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PS4 And The Next Xbox Are Unlikely To Block Used Games, Here’s Why

In a recent report by Edge, Microsoft’s next Xbox will supposedly block playing used games. Even though there has been no official confirmation by Microsoft over this matter, gamers across the world have been taken aback by this rumor. It is obvious that if Microsoft does go ahead with this decision, it will be a move that will be claimed as anti-customer, something that no company would like to be tagged with. (PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Seraphemz  +   717d ago
Yeah this doesnt make sense to do it. I mean what if you want to go to a friends house and play on his console... or let him borrow your game.

This move is just to crazy, and I dont think that it will happen.
LOGICWINS  +   717d ago
They WILL and the majority of gamers will accept it. Fans won't ignore ALL those exclusives(Halo, Killzone, Infamous, Uncharted etc.). Sony and Microsoft know that.

@IMERROR- I'm pretty sure Sony/Microsoft has considered that. They'll likely do something for siblings. Like a "family account" of some sort.
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IAMERROR  +   717d ago
I wouldn't be surprised if they did I just hope they don't. I usually wait for games to go down in price and by them anyways but this sucks for households with more than one sibling
delboy  +   717d ago
But prices won't go down, and that is the reason they will go for it.
Kaz Hirai crazy simle.gif
otherZinc  +   717d ago

I agree with that. M$ doing something for the family account members. I'll have 3 720's in my home when they release (myself, son, & daughter for co-op; we play Halo & Gears together.

If any console maker would ban used games its SONY. SONY already banned backwards compatibility with each new iteration of the PS3.

Also, SONY is said to have completely different architecture. M$ has the same but better than 360, yet, related.
roshi1987  +   717d ago

You might have kids, but you sound like a child:

but..but.. BUT SONY!!!

Also, bc was not banned. It is killed for cost cutting. Get your head out of your ass.
crillinFLIP337  +   716d ago
@logicwins agreed, it will be weird at first but gamers will get over it quickly. The pc market has blocked used games for pretty much a decade (or longer maybe?) And they still thrive.

If publishers/developers don't have to worry about loosing money to the used games market then they would have more flexibility on pricing their games and putting them on sale more often. Again look at pc games on steam, they frequently have recent releases on sale for far cheaper than the console version.
dcbronco  +   716d ago
Logic I agree. There are simple way around these problems. Family accounts since people have more than one Xbox. And maybe a always-on console will allow for someone to have more than one gamertag active on a console at once. You go to a friends house and log on just like at home. Game plays the same.

I think eliminating used games might benefit gamers in the long run.

1. Less shovel-ware.

No one will release a bunch of crap because they won't last long as a company.

2. Mediocre games will drop in price fast.
3. It should drive innovation in gameplay.

Developers will have to start doing something to set them apart. Fewer cookie cutter games.

4. More value for your money.

Less high-priced DLC. Companies need to give you reason to pay full price so they might offer you more for your money.

No used games could turn out to be great for gamers. This would be more like real competition. No more just throwing anything together and a nice trailer.
JoGam  +   717d ago
They will and they will eventually make more money doing so.

See what people need to understand is just because they are blocking used games doesn't mean there's not a way where you can play ur game on your account at a friends house. I can see when Sony and MS reveals this everyone will say ooohhhhhh, pretty cool.
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Ray186  +   717d ago
So your reasoning is that because they didn't do it before, it's not true? I guess we will find out on February 20th won't we. There is no way that Sony will do this without MS doing it also.
LOGICWINS  +   717d ago
BOTH will be doing it. Can't have one without the other.

People forget there was a point in time where online passes, season passes, DLC milking, paying for cheat codes, console exclusive DLC, and retailer specific DLC didn't exist. Not having the ability to play used games will be just be another hurdle we have to jump.

Personally, it's not a big deal for me. Game prices drop fast and there are MANY deals you can take advantage of if your thrifty enough. If price is the issue, there is NO reason you HAVE to spend the full $60 on a game these days if you don't want to.
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NastyLeftHook0  +   717d ago
heres how you make the money, bundle the new ps4 games.

ex: infamous 3.

include infamous 2.
Tzuno  +   717d ago
if you accept this shit then you are no more than a slave.
Jakens  +   716d ago
A slave that obeyed needing a screen name and password for N4G? Don't make me laugh.
rataranian  +   717d ago
Here's why: ...Cause Gamestop would go under. And they need them for sales. Sadly.
josephayal  +   717d ago
If that is true I will still get a PS4/720 only for the Exclusives
BTW Good News For Nintendo and WII U Owners

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