy who has to bring up irrelevant things like Ads in the article. lol
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dafegamer  +   932d ago
by your logic NA=world, sorry dude but MS only dominates in NA and UK. Worldwide ps3 is the leading homeconsole, and thats a fact
omi25p  +   932d ago
The failed to completely shut sony out of the industry.

But they did become as large as sony in the market, Which is no small task.
Jakens  +   932d ago
I honestly don't like what you're saying walker.
psp2roundup  +   932d ago
War ain't over yet! But they've lost one, drawn one so its not looking good.
Captain Tuttle  +   932d ago
Sony are the only ones who "failed", hemorrhaging market share to Nintendo and, to a much lesser extent, MS.

Next gen will be interesting, the latest rumors have momentum on Sony's side
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AztecFalcon  +   932d ago
And yet look how much they've come back from a bad launch. I wouldn't call Sony's 3rd Gen a failure at all.
Captain Tuttle  +   932d ago
Oh I agree, they've recovered nicely although they had to burn through a pile of money to do it. Still, quite the feat and Kaz deserves all of the credit imo. It's also good to see that they seemed to have learned the lessons of this current gen and the PS3 launch.

Next gen will be very different for Sony, they're much more focused and disciplined this time. MS won't have such an easy time of it. Again, credit goes to Kaz.
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Godchild1020  +   932d ago
They both failed. One lost Market Share this Gen to the other that had little to no market Share last Gen. And the other failed to stop a company that is already in the door. If anything Microsoft helped Sony market the PS3 better with the no cost online play.

It sad to hear that is the reason that came into the console business, I thought it would have been to give consumers a different gaming experience to what their competitors were giving consumers.
Captain Tuttle  +   932d ago
"It sad to hear that is the reason that came into the console business, I thought it would have been to give consumers a different gaming experience to what their competitors were giving consumers."

Sony got into it to destroy Sega and Nintendo, games are just a means to an end. It's all business.
Godchild1020  +   932d ago
Thanks Captain Turtle for that info, I didnt know that. I guess you can say Sony won half the battle when they entered the console business.
miyamoto  +   932d ago
M$ goal, though very obvious a long time ago, are really very disappointing.

I knew they were in video games for all the wrong reasons.

For a $200+ billion dollar company unable to stop a $14 B struggling company is indeed a revelation but hardly a surprise given the wrong motives.

M$ motives has failed and never worked as of late on any endeavor they make. Be it consoles, PC, smartphones, tablets, laptops, search engines.

The only M$ goal that seems no one can stop is control and depopulation of the earth via chemtrails, geo-engineering, weather control, tampering with nature, genetically modified organisms, and the likes.

Any sane person would do well not to support this company.
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miyamoto  +   932d ago
Contrary to popular belief Sony never wanted to stop Nintendo or Sega.

Sony entered the video game industry as partners of Nintendo (with the SNES sound chip) and Sega (with the Sega CD CR-ROM drive).

They also wanted to be partners to both Nintendo and Sega in order to push their CD-ROM technology for the next generation 32-bit consoles, but to no avail back then.

The full details are here:

Despite the humiliation, Sony entered the gaming industry to pursue their vision of digital entertainment with their high capacity optical disc media as the the most practical catalyst of content.

Anyone can see how they push technology and how prolific they are in the sheer amount and variety of software content they publish month after month in contrast to M$.
NastyLeftHook0  +   932d ago
Well sony is a force that cannot be stopped, thats why the hottest game system is, was, and will be them. beating the competition in sales and (imo) games.

There quality is unmatched, whenever i visit friends/family all of the little kids want to play "littlebigplanet"

whenever i turn on my ps3, people always ask "its really free for all that?!" and i say..yes.
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omi25p  +   932d ago
You realize sony have been close to bankruptcy several times the gen. They aren't the unstoppable force you think they are.

They just make good games that don't sell well.
SlyFoxC  +   932d ago
you realize that sony and playtation fall under 2 different bank reports right....

sonys tv department is close to bankruptcy, playstation brand is doing fine

before you talk google the facts mate

and on a side not...

who the hell cares who will have better components in the end both systems will do the same thing... give games for gamers to play.....isnt that what gaming is all about? not which is faster or sexier? if you want faster go play on PC (which i also do) a console is made for the more mobile crowd...its easy to move around yet strong enough for the AWWWWWW sensation.

You are the Resistance

a true gamer to heart - SlyFoxC
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Jakens  +   932d ago
"They just make good games that don't sell well"
It's been years since anyone has said that. I would agree.

Speaking only for myself, I believe that Sony has made good games with limited (in game) options.
Cocozero  +   932d ago
They took NA and the UK this gen, next gen they will take EU. They didnt stop Sony they just took all their marketshare.
GalacticEmpire  +   932d ago
They failed hard and Sony will not repeat the same mistakes twice and make it easy for MS next gen.

If you're going to punch a titan make sure he stays down in one punch... or run.
PrimeLantern  +   932d ago
"If you're going to punch a titan make sure he stays down in one punch... or run."

Nice way of putting it!
PirateThom  +   932d ago
Microsoft should have been more worried about smartphones than consoles.

Their OS business is in more danger from phones than consoles ever placed on it.
LightofDarkness  +   932d ago
I think they entered it to make money, not because they wanted to "stop" Sony. Anyway, the current MS is a much less coherent and benign force since the departure of Bill. Ballmer is leading them to ruin.

And have they failed? They're pretty much neck-and-neck; while Sony was a 120 million console + market leader last gen with MS being a mere footnote, they've drastically reduced their dominance since 2006. This gen has been a massive success for MS, and a very shaky and modest success for Sony.

And Sony's presence in the living room is also drastically reduced, thanks to the efforts of Nintendo, MS, Apple and Samsung/LG.
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medman  +   932d ago
Only an idiot would believe that Microsoft has "failed" this generation. They are on equal footing with Sony worldwide, and dominate the North American market. Who thought that would happen in the heyday of the PS2 when the original Xbox was struggling to get a foothold? For Microsoft to now be an equal to Sony in the gaming industry is a huge win for them. And they did it pretty much overnight in one console generation. That is remarkable.
mrdeli  +   932d ago

Let me tell you something. And this is true. It's not meant to get anybody upset.

Sony as a company is in very serious trouble. Sony is a very well established multinational but they
are on the brink of bankruptcy. They are also in a major transition where their previous strategy regarding TV,gaming, content, and other hardware is having trouble .

Sony Defence Force better realize this. It's not about whether Xbox is better than PS3. It's Sony's survival. So everybody who believes in Playstation, get your wallets lined up. Do a big spend and help Sony stay afloat.

Microsoft has its own issues. They are losing PC market and have lost mobile.
LightofDarkness  +   932d ago
Exactly. If you want to see more Playstation then you need to buy a PS4 on or around launch, look at how pundits and publishers alike are predicting ruin for Nintendo despite having a better launch than both 360 and PS3.

But honestly, I think there's little we can do. We're about to witness a shift in the guard. The old guard making way for the new.

MS is a directionless behemoth, being simultaneously crushed and paralyzed by its own weight and indecision. It is essentially trapped within its own organizational hell, a far cry from the nimble and laser focused development house that saw it reach the top in the '90s.

Sony are also being left in the dust by cheaper and more advanced competition from Korea and China, despite moving much of its manufacturing there. The brand that once stood for quality has also been shaken by a noted drop in QC over the last few years (numerous class action suits), which largely came from them trying to match the competition on price, and allowed Apple (among others) to overtake them as the leader in premium quality. Their games division isn't enough to keep them alive at this point, like a man whose every limb is gangrenous except for one and some small digits.

Nintendo have strong IPs, but are stuck in an old-world business plan which prevents them from reacting to change appropriately.

None of these companies are leasers any more. They're becoming "me too" and hopelessly reacting to the digital and mobile era with reckless abandon.
sdozzo  +   932d ago
Pretty sure they entered to make money.
Belking  +   932d ago
Lately it seems that sony is doing a pretty good job stopping themselves. I don't think MS worries about sony as much as they do apple and google. Sony worries are coming from Samsung and a few other places. Did sony enter it to stop nintendo?
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