Top 10 Silent Protagonists

Have you ever wished someone would just shut-up? That someone would just stop saying whatever annoying junk came into their heads? Well the following video game characters are the perfect people for you. They are quiet, cool, and have pretty awesome games. So here they are!

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AztecFalcon1962d ago

I hope this list isn't in order. Gordon Freeman is tue best silent hero ever.

jony_dols1962d ago

Isaac Clarke was a great mute in Dead Space 1, then Visceral had to go & turn him into a 'talkie' in DS2 & DS3...

Son_Lee1962d ago

I usually hate silent protagonists (99% of the time), but Isaac not talking in the original made the game MUCH more creepy to me.

jony_dols1962d ago

Yeah and the bit in DS1; where Isaac see's the video of what happened to Nicole & quietly breaks down was far more effective than anything he comes out with in the sequel.

BlackFalcon1962d ago

How can you have this list and not include Crono? That's so many levels of wrong.