Petition to keep February release date for ‘Rayman Legends’ gaining steam

Ubisoft’s decision to delay the long-awaited platformer Rayman Legends to September in order to share its unique style of whimsy across all platforms is being challenged by a petition.

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Dylila1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

im glad a lot of nintendo fans bought a wii u. i thought the farce of a nintendo direct quell all chatter about there being no games on the wii u. no release dates in near sight were given but it gave hope to the fans that games will come out very soon if you dont mind waiting half a year for something.

im wondering if zombie u is being ported over to xbox and ubisoft the wii us biggest supporter will get to more exclusive titles for the wii u. after checking the sales of the wii us launch ive figured out that it did a bit better than the xbox and ps3 in the same time. people dont need to check the sales of the wii u and compare them to consoles selling now like xbox and ps3.

there should also be a petition to release mario, mario kart, xenoblade 2 and bayonetta this year around summer time . its taking too long for certain big titles to be released on wii u and there needs to be more of an incentive to buy the console. nintendo definitely messed up on having a steady stream of software support on wii u.

ElectricKaibutsu1901d ago


Petitions won't do anything. Write letters (on real paper!). There's also the #freeRayman hashtag on twitter if you want to publicly complain.

chadboban1902d ago

Once this petition doesn't have a problem with the game being multiplat and no longer exclusive I say go for it. Although I have read that Microsoft's terms and conditions may prevent this from being anything other than a simultaneous release, not too sure if that's the real reason why though, it's just what I heard.

The game coming to other platforms is NOT the problem. Wii U owners were told up until this news broke that they were getting this game two weeks from now only to find out that they have to wait 7 months again, despite the fact that the game is pretty much complete for Wii U is NOT fair to them, plain and simple.

OmegaSlayer1902d ago

I wanted to sign it because I'm already tired of whining Nintendo fanboys and wanted to help them because their machine is gathering dust.

Then I remembered how much they assaulted PS3&360 owners with Bayonetta2 so I didn't signed it.

Eat Crow.

zerocrossing1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

Are you kidding?

Bayonetta 2 is only happening thanks to Nintendo publishing it, Sega doesn't care about the IP anymore since the original didn't sell well.

Other publishers had the chance to do the same but didn't. Ultimately, Nintendo stepped in to save the franchise from certain death, if they decide they want it to remain a Wii U exclusive that's up to them, people need to stop crying about this as if Nintendo screwed them over and remember that they are lucky Bayonetta 2 is even in development right now.

chadboban1902d ago

Well all that shows is that you're just as bad as they are. Grow up.

rainslacker1902d ago

MS doesn't have anything that prevents it from releasing first on another system. It's just customary to release multi-plats at the same time across all platforms so one consoles sales would not affect another platforms sales.

In truth, while I know MS has timed exclusivity in the past, there is no real disadvantage to them for 99% of the games out there....and while I love Rayman, it does fall into that 99%. It's usually the biggest games that you see timed exclusivity on.

CaptainN1902d ago

That's funny because Activision didn't wait for the Wii-U launch with Call Of Duty...and had no problem letting every other version sell like crack a week before the Wii-U version launched with the all of a sudden sales for Activision games on U are dissapointing, I wonder why?

Sanquine901902d ago

Will not happen anyway. The policy of microsoft is : Multiplatform games can not released earlier than the xbox version. Ninty fans look at microsoft:S

extermin8or1902d ago

what um if they don't have a console out yet? I'm thinking in terms of a potential ps4 release before xbox towards the end of the year- which could mean games like AC etc get released before xbox hits the market- what then? Or will the rest of us have to wait for their console to release too? If that's the case- publishers should tell them to go fuck themselves.

Sanquine901902d ago

I have the same idea ! This is a huge huge problem and a kick in the balls for wii U owners

humbleopinion1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

It's not a Microsoft Policy, it's a common policy for all platform holders and the notion is that "you can release earlier on other platforms, as long as you provide exclusive content on our platform when the game is released late".

Check out every late port on any console this gen and you will see they always had something extra - be it a well implemented feature or just an half-assed attempt to follow compliance.

So Rayman can release now on the WiiU as long as PS3/X360 version will have something extra. The reason Ubisoft backed out is probably because of the luckluster sales of the WiiU itself.

Roper3161902d ago

well if you can pay the publisher more than MS is to delay it I am sure they will keep the original launch date.... This is exactly the reason I hate MS as a company and feel they are just bad for the gaming industry, they did the samething to PS3 gamers with FF XIII.

KingOfArcadia1902d ago

Microsoft isn't paying anyone anything to delay the release - all they are doing is sticking to the terms that say 'You either release the game on our console the same time as you release it on the other consoles, or it won't come to our console at all'. This isn't about being paid off, it's a timing thing.

DivineAssault 1902d ago

good luck but i doubt it will work since its already Feb 8th

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