Sony: PS4's main selling point will be 'new playing options, not improved hardware specs'

As Sony Computer Entertainment warms up its blue lighting and double-checks its playlist for February 20th, one unnamed SCE official says that the PlayStation 4 will act as more of a home entertainment hub than what we've seen in the past. They added, according to the Nikkei, that the main selling point won't be the rumored eight-core AMD64 CPU or other hardware specs, but how it opens up new styles of play -- something Nintendo is also focusing on.

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Angainor71959d ago

this is lame.. i'm sure ps4 will deliver just like ps3 did.
Xbox 720 vs PS4 = Huge battle, huge win for all of us..

Dylila1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

this is sony so going by there philosophy the ps4 will have cutting edge technology and have a powerful hardware.

xursz1958d ago Show
Skips1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )


Pretty much what you said. I don't really get why people are giving you so many disagrees. LMAO.

They'll probably HAVE the power but won't focus too much on it with the advertising. You can't really sell hardware spec to the average joe. lol

darthv721958d ago

will be like every other console that has evolved from a previous platform. The revolutionary systems are generally the ones that are new to the game.

From that point, the follow-ups are deemed evolutionary. Improving on things to differentiate themselves from the previous release. Sony knows what they want to have in their next system. be it new ways to play or trying to reinvent something that failed before but the timing is better now to bring it back.

The tech will be improved but please understand that cost has always played a factor and we as consumers are expecting more for our $$ but the companies too have expectations to deliver for a certain price range.

The main selling point of ANY system is the games and perceived entertainment value it can bring. No manner of hardware will sell without the right software to showcase it properly.

If sony chose the conservative route and released the ps4 with much more internal ram and better cpu/gpu but stayed with the existing idea of the hdd and bluray then so be it. It will still represent an evolutionary step up from the ps3.

Many seem to forget that competition isnt always about the other guy but also about themselves. Sony will obviously make the unit better than the ps3. That is the idea for any new platform from an existing company. Making it better than the other guy is just a bonus.

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Outside_ofthe_Box1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

***"that the main selling point won't be the rumored eight-core AMD64 CPU or other hardware specs, but how it opens up new styles of play -- something Nintendo is also focusing on. Sony is going to push the new console as a home entertainment "nerve center," with a focus on the hardware's ability to connect and share to mobile devices -- the rival that's pulling gamers away from traditional consoles."***

So if this is to be true, all those that praise MS for making their system go the route of being an 'all in one' box and praise smart glass for it's functions and being compatible with multiple smartphones as opposed to a single device like the Vita and all those that praise Nintendo for bringing about new ways to play games should have no problem with the PS4.

All those that bashed/criticized MS and Ninty for the things mentioned above should be okay too, so as long as Sony doesn't fail to deliver on spec front and/or stop focusing on games... I don't see why anyone should be unhappy with the PS4 assuming the rumors are true unless if you're a fanboy of course.

decrypt1958d ago

Just means..

Sony knows...

Console gamers.. Dont care about graphics.

kino171958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

I would like to know who was the guy that started this "gameplay over graphics" bullshit. Graphics is equal if not more important than gameplay. Take the god of war series. Same gameplay for years, with better graphic over time. If the game looked like the ps2 days on the ps3 ,NO one would care and it, and the series wouldve been dead years ago. I play games for both. But if the game looks the same as the ps2 days (jaggies and bad texture) i woulnt pay for it no matter how good the gameplay is. So please Kill this bs saying. Without great graphic how would you imerse in a game with good gameplay? Alot of us wouldnt except it.

TenkoTAiLS1958d ago you remember the original Playstation? Or even the Playstation 2? Neither of those home consoles were better than any of the competitors systems that launched alongside them. They were always the underdog until the PS3.

Brilliant systems, brilliant games, but don't go trying to say they always have cutting edge tech or powerful hardware. Until PS3 they lacked both of those things. By console standards anyway. No console has cutting edge hardware, they are all made out of old cheap, outdated CPU, GPU etc, that's a fact you can't argue with.

deafdani1958d ago

It's really hard to say what Sony's philosophy regarding power is. On one hand, the PS1 and PS2 were fairly weak consoles, but on the other, the PS3 was powerful. And the PSP was vastly more powerful than the DS, but the Vita, although more powerful than the 3DS, does not show such a big gap as the one that was between PSP and DS.

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GraveLord1958d ago

Who said it wouldn't?
You can have a focus on innovations/features while still having a powerful console. This is Sony, they're not stupid like Nintendo. We already have the specs and PS4 > Xbox 720.

whoyouwit041958d ago


We already have the specs and PS4 > Xbox 720.

No we don't we have rumored specs.

rluvah1958d ago

You must be young because it was Sony who always had the weakest system up until PS3.

irepbtown1958d ago


Have you already forgot the PS2?

Bigpappy1958d ago

I wonder what the "new playing options" are? The only new options that have been hinted at was a wii-u like controller, and a Kinect like camera. Is there some thing else, or will I have to wait for Feb 20?

rainslacker1958d ago

Hard to say. I do like the fact they call them "options" however. I'm not a big fan of being told how I should play my games, and don't want to see a focus on one specific method of control or usability of the games themselves.

zeddy1958d ago

if this is true, i shall be very disappointed. i dont really care about new styles of play.

ILive1958d ago

The reason console gamers want the best tech possible is because most console owners cant afford pcs that we constantly have to keep upgrading. That is why it is disappointing when you hear pc people talk about their graphics card and how consoles cant keep up. Its true. But can we at least hope that we will have a significant upgrade granted that no one knows what the specs are truly capable of? We get it, pcs will always be ahead of consoles.

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Cocozero1959d ago

Sonys a little late to the media hub game, MS are miles ahead in that area.

At least Sony is being smart by copying MS, that way that may be able to make some money this time around.

DoomeDx1958d ago

They are definatly ahead!
Paying for netflix, and the lack of Blu ray really makes them ahead of Sony.

They are just about equal dumbass

JP13691958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Which console has always shipped with wi-fi, hdmi, blu-ray and a hard drive?

As mentioned by Doome, have fun paying twice to use services like Netflix, Hulu, etc.

Cocozero1958d ago

And the damage control begins...

Monkeycan81958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Well don't say something that's false and expect to not get a response. I remember back in the day when Sony said that the PS3 is a media hub for games, movies, music, ect.

All the Xbox fanboy were saying we buy them to play games not watch movies blah blah blah blah. Its the hypocrisy in this generation that makes me hate it so much, which mainly comes from the 360 crowd from what I see.

JP13691958d ago

It's not damage control. We're simply pointing out the stupidity of a baseless statement like the one you made. You should expect those comments when you say something that is so obviously untrue.

DigitalRaptor1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

@ Monkeycan8

Well said. I see I'm not the only one to think that.

As far as fanboys go, both sides are as bad as each other, but what irks me is that other fanboys such as Septic and Lvl_up_gamer label this place as a "circlejerk haven for PS3 fanboys", when let's face the facts:

Back at the start of this gen when 360 was most popular and in the mainstream light more than ever, it was the complete opposite here on N4G with everyone and their grandma bashing on PS3, hating Sony, it's games, everything about it, and... mostly the 360 fanboys on here outnumbered the PS3 guys vastly.

And they still do the same, but the difference is that when PS3 gains traction and things turn around, these people just ignore the history of events and act disgusted at the behaviour of PS3 fans, when people like them were doing the same things a few years back when it was in their favour to say or do such things. Why was it that PS3 fans were right all along that PS3 wasn't doomed, PS3 had games, Blu-ray wasn't doomed etc., etc,. Yet they should just sit back and watch Xbox fans praise MS for the things they poo'ed on?

It's not damage control - it's years of 360 fans talking bullcrap that was never true and filling the comments sections with epic proportions of hypocrisy and double standards. Some of the current 360 fans on here feel vicitimized that Sony fans are hating on the 360 or Microsoft? Well, harsh sh*t.

To conclude, Sony simply do more in this industry, thus, there is more Sony news and discussion, thus, there are more Sony fans on a website dedicated to gaming news. Deal with it!

rainslacker1958d ago

hmmm...well I use my PS3 for all my media serving and watching needs, outside of the cable box that is.

So not sure what your on about MS being superior. MS own media serving solution in windows is one of the most abysmally designed and counter-intuitive programs I've ever used, so yeah, MS ain't that far ahead when you can find free options to serve media which are a hundred times better and offer more features.

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boing11958d ago

You forgot to add 'only in US'. In EU Xbox is collecting dust as media center.

Christopher1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

***Sonys a little late to the media hub game, MS are miles ahead in that area. ***

That is factually incorrect, FYI. PS3 is a set-top box in Europe for many already. PS3 has blu-ray. PS3 doesn't have 'media app' additional subscription requirements.

I'm not quite sure how you got to your thinking. Perhaps it is because the 360 released a year before the PS3, but it's been behind on many elements in comparison to the PS3 on many major media elements and lost out by backing the wrong media device for HD movies/tv on disc.

I'm not going to say that Sony may not copy something Microsoft or Nintendo is/has done, but your logic makes no sense.

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EliteDave931958d ago

If this is true im very disappointed.